New innovations For healthy Dog Food

Richard Thompson is now on yet another great innovation that will enhance the dog food with a recipe that is enriched with the Turkey Recipe as well as the Chunky Chicken that is very off the manufacturing line. The CEO of the minute food manufactures has had himself obsessed with the quality products and he is now using only ingredients that are very fresh and healthy for that matter full of ingredients. This is down with a lot of concern to make sure that they add up a lot of flavour to the meals that will appear very delicious to the dog pets. Michael Heiger is the chief manufacturer in Beneful company and picks up pops and slices into his mouth and ascertains that the meals are very distortable and delicious. He says that this tasting is a sort of thanksgiving. We are now talking about the dog food that is prepared by the company at hand. This type of tasting of the food only occurs for the impromptu tasting on a tour of inspection by Purina in Pennyslavia that only cranks out industrial refrigerated pet food. Beneful is the company in the world that is now the fastest growing company and harvests more than 23.7 billion in the industry according to Amazon of the pets that opens the wallets and wins the hearts of many of the dog and the cat owners as well that puts them in the dining table as well as other people. Thompson says that the next generation of feeding pets is the one that he says. Most companies have for a long time blended the lambs as well as the salmon into the Kibble and now offers organic grain that has been a free food for a long period of time in the past. Traditional or rather the ancient makers of food have upped their game and are now on the rise to make very pleasing food for dogs from the pet to human victuals. The Colgate pal olive has the dog food that is able to make your type of food to help you lose weight.

Securus Technologies Makes Life Better For People In Correctional Facilities

The leading provider for criminal and civil technology concerned with public safety, investigations, monitoring and correction, popularly known as Securus Technologies has some good news for all inmates in America. The company has announced the introduction of a video application that will enable and simplify video visitation. The video application will offered to people who have android smartphones, I Pads, tablets and iPod. You can register for video visits on their site.

The video visitation app is going to enable the inmates to connect and even serve with family and friends in an effective and simple way that is quite easy to understand. This has been confirmed by the vice president of the organization, Mr. Russell Roberts. Long time ago, friends and family who wanted to interact with their loved ones in the prisons or jails has minimal choices for participation in visits.
The main aim of the organization is to ensure that families of inmates have a good and reliable inmate communication options for their loved ones. The people using the app will experience a lot of mobility. Life in prisons and jails can be quite difficult, but the app will make things better.

People in prisons will now be able to share crucial events with family and friends with the help of the app. Birthdays and bedtime stories will be shared between the inmates and family, something that has never been experienced before. The location of the user doesn’t matter for the app to function well. People can get the application from play store and Google play.
The new app will be offering its users more than video visitation. The inmates will be able to sync their visitation details in calendars; get notifications when relatives or friends are visiting and even test Wi-Fi connections for good quality videos. This new app will bring an end to the use of web cameras, additional hardware or the tethered computers. The inmates will only require the correct mobile device to access these important services.
Securus Technologies is mainly based at Dallas, Texas. The company is responsible for serving over 3400 correction, public safety, and law enforcement centers in America. It is also serving over 2.1 million inmates based in northern America; the organization is mainly focused to connect and also serve its consumers the best services. They plan to make the entire world a better and happy environment for everyone, whether they have freedom or not. It is very easy to communicate with loved ones in correctional facilities nowadays, and this has been made possible by the organization.
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Who Is Jon Urbana And What Is The Charity He Is Supporting?

Jon Urbana has launched a new Crowdrise fundraiser. Read this article to find out what the charity is and a little about Jon Urbana.

About The Charity
Jon Urbana is supporting the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society. The ARAS is a shelter for cats, and they don’t kill them. The organization is committed to providing cats in the Denver-area with a safe haven. All of the money raised on Crowdrise will go to ARAS.

About Jon Urbana
Urbana is from Denver, which is where the organization he is raising funds for is based out of. Urbana is successful in the startup world and he used to be a nationally recognized lacrosse player while he was in college. To see Jon Urbana’s  career stats, click here.

Urbana is currently the head of business development at Ellipse USA, and he has been with the company since 2013, and he is still currently with them. He is also the co-founder of the Jon Urbana Next Level Lacrosse Camp, which is a camp focused on refining youths’ skills in lacrosse. Urbana has played a major role in the success of the company he works with, as well as the success of the camp. This is because Urbana knows what it takes to fly successfully and he is passionate about what he does.

He attended Villanova University from 2001-2005. He eventually graduated the school with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. While attending school, he participated in lacrosse, where he won the CAA Defensive Player of the Year award, and he was an NCAA Division 1 All-American.

