True beauty is multicolored and life changing

How others see you is an important determiner of how you see yourself. Men, women, and even children all agree that they feel better about themselves when they look good. Women, however, are more concerned about appearance than anyone else. That need to enhance one’s appearance has created a global business that makes over 170 billion dollars a year.

The cosmetics industry is a placebo. It assures its users that the right product applied the right way will make you confident, happy, and beautiful. The cosmetics/makeup industry is built around hair care, skin care, fragrance, and cosmetics. It’s the cosmetics part that plays the greater role in enhancing a person’s appearance. Cosmetics promise to beautify or correct faults, and even when they don’t the attempt makes the user believe that if he looks good people will feel good about him. The message that we see every day in clothing, beer, car, and even food commercials is that only the beautiful people have fun, and you’re only beautiful if you have a well made up and colorful face.

One person who has found a place in the whimsical and colorful world of the beautiful people is Doe Deere the founder of Lime Crime. Also known as Xenia or Queen of Unicorns, Doe Deere’s not quite rags to riches story is built around the premise that “beauty is what feels right.” Born in Russia and raised in New York, Deere has found a niche in the cosmetic industry by emphasizing bold and beautiful colors. Her hair, eye, and lip colors draw you in and then swallow you with their breath-taking shades and textures. She feels that makeup is liberating because it frees you to be yourself. Her philosophy and writings emphasize that once you are in touch with yourself that thing that is special and unique about you will open the door for your dreams to come true.

The makeup industry promises a better more beautiful you. If you believe it, you are on your way to creating the person you want to be. One who is confident, colorful, and all together lovely.

Here Are The Tips I Got From Purina PetCare For Training My Puppies

I’ve had many different dogs throughout my life. I’m now twenty-five years old, and I have two puppies. I don’t know what I was getting myself into having two puppies at once, but I do love them. I don’t know if it’s just because I have two puppies at once, or maybe it’s just that my golden retrievers are stubborn, but they have been a pain to train so far. The things that I have tried before just aren’t working for me. I found some great tips on Purina news for training my puppies that came from Purina PetCare.

The first thing that I learned from them is that I should be patient when I train my puppies. I should keep teaching them something over and over again. It may take some time, but I just had to give them time. Training them is a slow process, and it is taking a lot of time. However, I am sticking to it, and I’m going to see what happens. So far, this tip hasn’t set in with my puppies yet, except for a few times. I do have a lot of faith that it will work though.

I also learned from Purina PetCare that I should never yell at my puppies. They won’t respond. Telling me not to yell at my puppies has been one of the best tips so far. There were times in the past that I lost my temper with them, but I didn’t mean to do that. Since Purina PetCare gave me the tip to not yell at my dogs, I’ve been calmer with my puppies, and it’s helped a lot. They have been listening a lot more than they used to, and they have been much more obedient as well. Now, when they are causing trouble, I know that the first thing I have to do is talk to them calmly and quieter too.

Every time I’ve been training them since I took the advice from Purina PetCare, I’ve been making progress. Sometimes, the progress is slower than other times, but there is progress. Having two puppies isn’t as hard as it was before, and they are getting along very well. It seems like when one of them listens, then the other one tries to do the same thing too. They are becoming more well-behaved all the time. Purina PetCare gave me advice that has changed the way I train these two beautiful puppies. I will keep using their tips so that my puppies can behave and listen well. Anyone who doesn’t realize that Purina PetCare is a company with the intent to care for a pet’s overall health should visit their website to see what they have to offer.

A Little Color For The Eyes

An essential in my makeup bag is eye shadow. This is a product that I have recently discovered at Lime Crime on tumblr. The company sells brilliant colors in blue, pink, green and more that dazzle my eyes. I enjoy wearing eye shadow by Lime Crime because I know that the products are safe. There are a few reasons as to why I wear this type of makeup in the first place.

