Internet Celebrity Turned Entrepreneur

Doe Deere is one of the many online celebrities to make practical use of their notoriety to create a brand. Ms. Deere made a name for herself online by just being herself. Her eccentric style, vibrant makeup, and pastel colored hair helped to create a large fan base over the internet. In 2008, Deere created a cosmetic line known as “Lime Crime.” Her objective as an entrepreneur was to create a cosmetic line that her fans would appreciate. For years, Doe’s fans on social media had sent her inquiries asking about how they could get their makeup to look like hers and now they finally could.
Contrary to popular belief, Deere didn’t ever plan on creating her own cosmetic line. By sheer fate and after many failed career paths, the genius idea of creating a makeup line came about and the rest was history. Deere’s fans started wearing and promoting her Lime Crime Cosmetics website on and they began to spread like wildfire. Deere’s fan base has shown to be a great marketing tool for the success of her makeup line. The richly pigmented neon colors aren’t the only thing that attracted the masses to purchase her products, however. For one, Doe’s Lime Crime is vegan friendly. Additionally, her products have purple packaging and are unicorn themed, which makes them appealing to the younger generation.
In various interviews, Deere has stated that being an online celebrity and having an online business has its perks: the internet is home of rumors and gossip. “I’ve found that the way to rise above is to take criticism in stride, use it as an opportunity to learn and grow, and keep pressing on,” she said in an interview with Beautylish regarding having an online only brand at the time. As of 2014, large chain retailers such as Urban Outfitters in Canada and Space NK began to take notice of the profitability of Doe’s products and now carry them in their stores. Deere has spoken at various beauty workshops about makeup and entrepreneurship. As an eccentric Russian native, Deere has advocated to her fans to the follow their dreams and express themselves freely.
Years ago, internet celebrities seemed to make no practical use of their notoriety, but today you see just the opposite. Deere is just one of the many online celebrities to strike the iron while hot, creating a business that already had a demand, guaranteeing her great success.

New York City Residential Buyers Want Affordable Properties with Outdoor Space

Even in one of the most competitive NYC real estate markets in the world, buyers have preferences that can make or break real estate deals. According to a recent article published by the New York Times, residential buyers are anxious to find property that is both affordable and that offers some type of private or semi-private outdoor space. Buyers lately have been looking for properties under $500,000 that include some outdoor space, brokers say. Outdoor space is desirable as it gives property owners more space and provides an appeal of suburb living without leaving the city. Although challenging, there are properties at this price point on the market today that offer outdoor space in the form of patios, gardens, decks, balconies or some combination of space. Buyers can find these properties throughout the city, including in Brooklyn, TriBeCa, Queens, the Bronx, and Upper Manhattan. An increase in open space is due in part to demand and creativity. Owners are fixing up once decrepit yards knowing that an appealing yard will likely add to the home’s resale value. Shared outdoor space has also grown in popularly. Semi-private terraces, shared with neighbors, are a pleasant alternative to no outdoor space. New York City buyers understand that their living space may be small, but they increasingly want private outdoor space where they can relax and unwind.

TOWN Residential knows well the needs and wants of New York City buyers, and understands their desire for outdoor space within their property. TOWN Residential is New York’s leading luxury real estate form. TOWN was founded by CEO Andrew Heiberger. Heiberger and Joseph Sitt co-chair the firm. TOWN specializes in luxury residential sales and leasing in neighborhoods including SoHo, the Upper East Side, Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen. TOWN New Development and TOWN Marketing and Leasing focus on a portfolio of residential property marketing, leasing and development services. TOWN was recently ranked one of the Top 50 Places to Work in New York City.

Top titles under one man, Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir was actually born in December 1960 in the United Kingdom, London to be particular. He was raised in Iran. However, he is a registered citizen of the United States of America. He seemed to have travelled the world having attended Algion College while at a high school in Switzerland. Having studied electrical engineering at the University, he incorporated his natural skills in the business field with technology and earned the occupation tag, business and technology executive. He holds a bachelors, masters and Ph.D. degrees all from Cornell University. All the mentioned academic achievements by Shaygan can describe him as intelligent and smart. His intelligence genes could be assumed to run in his family as his father is a qualified and well trained doctor.

