Investing: How to Grow Your Money

Investing is spending money in the hopes of reaching a profit by putting it into financial schemes, shares, or property. It is a way to make money by using your hard-earned money. You can invest your money by purchasing stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or real estate, or start your own business. Investing is risky, so you should educate yourself before investing in anything.

One reason why people are investing is to take control of their retirement income. Who knows, one day you could be golfing for the fun of it like Igor Cornelsen does. Educate yourself and form an investment plan that works for you. It is helpful to know what the following types of investments mean:

  • Stocks give you a share of ownership in a company.
  • Bonds are debt securities. They are issued to raise money from investors willing to lend them money for a certain length of time. If the issuing agent is a state, the bonds are municipal bonds.
  • Annuities are contracts with insurance companies and individuals that requires the insurance company to issue payments to the individual.
  • Certificate of deposits (CDs) are savings accounts that holds a fixed amount of money for a fixed period of time, and the issuing bank pays interest on the monies placed in the savings account.
  • Mutual funds are companies that pool money from investors and invest it in securities.

Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list of investment opportunities. (

Another term that is helpful to know is compounding. This is the ability of your asset, money, to generate income over time. This income, if reinvested, will work with your original investment to generate income. (

Today, people are taking control of their retirement by investing. They want to be able to maintain their current lifestyle when it is time for them to stop earning a paycheck. If this is what you are contemplating, become knowledgeable in different areas of investment. Learn the terminology. Know the investment risks.

Editing And Writing Wikipedia Entries

If you are contemplating on whether or not to edit an article or make a new wiki article then the people at GetYourWiki say that you shouldn’t hesitate at all. Writing or editing an article can be completed with ease.

In order to edit an article you must click on the edit button in the corner. A box will appear that will allow you to edit the text. Once completed it will show the worked edited in bold. It is essential to make sure the article is checked for spelling and grammatical errors. All work needs to have references or cited material to ensure the quality of the written article. Once the submit button is clicked then any one can see the article that has been edited.

If you are looking to write an entirely new article it is necessary to make sure there is not an article that already exists. This is to prevent duplicate articles. A username and password is required to submit new article entries. It is simple to create an account that will allow you to make a username and password. Once registered, sign into the account and create the new article. Make sure all work has references and that the article is checked for errors. Once submitted the article will be available for anyone to read. Take pride in the articles your write or edit.

The Positive Outcome to Online Dating

Years ago, before the internet gained popularity, the prospects of meeting new people were usually confined to your immediate location. Now, with just about everyone in the world having access to the internet, the dating game has changed. However, like with any sort of dating, there are negative views that come along with it.

Recently, The Huffington Post featured a story about several drawbacks to meeting someone online. The list they gave consisted of things such as:

  • Having a hard time finding someone to make a commitment since the options are practically endless. While that may be true for some, most people create online dating profiles in the hopes to meet someone that they can connect with and commit to.
  • It is easier to view potential partners as commodities, rather than as people. That may be true for some again, however people can be just as picky in person.
  • The algorithms that the sites use for compatibility are not accurate. I’m sure that is true, however there are no algorithms to use in real life meetings either.
  • Profiles do not always give out accurate information about the person. Again, that is true, but meeting someone in real life could be the same. Either way, you take a risk and get to know that person and see if the qualities that they claim to have are really there.
  • Online conversations can build up expectations that are not realistic. Many people will try to show their best side, whether online or meeting in person.
  • Beware of trolls on the sites. Trolls do hang around on dating sites, but there are also trolls in real life. Neither should stop a person from putting themselves out there.
  • Online dating does not guarantee you a date. Online dating may not guarantee dates, but it will allow you to expand your search to meet new people.

Anastasia Date is an online dating service that romantically links men and women all over the world together. This service has allowed those all over the world to find their true soulmates. As someone who has used the service, I can say that this service as been successful. After speaking with several other members, I landed on Steven, who lives in California. Being in another country, we could not meet right away. We got to know each other on the phone and through text. We met on Valentine’s Day and it could not have gone better. We are now in the process of getting a Visa so that I can spend a few months with him so we can explore our relationship further. While the above story makes it sound as though online dating is impossible, it definitely is not! I found my love through Anastasia Date and there is no reason that you couldn’t find yours too! Find more about Anastasia Date on their Twitter page.

Tips On How To Contribute To Wikipedia Pages

Wikipedia is known for providing useful, accurate, and factually correct webpages on practically every topic imaginable. With writers from across the globe sharing up to date information, the site is always in need of more writers. Simply providing the pages you see with accurate information can help you create better content and give readers factual sources.