If anybody ever has the chance to do business with Urbana, then they should do it because he is good at what he does.

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The Conclusion Of The Fight Over Having Olympic Valley Incorporated

The Reno-Gazette Journal released an article recently recapping the problems Lake Tahoe, specifically Olympic Valley, has been facing the last four years and the conclusions. Olympic Valley has had bad luck for nearly half a decade because of a high-tension political battle between resort owners and a group of backers interested in incorporating the community. Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, was at the forefront of the opposition against the backers of incorporation and stated in the article how awful the resolution would have impacted Olympic Valley from the top resorts all the way down to the smallest wine bar. The backers of the incorporation disagree of course, and they say Squaw Valley Ski Resort is opposed to incorporation because it doesn’t want to deal with an oversight committee consisting of the residents of Olympic Valley who would ultimately influence the decision making on land usage for the area.

Land usage decisions have always been made by the supervisors of the Placer County committee. Andy Wirth waved off the allegation of preferring to deal with Placer County officials, and he also dismissed the implication of Squaw Valley Ski Resort being able to influence the officials of Placer County to get more favorable land usage decisions. Instead, he has stuck by the incorporation being bad for the economy of Olympic Valley. Both sides of the issue accuse one another of spending large amounts of money to sway the final decision on the matter. The political turmoil on incorporation has caused a deep division within the community, but Andy Wirth has always proven to be a man active in supporting his community so it is unlikely he was opposing for anything other than legitimate concern for the overall economy of Olympic Valley. In the end, a California Commission ruled Olympic Valley was not financially viable, therefore the the pursuit to incorporate was put to bed.

Andy Wirth is a community oriented man, and according to his Wikipedia entry, he is also a philanthropist and award winning humanitarian. His experience in the resort and hospitality industry has spanned more than a quarter of a century. Some of his awards include include the Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award, one of the HSMAI Top 25 Minds in Hospitality and Travel Sales and Marketing and he was the recipient of the received the Community Five Award, which is more proof of the love this man has for Olympic Valley.

Sergio Shines as MJ

When Michael Jackson made this decision to go solo many people were unsure of how the world would perceive him as a solo artist. There were a lot of people that were unsure of if he could actually make it without his brothers. With one hit record after another it will become evident that Michael Jackson was the world’s greatest entertainers. When he passed much of the world mourned because he was an entertainer. There will never be another Michael Jackson, but there is a source of entertainment through the impersonators that continue to carry the MJ torch. Sergio Cortes is one of those entertainers that has managed to secure a place in the hearts of fans.  Noticias.r7 reports that he has developed a Michael Jackson tribute show that he is worthy of recognition.

A lot of people are becoming fans of Sergio as they look for someone to feel the void that they feel with the loss of Michael Jackson. Sergio has become a diligent performer that spends hours studying the moves of Michael Jackson. He has built the reputation for bringing Jackson back to life through his on stage performance. Fans are praising the work of Sergio Cortes online, and this allows even more people to discover who he is.

Thing that has made Sergio such a great performer is his ability to really tap into what Michael was trying to do when he hit the stage. He wanted to keep the crowd entertained at all times and there was never a dull moment. He put a lot of energy into building up a show with an entourage that consists of dancers, musicians and singers.

Since this has become the livelihood for Sergio it is obvious that he makes a good living impersonating his idol. He has a full entourage of people to pay, but he is still able to go on tour and travel with a crew.

That is another thing that separates Sergio from all the other impersonators that are trying to enter this arena. He has set the bar very high, and there will be few that are able to travel in his footsteps. Sergio created Human Nature Tour, and it may possibly be the most elaborate MJ tribute show that one has ever seen. It shows up all the hard work that Sergio has put into imitating the most sensational performers of our time.

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George Soros Is Warned By China But His 2016 Global Market Prediction Won’t Change

George Soros is a high profile hedge fund investor. Soros is the king of the investment industry, and he wears the title well. Soros has made other investors want to be just like him, but there’s only one George Soros. Even China recognizes the power that Soros has when they issued a warning in The China People’s Daily that said “The George Soros war on the renminbi and the Hong Kong Dollar can’t succeed and there’s no doubt about that.” That warning came because the Chinese government is trying to get investors excited about their currency again. China’s currency has dropped by almost 6 percent since August.

But the main issue in this war on words is Soros prediction that China is dragging the world into another 2008 type meltdown. Soros has been very vocal about his position on that topic. He told that China is exporting deflation to the rest of the world and stock markets are going to feel the wrath of that deflation.