Shaygan sparked his career journey at GTE Corporation simply as an electrical engineer where his work description was on network routing, control, and management. Thereafter, he got posted to a higher position as the chief information officer for essentially ‘delivering new products on schedule’ so did the journals report. The GTE Corporation then merged with Bell Atlantic in the year 2000 to form Verizon. He dutifully worked at Verizon for eleven years, especially in the technology sector. He was a pioneer in the team that developed new information and technology systems and technology for the company particularly the most innovative Verizon one and Iobi.

Shaygan incorporated his business skills while at Verizon, which saw the company reduce its operation and production costs by over thirty percent its previous recordings. He did so by putting negotiation deals on the table, came up with the outsourcing strategy which he cooperated with India and lastly, minimal misuse of information and technology assets. Shaygan later joined Barclays on a business mission for two years after filing a resignation from Verizon. Here, he exercised his business talents as the chief operating officer in charge of the global retail and business bank. He is the master mind behind the development of a top customer information technology equipped product, the Pingit mobile payment software. His ideas were largely accepted by other executives due to effectiveness, speed and customer satisfaction. Shaygan still rose up the ladder with a promotion to the Chiefs operations and technology officer due to his superb work feeds that impressed.

Shaygan later stamped into another opportunity at Juniper Networks where he was given a top position and acted as the Chief Executive Officer at Juniper Networks in the year 2014. The integrated operating plan was hatched while at Juniper Networks. Its purpose was to reduce effectively costs, increase dividends and purchase back stock.
Apart from career related activities, Shaygan is an active member of the Cornell University Engineering council which is highly dedicated to giving back to the community and looking after the students affairs in the university. Moreover, he served as a board member in the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology. He was also on the advisory board of the YMCA of Greater New York.

A Peek into James Dondero’s Profile

  1. James Dondero is a renowned entrepreneur with vast business interests. His interests are mainly in the credit and equity markets, a field in which he has over 30 years’ experience. Here, the purpose is to highlight the profile of James Dondero, from his childhood through to where he is today.

James Dondero – Education

Born on February 2, 1970, John Dondero studied at the University of Virginia where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce with a specialization in Accounting and Finance in 1984.

He is also a Certified Managerial Accountant, a Certified Public Accountant, and a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Dondero’s Management Portfolio

  1. Dondero’s management experience spans across high yield bonds, leveraged bank loans, mortgage-backed securities, derivatives, emerging markets, investment grade corporates, common stocks and preferred stocks.

He is credited with managing over $1 billion worth of fixed income funds for American Express between 1985 and 1989.

Dondero’s Career profile

James Dondero’s successful career journey began in 1984 as an analyst in the Morgan Guaranty training program before moving to American Express in 1985. At American Express, he handled about $1 billion worth of fixed income funds until he exited in 1989.

From American Express, he took the position of Chief Investment Officer at Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. He is credited with steering the business from inception to over $2 billion in a span of five years – from 1989 to 1993.

In 1993, Dondero, who currently lives in Dallas, TX, co-founded Highland Capital Management (HCM). Today, he serves as the corporation’s President tasked with overseeing investment strategies and operations for both the company’s retail and institutional products.

With over 30 years’ experience in credit markets, Mr. Dondero primarily focuses on high-yield and distressed investing. He is among the pioneers of the Collateral Loan Obligation – CLO.

Since its founding, Highland Capital has spearheaded the development of Credit Oriented Solutions for retail and institutional investors across the globe. With the leadership of John Dondero, HCM’s award-winning products include Institutional Separate Accounts, hedge funds, CLOs, mutual funds, private equity funds, ETFs, and REITS.

He has also served as a Director of several other corporations which include NeigborCare Inc., Safety-Kleen Inc, American Banknote Corporation, MGM Holding Inc., Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Prospect Street High Income Portfolio Inc., TerreStar Corporation, Cricket Communications and Leap Wireless International Inc.

  1. Dondero is a board member of MGM Studios and American Banknote’s Board of Directors. Additionally, he is the Board Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, NexBank, and CCS Medical Corporation.