My eyes have never really been something that I have enjoyed using makeup on as they are a beautiful blue. However, I found an amazing shade of blue in Lime Crime cosmetics that brings out the color of my eyes in a way that I never thought possible. This is one of the reasons why I like eye shadow. I discovered that there are a few ways that you can apply the product so that it looks as best as possible without being too dark. Instead of using the applicator that comes with the makeup, it’s best to use a finger. The pinky works best as you can gently get a small amount on the tip of the finger before applying it to the eyelid. A small amount of water mixed in with the eye shadow can help make the makeup stay in place a bit longer. This also helps if you are using a lighter color as the water can bring out the intensity in a way that other products don’t.

Another thing that I have found when applying eye shadow is to start at the outside of the lid and work your way to the corner of the lid. The darker color will be on the outer edge while the lighter color will be in the corner so that it’s not easily seen. There isn’t as much skin in the corner of the eye, so I don’t like wasting makeup on this space. It’s also sometimes best to use two different colors when it comes to eye shadow. Use a neutral color as the base with a darker color on top. This can give a pop on the eye that you won’t get when using only one shade. Choose a color that blends well with the eyes. You don’t want to use something bright for eyes that are darker as the dark eyes can sometimes distract from the color of the makeup. Delicate colors often work well with lighter eyes while darker colors work well with longer lashes and dark eye colors.

The Confidence of Business Leaders

It is believed that the higher up that a worker is in the ladder of his company, the more confidence he is going to have. Often times, the people that work at the lowest level of the company tend to have the least confidence. There is a reason why people that are higher up in position in any given job tend to have more confidence than people in lower positions. For one thing, they tend to have more control land make more money. It is safe to say that business leaders tend to have the most confidence, especially if they run a successful business.

One thing that gives business leaders their confidence is that they earn a lot of money doing what they are passionate about. They get to earn money doing what they want. They do not have to settle for a job that they do not like. Often times, when someone is stuck in a job that they do not like, it takes a toll on their confidence, especially if it is filled with a lot of disrespect and is a dead end job. Running one’s own business when it becomes successful gives a person a sense of confidence that goes beyond what he thought possible.

One person that is known for his confidence is Majeed Ekbal. He is known to be very confident because he believes in what he is doing. He follows his vision. He also explains it in ways that people could understand and get on board with him. He also does the best he can to inspire confidence in others so that they will be able to carry out their tasks as it relates to his vision.

Majeed Ekbal also has a quality about him that gets others to trust him. He never betrays that trust either. When someone is confident, he is more likely to finish the task. He is also less likely to second guess his every move. Due to this boldness and confidence, he can be counted on. This is why his business and other businesses that he has run is a success. Majeed Ekbal has a soundcloud account and has taken on big projects and has made a huge impact in his community which gives other people in the community better chances and more opportunities.

When it comes to businesses, the business leaders tend to have a greater view of the purpose behind the business. In this case, he is more likely to take the company to the level that is needed for monetary success as well as expansion.




In the world of investment banking, Madison Street Capital stands out as one of the most successful enterprises. They offer a broad range of financial and advisory services including financial opinions, public and private business valuation, as well as expertise guidance of mergers and acquisitions.


Madison Street Capital embraces the values excellence, integrity, leadership, professionalism and world class service. The firm places a high emphasis on client needs and takes all measures to maintain beneficial client relationships. This culture has earned Madison Street Capital the unwavering support and dedication of a broad clientele all over the globe. The investment guru believes in the role of emerging markets in positioning a business on the path to growth.


One of the genius minds behind the success of Madison Street Capital is Anthony Marsala. Mr. Martial acts as the Chief Operating Officer in addition to being a founding partner. He leads the investment firm’s ventures into already established and emerging markets in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Being an expert in this field, Anthony Marsala oversees the functions of market analysts as well as the valuation of businesses on behalf of clients.
Marsala’s years of experience and success in the industry match with the phenomenal success of Madison Street Capital. Madison is a strong brand in international investment banking circles. Being the man behind the success, Mr. Marsala has earned admirers and won many accolades over the years. Among these accolades is the prestigious National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA), forty under forty recognition program honoree for 2015. This announcement officially appeared in the Chicago Tribune.