Tips On How To Make a Wikipedia Pages

– Research What Is Accurate

Sourced are key when it comes down to Wikipedia pages. Everything must have an existing article from a credible source that states such information. If you notice a sentence that does not have a source, research to see if that information is still valid and true. If there is no true evidence of it being true, then move on and delete that piece of information.

Consider doing research on a topic and finding credible sources before adding anything. Assumptions or opinions are not accepted on the Wikipedia platform.

– Opinions And Useless Statements Should Be Ignored

All articles on Wikipedia are found from credible sources. There is no need to add in an opinion or thought of yours that you feel may best suit the article. Opinions and non-factual information should be left out. Wikipedia has editors who strictly research these pages often. The same can be done for you. As an editor, you have the option to find these statements and remove them. Wikipedia is manually viewed and edited by editors from around the world, so taking the time to help them out can save them time and benefit readers more to avoid reading useless and non-factual content.

– Read Wikipedia Articles That Are Currently Up

When starting to create your own piece of content, stick to following what has been done. Make sure you read the Manual Of Style page found at This article will give you a simple and quick look at what kind of content is acceptable within their system. Everything from cresting anchor text links to providing properly categorized content is all explained. Make it a goal to read through their currently updated pages to see how they are all formatted. Following their current style is their goal when they have new writers become a part of their Wikipedia writing team.

Wikipedia strives everyday to provide content that is accurate and factual. Be a hardworking writer who gives their readers content that they know is real and accurate.

Why Women Are Ditching Thongs

The Huffington Post reports that we are heading towards a more inclusive “body-positive” society with women ditching thongs and wearing “granny panties” or full-bottom underwear. This style comeback has lead us to a great movement that has shown women to shop for themselves and dress however they feel comfortable.

According to Marcio Alaor BMG in an article on, a lingerie brand that empowers women to be themselves, Lonely Lingerie, has launched the Lonely Girls Project. This new project encourages women to photograph themselves in their natural state wearing lingerie they feel comfortable in and posting them to Instagram.

Lonely Lingerie designer Helene Morris says “The Lonely Girls aren’t telling women how they should look. We want women to look at the imagery and realize they don’t have to be a certain way to feel beautiful. We simply wanted to offer the idea that it is okay to be yourself.”

These “granny panties” maybe be and old style, but Myla Dalbesio, a plus size underwear model, says “the high-waisted and high-cut styles hark back to a time when different body shapes were in style.” This is leading us to the increase of awareness our society has emphasizing a body-positive message. These styles are coming back from an older time with an amazing message that has always been true, you are beautiful just they way you are.

Will the real Dan Newlin please stand up?

If you live in Orlando, Florida, you have undoubtedly heard of Dan Newlin. He is one of the most successful trial attorneys in the entire state of Florida. His law firm has been recognized by Super Lawyers, a rating service and magazine published in all 50 states, reaching 13 million readers. Less than 5% of Florida attorneys are distinguished by Super Lawyers.

So, who is the real Dan Newlin? He is a man who has worn many hats. His first job at age 18 was as an emergency medical technician in New Chicago, Indiana. He went on to become a police officer and a few years later became a Deputy Sheriff with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Orlando. Newlin held this position for 10 years, earning numerous awards for service above and beyond the call of duty.

In 1997, Dan entered Florida State College of Law where he graduated in 2000. Fresh out of law school, he opened a small office with one secretary. Today he has a law firm which employs 18 experienced attorneys and services all of Florida and Illinois. Dan Newlin’s firm focuses on personal injury and wrongful death cases. To date, he has collected over 150 millions dollars for accident and injury victims.

Another hat proudly worn by Dan, is humanitarian. He founded the Dan Newlin Miracle Project which benefits children battling cancer at the Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital. Last year, Dan was privileged to have world champion boxer, Evander Holyfield visit with a group of kids at his offices in Orlando. Holyfield spent several hours telling the kids about his setbacks in his life and growing up in poverty and encouraging them with the difficulties facing them.

So, who is Dan Newlin? He is a public servant, a top-notch attorney working for victims who have been hurt or injured and a humanitarian working to bring smiles to kids with cancer. I don’t know about you, but I want to be Dan Newlin when I grow up.

Anastasia Date: A Chance to Find Your Romance Again

Just like shopping and information sharing, dating has been brought to a whole new level today. The days when one had to wait to bump into their better halves on the street, in the office or at a friend’s wedding are gone and now all one needs to do is to join a dating site, create an online profile, and sift through other profiles to find a suitable match. Anastasia Date is one such dating site.