The ventures associated with James Dondero’s management have earned many awards throughout his career. This includes the 2014 Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation and the 2014 Liper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities.

Other than his business interests, Mr. Dondero is also an active philanthropist with contributions towards public policies, education, and veteran’s affairs.


Flipora: The New Artificial Intelligence based Discovery Engine

Flipora is a new artificial intelligent based discovery engine that is set to give traditional search engines a run for their money. In 2010, Flipora received $3 million to develop the new exciting idea. It has received an additional $1.5 million to develop mobile apps for android and iOS that will bring the idea to life. The technology will offer a new way for people to discover content.

7 million monthly uniques using the technology already have convinced many investors to back the project. But this is not the only reason that many investors have jumped on the bandwagon; the idea of being part of a revolution in technology is irresistible. This is similar to the changes that Google, DropBox and PayPal have brought to information searching, sharing of information and exchange of money.

Those investors giving Flipora financial backing include creator of Google AdSense Gokul Rajaram, Founder and CEO of Big Data pioneer Aster Data Mayank Bawa, Founder and CEO of Munjal Shah, Founder and CEO of Powerset Barney Pell and Co-Founder of Funzio Anil Dharni. All agree that Flipora has the potential to make the world smarter and provide a new way of connecting people through shared interests.

Flipora was founded by Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan, graduate students at Stanford University. Since its inception, it has grown immensely. The ability of the technology to provide users with personalized content is the reason why it is catching on so fast. With Flipora, more relevant content is being availed to the user through the technology’s web and mobile platforms.

Artificial intelligence combines algorithmic search with the ability to organize date according to personal interests. Gaining popularity in business, Flipora uses it not just in products and services but also in content and internet experiences.

What was only possible in movies and fictional books has now been realized through Flipora. It is now possible to predict the type of content a user wants access to and when they want to access it. Google and Siri are already relying on previous actions of the user to make suggestions about sports, weather reports and traffic.

Flipora is more than just a search engine. It has adopted qualities that are synonymous with social networking sites. Like most networking sites, it attempts to rally people around common interests, but with a bigger goal of making connections that have the potential of changing the world.

Helping Students Pay for College

Harvard University gives people an incredible education, but it also costs an incredible amount of money to go there. For many students, it’s not a realistic option. However, one man is looking to change that. Ken Griffin went to Harvard, he knows how the education and the experience helped him, and he knows what it can do for other people. To help these young students, he’s taken $150 million of his own money and gifted it to the university, with the stipulation that it is to be used as part of a financial aid program to help those who are attending make their payments.

The man behind the gift is Kenneth Griffin, the man who runs Citadel, a hedge fund in Chicago. It’s no surprise that the university was incredibly happy to get the money, and they even went so far as to name the financial aid office to honor him and what he’d done for future students. Harvard is a school with a lot of very wealthy individuals who have passed through its doors, but that honor shows that Griffin really left his mark. He’s going to be remembered forever for how he has used his wealth to help others, giving them a chance at a great education that they may never have had without him.

Not only is this a huge gesture, but it’s a huge thing for Griffin to do right now on Most people in the United States know just how bad student loans have become. More students than ever are very far in debt. Most of them can’t get rid of this debt, as the job market is not what it once was and these debts don’t go away in bankruptcy – at least not in most cases. It is debt that is here to stay, and some have argued that it is crippling what would be a young working class. They have so much debt that they can’t do things like buy homes, buy cars or start businesses of their own, all of which are things they need to do to stimulate the economy.

The money Griffin has given these students can make it so they avoid this cycle and avoid this debt. They may be able to get out of college with the same great education that they would have gotten before, but also with the financial freedom to actually use that education. They will have many more opportunities in life, and they’ll really be happy when they have the chance to buy a first home or start a business, without the debt that a lot of their friends have.

Griffin understands that education in America can be world-class. It’s not a lack of colleges that is holding students back. It’s not the lack of quality teachers. It’s just the high expense of benefiting from those things. Through his new scholarship fund, which will be given out from a building named after him, he can make the future that much brighter for young students who are following in his footsteps.