This program seeks to identify young business leaders under forty years of age with extraordinary success within the fields of litigation consultation, financial analysis, mergers and acquisitions and related professional fields. The final list of forty honorees comes from a pool of about 130 exceptional nominees. Competition is stiff and decision-making tough for the judging panel of executives from NACVA and Consultants’ Valuators and Analysts. The final list of honorees honors visionary leaders with excellence in service that will form the next generation of game-changers in the industry.


This award conveniently places honorees on the career growth path while awarding excellence. According to the management of this program, the honorees will receive massive publicity. Promotion includes special features in press releases and prime business magazines and circles. Mr. Anthony Marsala and fellow honorees have caught the attention of the world. It’s time to bask in this glory together with his brainchild Madison Street Capital.


Why You Need to Switch to Using Lime Crime

Makeup lovers everywhere are rejoicing over the new Lime Crime brand of makeup. Many women like to play it safe when it concerns the makeup that they use. Unfortunately, most makeup companies cater to these play-it-safe women and make sure that none of the colors used in their palettes are ever too bright or different in hue. This is why the Lime Crime brand of makeup was initially created. The company was founded by Doe Deere, a woman who believes that you should be using makeup for something more than just covering up your imperfections and blemishes.

The Lime Crime brand of makeup is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. This has made quite a difference in the lives of those who are within the vegan community and are conscious about the products that they both consume and use on a regular basis. Doe Deere wanted to make sure that every single one of the products used within her company meets these high-quality standards that she herself is passionate about. In fact, Lime Crime is one of the only vegan-friendly cosmetic brands on the market and is quite popular with those in the vegan and vegetarian community.

What sets Lime Crime apart from so many other makeup brands out there is its bright and bold colors. Lime Crime has a focus on the brighter and wilder side of cosmetics, allowing women to achieve the looks that they want without having to blend different colors themselves. If you want a blue lipstick in a high-quality product, you can easily find this product when searching through the Lime Crime website. Currently, products are available on the Lime Crime website, Facebook and can be shipped to most states in America. The prices for the makeup are quite reasonable when compared to many other high-end brands.

When scouring the Lime Crime website, you will have the chance to search through lipsticks, eye shadow palettes and nail polish products. One of the first things you’ll notice when looking through the site is how bold the colors of all the products happen to be. Liquid-to-matte lipstick tends to be one of the more popular products produced by Lime Crime, but many people are also taking to the glosses, eye shadows and nail polishes that can be found and purchased through the site. The website itself has been designed to be easy to use and secure if you choose to place an order.

The Lime Crime company is continuing to become more and more popular with people all over the country. Its gorgeous and bold colors will help women to achieve the bright look that they are going for. You won’t have to worry about trying to find bolder colors in the store anymore or trying to figure out which products are vegan and cruelty-free. Lime Crime has you covered in all of these aspects, allowing you to find the perfect makeup to meet your every need. Their competitive pricing makes it simple to buy the makeup from their secured online website.

North American Spine Helps Back Sufferers Get Back Into Life

“Minimally invasive spinal care” sounds like an oxymoron, yet it’s being advertised with increasing frequency by back specialists and orthopedic clinics. But what exactly does this term entail? Traditionally, surgery to correct back and neck vertebrae issues involved long, complicated surgeries that necessitated the patient being opened up. Literal hardware in the form of metal plates and screws was often used, and recovery time was lengthy. For some back surgeries, it was not unusual for full recovery periods to exceed six months. The concept behind minimally invasive spinal surgery is that surgery time is reduced to just a couple of hours, with the surgeon’s tool being a laser, not a knife. Incision size is much reduced, with recovery time much reduced as well. Some surgeries offered are day ones, meaning usually no hospital stays. And while results vary, more patients undergoing this type of surgery report fewer recurring back problems than those using more traditional surgical methods.