The fact that there is a global recession in the making is hard to dispute when all the information about the financial conditions in China are known. More than $1 trillion in capital left the Communist country in 2015. In the first six months of 2014, more than $26 billion in capital was erased.

In the first eight months of 2015 more than $500 billion in capital was wiped off of China’s books. In the last four months, another $500 billion in capital disappeared. China’s foreign exchange reserves dropped by more than $513 billion in 2015, and according to a Bloomberg report another $300 billion in reserves will disappear in 2016, but that estimate is low according to Soros.

The money is disappearing because China is trying to salvage its export and manufacturing base while they convert their economy to a consumer driven economy. Soros told that China still has more than $3.3 trillion in reserves, so the country is not going bankrupt. But Soros said other countries are going to have a difficult time competing on the world stage because of China’s attempt to fix their broken system.

Mr. Soros told that China is not the only issue that will fuel a 2016 meltdown. The Ukraine situation is creating issues for not only Russia, but also for the European Union. The European Union is in a vulnerable state because of the migration crisis. EU countries are closing their borders because many members fear they won’t be able to absorb migrants without causing serious damage to their economies.

Investors are trying to find other places to put their money, but many investors are just sitting on cash until there is a clearer picture of what is actually going to happen around the world.

Marcio Alaor BMG Executive Explains Why Australia’s Economy Is Booming

Marcio Alaor is a top executive at BMG Bank. Certainly, the executives leadership has kept BMG at the forefront and made the financial institution one of the best in Brazil. Today, BMG is proud to offer a number of services to individuals and businesses in the country. Certainly, they go a long way to help their customers manage their finances in a positive and productive way. Marco Alaor shares his knowledge on why the world economic crisis did not affect Australia. In fact, they closed 2015 on a very positive note. Their economy grew by 2.5 percent.

Economic Crisis
Marcio Alaor relates that the economic crisis that hit the world hard back in 2008 had a resounding effect on all the developed countries. However, Australia is a totally different story. Economists across the world are turning their attention to the country and wondering what is their secret. In fact, data released showed that the country’s economy grew by a tremendous 2.5 percent, while other countries experienced major downfalls in the economy. The surprising fact is that this is the countries 25th consecutive year without a recession. Alaor relates that the world went through an economic crisis in the nineties. Australia was still able to keep their economic system growing.

Why Economic Growth
Why is Australia experiencing economic growth during an economic crisis that is felt around the world? Marcio Alaor believes that the reason Australia is experiencing growth is due to the fact that they are a major exporter of commodities. They export goods to international markets like China. They are large exporters of agricultural commodities that include soybeans and wheat. They are also large exporters of mineral commodities that include aluminum and iron. Marcio Alaor also states that Australia is one of the biggest commodity exporters in the world and that is why the Australian economy is experiencing constant growth.

Australia’s Growth Secret
Marcio Alaor believes that the world’s leading economists have their eyes on the Australian economy. Australia stands out as one of the top countries experiencing economic growth. Clearly, the country was able to put into action strategies that stimulated the countries economic growth. Many economists believe that Australia’s secret to economic growth is betting on a fiscal stimulus. For example, small businesses are exempt from paying taxes during economic troubled times. This also includes construction, investments in the country too. Marcio Alaor also states that the Australian Minister of Finance, Wayne Swan, even won an international recognition award by Euromoney magazine in 2011, because of putting into action those measures and adjustments at the perfect time. Marcio Alaor BMG executive has looked at the Australian economy statistics and studied them closely. He believes that the country has a number of outstanding factors in their favor that lead to economic success.

George Soros’ Accuracy Prowess

George Soros is a precious gift to the people of this generation. In fact, some investors have been asking themselves what they could have done without Soros insights and ability to see into the future with a hawk- eyed accuracy. It’s not uncommon to hear a conversation in the street amongst investors of how a statement that George Soros uttered unconsciously saved their fortune from a probable loss. 85 year old Hungarian born American George Soros is a global figure in matters financial markets. He roles and dines in the tycoon and billionaires club. No one would expect lesser than this from a man whose fortune puts him in the Forbes rich list among the top 50. America knows him as a man that can only be found in the top ten richest people on their soil. This does not hinder him from being a philanthropist, a philosopher and a leading author. Soros candle shone when he placed a mind-boggling bet of $10 billion on a single currency generating $1 billion on a single trading day. This amongst other successful investment deals has made Soros authority in financial speculation.