A Brief History of Human Rights

While there has probably been some recognition of individual human rights since people started living in tribes or other cooperative groups, modern human rights didn’t some into existence until the 17th century. The philosopher John Locke is credited with the idea that every person has the same right to life, liberty, and property. These ideas were then incorporated into the various “bill of rights” enacted by Britain, Scotland, France, and later the newly founded the United States of America over the ensuing hundred years or so.

The concept of human rights has been tested many times. In the 1800’s, the US position on slavery became a critical issue that almost divided the nation. Slavery was also a major issue in Britain under whose flag a number of the slaves were transported to the US and Caribbean nations. Russia also ended its form of slavery, serfdom, in the 1860’s. However, slavery has not been the only critical test of human rights. During the Industrial Revolution, employers often maintained abusive labor practices that included long working hours, unsafe factory conditions, child labor, and preventing the workers from organizing into unions.

One of the more recent and glaring examples of human rights abuse, and one that began the modern concept of human rights was the Holocaust during World War Two. During that time, Germany under Hitler enslaved, tortured and executed millions of people based on their religion and social status. After the war ended, the newly formed United Nations authored the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which lists thirty basic and inalienable rights that should be enjoyed by every living person.

One of the voices speaking out about North Korea’s human rights abuses on youtube is Yeonmi Park. Yeonmi escaped the country, crossing the border to China where she and her mother hid from the Chinese officials who would have deported them back to North Korea. After being sold to human traffickers and watching her mother being raped, she and her mother crossed the Gobi desert into Mongolia seeking asylum in the South Korean embassy. Today Yeonmi Park is a student at Seoul’s Dongguk University where she is majoring in criminal justice. She often speaks out in the media against North Korea and its campaign of human rights abuses.

These rights include the right to life, liberty, basic safety and personal security. They are conveyed on every person regardless of their race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs.

Unfortunately, there are still many examples of human right abuses occurring today in many parts of the world. Some nations routinely persecute citizens that disagree with the ruling party. Others practice genocide to element entire groups of people for political, economic, historical or cultural reasons. While some other countries are ruled by dictators whose power has been handed down through generations and commit human rights violations as a means to retain and increase their power.

One such country with a documented history of human rights violations is North Korea. This country has been under the dictatorship of the Kim family for over sixty years. During that time, free speech has been eliminated, religious expression is forbidden, labor is often forced especially in the mining and textile industries. Speaking out against the Kim family has resulted in detainment, imprisonment, torture and execution.


Skout Acquires Nixter App Partner

Mobile’s social network explosion which includes the app called Skout will soon have a hybird of Skout and Nixter. Skout acquired the App Nixter. Now more is available or will for those who cannot find enough in social networking apps. This one will bring people into the same sphere during the night time party life. It could be fun or spooky. The story was Posted May 5, 2014 by Kim-Mai Cutler on

With 893 shares, the world is still asleep regarding this acquisition. The hope is that the new acquisition of Skout Nixter will stir up some buzz and get things going for the many party animals who love the night time thrills and meet ups with real time events to market tickets for as well. Having a social element to purchasing tickets to events is a great way for socially ravenous users can indulge in beyond their wildest imaginings.

Skout Nixter, will wake up the world at some point with its social networking app because the company now has $22 million from investors, who make up an impressive list topped by Andreessen Horowitz. Skout has high expectations of the newly acquired app that gets people hooked up at night, the night owl app Nixter is set to transform the social media interactive element to find each other in venues of common late night appeal.

Christian Wiklund, CEO of Skout ran after a marriage partner in Nixter. This deal he tailed was meant for harmony offline and online of Skout’s app during real time events. Enter, Nixter’s platform, and it’s party time! City and event-centric, these two apps find and sell tickets while bringing people together.

“This will be a huge value-add service to our users. I also think it’s highly monetizable and it will build even stronger loyalty from our users,” raves Wilkind.

This deal was made with company stock options and cash. The Santiago, Chilean company, Nixter was waiting for a partner like Skout. Nixter also has branches in New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Angel money was raised to $200,000 and also was from Chilean investors.