And leading the way in back relief with better surgical methods is North American Spine. This Dallas, Texas based clinic has a more than 80% success rate with its surgeries, and can save patients tens of thousands of dollars a year in attempting alternative treatments that don’t work. North American Spine also has offices in Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, and New Jersey. They partner as well with clinics in Europe and South America. With North American Spine’s innovative techniques, patients get relief from chronic conditions such as stenosis, pinched nerves, bulging and herniated discs, and sciatica. The North American Spine clinics treat a number of other conditions, such as scoliosis and arthritis. North American Spine reviews indicated that 96% of them would return to North American Spine for future treatment.

Not all back conditions require surgical intervention, such as those that can be helped with rest, medication, and therapy. But for back sufferers who get no relief from these more conservative treatments, and who suffer from chronic pain, North American Spine can offer relief with more accurate diagnosis and treatment plans using pain mapping, relief for poor surgical candidates by inserting neurotransmitters, and its Accurascope for non-invasive surgery. The Accurascope uses high definition cameras and laser tools to make minimally invasive repairs and remove painful scar tissue in upper, lower, and cervical vertebrae. The Accurascope is less invasive than other laser surgeries, and generally has a quicker recovery time. The Accurascope method has been used effectively to perform two procedures known as Curascope and Securascope. The first procedure is used to relieve spinal nerve compression. The second is used to correct unstable spines, but by making smaller incisions than in more traditional methods, such as spinal fusion.

Despite North American Spine’s impressive success rate, it should be noted that relief rates vary by patient. The techniques used by North American Spine are also not appropriate for all conditions. But long term back sufferers will be relieved to know that that there are tested alternatives out there to pain with short recovery times.

Matt Landis and Notre Dame’s Return to Service

Notre Dame’s Volunteer Work in Lacrosse
matt landis colette kenney
The 2015 college lacrosse season is well underway and none have been looking forward to returning more than the Notre Dame Fighting Irish lacrosse team. However, regular season lacrosse games are not the only activity that the team has invested some time in. Recently the team traveled to Chicago’s Harrison Park, where they took part in the Playing for Peace service. The objective of Playing for Peace is to have younger lacrosse players actively engage themselves in lacrosse while also using it as an opportunity to teach peace and understanding to the youth, specifically ones from inner city communities. The event, along with having Notre Dame in attendance, is regularly hosted by OWLS (Outreach With Lacrosse and Schools), which is a non-profit organization that aids in educating the inner city communities and keeping the youth satisfied.

matt landis colette kenney
Of the many names associated with Notre Dame lacrosse, Matt Landis is clearly one of the most prominent ones to date. A returning senior, Landis is widely regarded as one of the best defensive players in college lacrosse, mainly due to his gameplay that stretches back all the way to last season. In that year Landis helped propel the Fighting Irish to become the number one ranked team in all of college lacrosse. When he’s not on the field, Landis finds himself studying finance at the Mendoza College of Business at the university.

matt landis colette kenney
Matt Landis has become such a well known name, and that is due to the several accomplishments he has over his lacrosse career. Just last season he was named the ACC Defensive Player of the Year for 2015, due to his work pushing the team to be the top one in the league. At the same time, he was one of the seven players on the team who had been named All-Americans and one of the three to be given the honor of being named to the first team. His leadership allowed Notre Dame to be ranked ninth in the league in ground balls and twelfth in creating turnovers. Yet another recognition that Landis received was being given the William C. Schmeisser Award as the overall best defensive player in the league by the United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association (USILA). He was awarded this just before Notre Dame was set to take on the University of Denver in the semifinal round.

matt landis colette kenney

How Stephen Murray’s Example Help to Build an Empire

CCMP Capital is a private global equity form that specializes in the field of buyouts and growth equity investments. Their target markets are North America and in Europe. They have formed a close bond with numerous international partnering managers.

They have a very unique approach to collaborating with their partners. Their goal is to build trust and mutual respect during every phase of the investment process. As with any investment, the first stage for Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is to do their due diligence. During this stage, they explain what their vision is for the future, while at the same time learning what their partners want for the future. They work together in developing a shared vision that incorporates the most important aspects of their and their partner’s shared values.