A Little History

Launched in n 1993, Anastasia Date was founded by Anastasia Nikolaevna who was Russian by then but became an American through marriage. The business initially served tourists whereby excursions would be organized for American men who wanted to meet up Russian females. As time went by, however, Anastasia Date gained popularity an eventually established an online presence in 2003.

What It Offers

Anastasia Date presents an open dating platform—meaning it doesn’t specialize in any area. The company gives a chance to individuals of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. Any singles who want to find their better halves can therefore join this site as the company aims to facilitate worldwide dating. Accordingly, Anastasia Date currently has members from more than 110 countries with the membership totaling to over 4 million.

The Benefits

Anastasia Date makes hooking up with a new person really easy. For the females on anastasia Date, the highlight of this is that the need to repeatedly touch up the makeup and wear painful heels is eliminated. Besides, since the anastasia date site is global, it’s easy to date without having to be too concerned about geographical borders. With the mobile application launched by anastasia Date, members have an even easier way of searching for and meeting up online with those they wish to connect with.

Bottom Line

There are those who are desperately looking for love but don’t consider doing it online because they think it is impossible to find someone compatible through the internet. Anastasia Date, however, emphasizes that this is indeed achievable. To facilitate its matchmaking services, the company not only makes it possible for its members to chat live on camera and through messaging, but also organizes romance tours which are basically trips where the men get to meet their preferred ladies in person to boost their chances of finding a partner.

Given the above, singles don’t have to be out every night or in every social event they could think of to locate their mate; Anastasia Date could as well be the solution they need to find romance again.

What Month Were You Born?

Some of the health issues that you experience might be related to the month of the year you were born. That’s according to what some researchers have discovered. This is about as absurd as any theories come. No one can detect what kind of health issues you will face just because you were born in a certain month. It almost seems like researchers are trying to tell people that if you were born during a certain time of the year, then you have to worry about heart disease or a stroke or some other illness that you might not even get. The stars don’t play a part in what health conditions you have.


There are genetic factors and lifestyles to consider according to Susan McGalla. The only thing that you might inherit from being born in a certain month is whether there is hot weather or cold weather. Some people should really check the facts of reports released before making too much of a commotion over them.

Christopher Lee Passes Away at 93

Sir Christopher Lee was a man that we would call a generational talent, and his talent spanned multiple generations. The famous actor was most famously known for his work on the mega franchises ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’ but in reality his on film career spanned for decades. His work touched people, his personality kept them entertained, and his multiple talents fueled his desire to live a long and fulfilling life. It is with great sadness that the man passed away at the age of 93 this past Wednesday.

It’s hard to look at a film icon like Christopher Lee and not imagine him still around and working on something. Whether he was consumed by his latest Christmas Metal album (seriously!) or reprising his role as Saruman in the box office smashing trilogy ‘The Hobbit’, Lee was in the public stratosphere in some way. Gianfrancesco Genoso certainly knows that as fact. To remember him most would take a long time, but let’s discuss one of our favorite moments with Christopher Lee.

It was 2000 and our first time really seeing a ‘blockbuster’ in theaters. Too young to have enjoyed ‘Jurassic Park’ or ‘Star Wars’ and just old enough for ‘Lord of the Rings’. Gandalf had just been sent to Saruman to seek his aid in the hit film ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ and it was there that Lee, as Saruman, would make the greatest villain turn in the history of Middle Earth.

The Matt Landis Look In Three Easy Exercises

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on gym memberships, personal trainers, and home equipment if you want to look like NYC fashion model Matt Landis. You can develop your own dialed in physique doing exercises that require nothing more than everyday objects you can find around the house or neighborhood.

matt landis arm workout
You too can look this good… No gym required! outlines these effective exercises in their article “Arm Workout Without Weights”. The article describes a routine to strengthen your arms and build your physique that costs almost nothing, in terms of time and money. It’s a simple routine, recommended two to three times a week, with a five minute cardio warm up to start and three basic exercises to target your triceps, biceps, and shoulders.

The first exercise, triceps dips, requires a chair or bench, and is done by holding the edge of the seat and “sitting” on the air just in front of the seat. Lower your butt until your elbows are bent to 90 degrees, and, using your arms, raise yourself back up. For your biceps, hit up the local park or playground, grab a bar, and knock out as many chin-ups as you can – make sure you’re holding the bar with your palms facing towards your body. Finally, slide under a low bar and strengthen your shoulders with eighth to 15 rear deltoid inverted rows: with your knees bent and heels planted, grab the bar, pull up in a rowing motion, and slowly lower yourself back down.

Do these exercises every other day to strengthen your arms, broaden your shoulders, and look as sexy as Matt Landis in, and out of, your sleeveless shirts!