The Nixter Founder, Francisco Saez had been contemplating several possibilities. A competitor called WillCall out of the Bay Area also pulls from live events. But the best fit was Skout, despite having other offers. Saez felt he could still have control of Nixter or not lose control completely. Skout intends to mix the two apps so their identities will merge.

Skout as an app is profitable now and has been for more than a year. Skout also sells points which function as online money, as does the bitcoin but the difference is that Skout points, when spent, unlock app features such as getting information on others who are looking at a user’s nightlife profile. Skout has only 30% of domestic users while the remaining 70% are international.

Stephen Murray: The Man That Pioneered a Legacy

The Man That Pioneered a Legacy
CCMP Capital Advisors LLP is a private equity firm based in New York, USA. The name Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is an abbreviation of the names of the different entities that merged to form it; Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital and Manufacturers Hanover Capital (P- Partners). Formerly part of J.P Morgan Chase, the two were separated in 2006, and CCMP became what it is today, the investment arm of the company.

The group specializes in buyouts and growth equity transactions. It has ranked in the top 20 list of world’s largest private equity firms and has made major investments in the industrial sector, consumer area and healthcare. The firm has expanded the scope of its operations to the U.K and Asia (Tokyo and Hong Kong). In general, the company has invested over $10B in funds since 2006 and continues to yield major returns for its investors.

CCMP Capital has had blistering success and in what many might describe as their biggest deal yet, they sold Medspace to Cinven for around $ 1B. The company’s portfolio includes Cabela’s, Crosstown Traders, Pure Gym (which recently acquired LA Fitness) and Quiznoz, the sandwich chain. One of the companies that they are involved in, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Holdings is gearing up for an IPO and could prove to be a worthwhile investment for the company when it does. This year, the firm experienced a major setback after its long serving CEO and President Stephen Murray, left the company.

Stephen Murray was born in 1962 and got his undergraduate degree in Economics in 1984 from Boston College. He went on to Columbia University to do his MBA and graduated in 1989. He had a celebrated career and worked at some of the best companies in his field. He started out at the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation and after getting his MBA, he moved on to MH Equity where he was involved in finance and private equity. After a series of mergers and acquisitions, in 2005, he was the lead of buyout business at J.P Morgan Partners, which was formed after J.P Morgan acquired Chase. He would then become CEO at the company CCMP (which was spun off) after succeeding Jeff Walker, who had been one of the founders. He remained at CCMP until February 2015 when he left due to “personal” reasons. Mr. Murray served on the boards of several companies including Legacy Hospital Partners, Pinnacle Foods, Octagon Credit Investors and Infogroup Incorporated. In March 2015, the talented executive passed away in an untimely death that rocked the finance industry. Mr. Murray who was one of the key-men at the company was succeeded by Greg Brenneman, the chairman of the organization at the time.

OrganoGold Unites Operations by Opening in Turkey

A branch of Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua’s global gourmet coffee company, recently opened a branch in Turkey. Turkey is the 39th country in which Organo Gold operates.

Bernardo Chua is one of today’s top names in the industry of direct sales. Chua is a strong believer in Ganoderma, a mushroom used in Eastern medicine. Ganoderma is known to be the highest ranked herb, claiming to prolong life and health in the bodies of humans. Chua uses this in his products, which are mainly coffees and teas.

Chua began his business venture in the Philippines, and has expanded it around the world. He is a huge advocate of direct sales, claiming it to be the best way to market his products. In 2008, Chua founded OrganoGold, which focuses on coffees, teas, nutraceuticals, and personal care products.

The opening of the new Turkey establishment unites other nearby operations including the Asian, European, and African locations, helping OrganoGold to better serve their clients.

Turkey is known to have opened the first ever coffee house, so it is not without notice that Chua chose this location. Quality coffee is an expected product in Turkey, so to penetrate this market is a vital business move. OrganoGold has a leg up on the competition because of its modern focus on health and healing, meeting the current trend of desires to live a healthy, natural life.

Paul Jarvis, Regional VP of Europe, CIS, and Africa, will manage the company’s activities in Turkey. Some of the products that will be available in Turkey to consumers will include OrganoGold’s leading gourmet offerings: black coffee, mocha, latte, and hot chocolate. Also, their espresso items: UNO, DUE, and TRE.