After an agreement has been crafted that incorporates specific objectives and financial targets as well as incentives, CCMP Capital’s investment team overseas and monitors their investments diligently. They analyze the progress that the investments are making as well as provide proper incentives throughout the company’s management.

CCMP Capital is driven by their strong sense of partnership, their demand for integrity and the power of diversity. They view these factors as key to the success of every single investment they make. Since they deal with many different companies on the different continents, the particulars of the deals that they make can vary from time to time. However, the guiding principles that influence their investments and their partnerships with other businesses stay the same. They have a strong network of internal and external resources designed to help their managers make the best plans regardless of the circumstances involved.

Stephen Murray, a Leader Who Led by Example

Stephen Murray, the chief executive officer of CCMP Capital, was a driving force behind his company’s success. Educated in Boston College in 1984, he received a degree in economics. His desire to learn drove him to attend Columbia Business School, where in 1989 he received his Master’s degree in business administration.

After completing his studies, Murray went on to work with notable businesses such as Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, Chase Manhattan Corporation and Chemical Bank. It was in 2006 that he co-founded CCMP Capital.

In addition to serving on the board of major companies like Amtrak, AMC entertainment, Cabela’s and Pinnacle Foods, he was also a generous philanthropist. He supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Boston College, as well as many other charities. The leadership that he showed in these areas reflected the spirit of the company he founded.

About Shaygan Kheradpir Biography

Shaygan Kheradpir got his Ph.D., masters and bachelors Degrees at Cornell University on electrical engineering focusing on control systems. All through his career he has aided in building teams that are mission driven ensuring changes that matter to their community, investors, customers and employees. He has invented, connected, and straddled at the borders of conventional disciplines crossways several industrial segments worldly.

Kheradpir was lately pronounced the chairman and CEO of the Board of Coriant. He united with Coriant after working closely with the top management group commencing early this year playing the task of operating partner in Marlin Equity Partners. He was actively involved in leveraging the company’s operations and planning strategies. He got his new position in leadership so that he could come up with growth strategies while strengthening the focus on the solutions that of most importance to the customers in our current highly competitive and dynamic market.

Before joining Coriant, Shaygan acted as the CEO at Juniper Networks, a leading institution in the networking industry at Silicon Valley. In the year 2011, Shaygan united with Barclays Bank and later became the chief technology and operations head for the whole bank worldly across investment, retail, corporate, wealth and cards banking. In Barclays, Shaygan has been catalyzing the changes in culture that are crucial for transforming the bank’s operations along the industrialization procedures of the 21st century. These transformations include using industrialized controls for the front to back digitization and for product invention that matter to the lives of individuals like Cloudit and Pingit.

He began his career in GTE Labs at Boston where he toiled on controls, management, and routing. He ultimately became the leader of software system laboratories whereby he built and recruited a top notch entity that led to the growth of the initial platform for national network management for GTE that aided in the integration of switching, transmission and infrastructure known as TONICS (Telephone Operations Network Integrated Control Systems). These innovation systems permitted GTE to fuse their network businesses into highly consolidated and proficient operations for the organization.

Kheradpir next shifted to GTE headquarters at Dallas whereby he directed the development of systems for all the United of GTE’s information, internetworking, wireless and wireline. During this phase, they rebuilt and nationalized the central systems for GTE based on current computer science, fueling operational quality with considerably enhanced cost structures for the organization.

When Bell and GTE amalgamated in 2000 to create Verizon, Shaygan shifted to New York and got appointed the eBusiness Unit president and afterward became the Chief Information head at Verizon. During this stage, he applied the same techniques in achieving advanced results for the organization by assembling and recruiting top-notch talent that comprehended the potential of acceleration and collaboration while introducing leading services and products.

While in Verizon, they got on renovating the revenue outline of the business with innovative and new multi-media and IP products for the marketplace, combining the web based software with traditional networking procedures leading to creation of high-quality products like internet streaming, FiOS web based software, and very high speed data.