Indicators are there for the world to see. Soros has thrown his caution out. The levels of panic driven stock selling in the US’s major equity markets including Wall Street is at all- time high. According to Soros, the housing crisis in the USA- the world’s largest economy will likely affect other countries of the world. The cost of mortgages has plummeted in the USA. Any devaluation of the world’s leading currency, the dollar will likely cause “suffering” of other economies of the world and especially the developing countries. It’s not a wonder that investors are resulting to investing in markets that are considered “safer” and less volatile and generate more stable returns. Soros advises that investors have to be right in their selection of assets and stocks.

There have been massive job cuts and layoffs in many countries all around the globe including the USA as foretold by George Soros. Government debts have been soring, and many countries are not keen on borrowing to satiate their inflated wage bills at the expense of capital expenditure. This is an indication that individual country economies are not doing well. These are just but a few areas of the economy that Soros had looked into and came up with the conclusion that investment has to be conducted with caution in 2016. For further details visit

Bruce Levenson, Businessman And Generous Donor To Charities

Bruce Levenson is a noteworthy businessman who’s biggest claim to fame is being the owner of basketball franchise Atlanta Hawks of the NBA. He was born in Washington D.C. and grew up in the D.C. suburb of Chevy Chase, Maryland. Bruce had a happy childhood and was raised in a Jewish family. After completing school, Bruce went on to study journalism, where he found out that he had a passion for reporting crucial developments in the economic sector. Bruce Levenson graduated with a bachelor of arts degree from Washington University and quickly found employment with newspapers in his hometown. He would work as a journalist for several years, writing for several newspapers before trying his hand at his own newspaper.

While working as a reporter, Bruce Levenson on espn also studied law but decided not to pursue a career as an attorney. Instead he decided to pursue his dream of starting his own newspaper, which would become a major success and would make him a very wealthy man. Partnering with a school peer and best friend Bruce Levenson created his own newspaper that would evolve to become a multinational company. The firm he created was called United Communications Group, and it quickly grew into a leading information service provider for numerous economic sectors, although it started out focusing exclusively on the oil markets. Today it covers energy, healthcare, biotechnology and many more sectors that investors and companies alike are interested in.

Bruce Levenson would also go on to become a founding member of the company TechTarget, which specializes in supplying IT equipment to companies and major institutions such as universities. TechTarget was formed from UCG, due to increasing divides in the company’s management. The company’s leaders including Levenson believed that creating a spin off for the IT sector would make UCG, more effective and profitable.

Mr. Levenson’s great success and wealth allowed him to become a major donor to charities. Being of Jewish descent, he is an avid supporter of numerous Jewish causes and institutions. He encourages Jews who have never been to Israel to visit their ancient homeland by being a major sponsor of the Birthright Israel organization. This organization allows Jews who have never visited Israel a free two week trip to the country and covers airfare. Bruce Levenson also helped fund and lobby for the creation of a national Holocaust museum in his hometown of Washington. Today the museum stands as a tribute to the victims of the Holocaust and those who had survived.

Darius Fisher Creates New First Impressions

When someone talks badly about a businessperson online, the results are often devastating. Imagine someone searching for a local attorney on Google and the first results they see are negative comments about a prominent attorney in their community. It’s not very likely that the person would consult that particular law firm. People believe what they read in the newspapers and online.

Defamatory content also makes a bad first impression when it’s directed at public figures, such as executives and politicians, whose career depends on them maintaining a wholesome image. Anyone can share their opinion about another person on their blog or on social media thus, it is a full-time job keeping up with one’s online reputation. Many public figures hire PR firms like Status Labs to help control what the public reads about them online.

Darius Fisher, president of Status Labs, is the person to call for a new first impression. Status Labs is an online reputation management and public relations firm, which assists public figures and companies worldwide that need a reputation makeover. Think of Fisher as a “fixer”, someone who comes in to repair a company’s or a public figure’s reputation. Darius Fisher knows that the public loves a juicy scandal; his job is to get his client’s important achievements in front of the public, effectively burying the scandal.

Status Labs also stresses maintaining digital privacy to avoid problems. According to Darius Fisher, high-profile individuals need to keep personal information, such as their address and phone numbers, private so a disgruntled individual does not share the information on social media. He also warns high net worth individuals not to disclose any information that would assist a criminal looking to rob or kidnap them.

It’s difficult being in the public eye when any misstep is instantly broadcast to the entire world via the Internet. Years ago, scandals were swept under the rug, however, reporters and bloggers cannot be silenced. Darius Fisher’s brand of online reputation management is necessary to minimize the damage and create a new first impression because a reputation crisis will not go away on its own.