Sarah Kauss’ S’well Swells Up

According to an article found on Small Business Trends, many companies have tried to find solutions to the plastic bottle problem over the years. While the standard metal bottles that were available on the market could be refilled and could hold plenty of water, they were not very fashionable. While the look of the metal bottle did not change its effectiveness, it did effect whether consumers wanted to purchase it or not.

Sarah Kauss was a consumer who regularly carried a metal water bottle with her. During a conversation with CNN, she talked about how it was great for going camping or using at the gym, however, it was not ideal for a business executive.

As a result, in 2010, Kauss decided to set out on a mission to get rid of plastic bottles altogether and create a new line of water bottles that are reusable. Her startup company was called S’well.

The water bottles in the S’well line are made to keep any liquids hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. They are fashionable, insulated, and come in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs. Kauss’ water bottles were featured by Oprah Magazine in a summer list of popular 2011 items. It helped the S’well company’s success significantly.

The great look of Kauss’ water bottles encourages more consumers to buy and use them versus continuing to use plastic water bottles. People who did not like carrying around a metal water bottle that did not look very good, now have a chance to help the environment and be fashionable at the same time.

The company’s main mission is to be able to eliminate the need for plastic bottles entirely to ultimately help decrease plastic bottle waste.

Find A Woman With Your Same Interests When Dating In Russia

Two people who have some of the same interests are more likely to have a longer lasting bond than those who are complete opposites. Many people believe that opposites attract to one another, but even if they do, the passion may not last. A real relationship should be based on something more than fiery passion, and the two people should have interests that mimic one another, so they can at least have a chance when it comes to having a lasting relationship. It’s not impossible for two opposites to stay together for a long time, but it’s highly unlikely.

Those that want someone who has the same interests as themselves may go to certain dating websites to look for others with the same interests. Maybe the person even chooses a dating website that’s specifically made for the type of person they are looking for. There are now Christian dating websites, and these are meant for Christian singles who want to date each other. There are also elderly dating websites, which are made for those who are older in age, but they are still looking for love. With so many dating websites out there that cater to people who have certain interests, then guess what the AnastasiaDate website is for?

The name doesn’t suggest right away what the website is about, but the AnastasiaDate website is specifically for American men who are looking for Russian and Ukrainian women. The website has thousands upon thousands of women who are ready to date American men, and all the man has to do is sign up for an account. The account is very easy to create, and within less than a minute, the man can be browsing the website to look for love. Here is where interests come into play. If a man has a certain interest that he’d like his lady to have, then he can put this information into the search engine.

Maybe the man likes to go to the movies, so if he puts this information in his search, he may find a lady that loves movies as well. If the man has an interest in football, he may conduct a search that finds a lady that loves football also. Interests aren’t the only way to conduct a search on the AnastasiaDate website because the man is able to search for a woman based on her features as well. Any kind of features that the man wants the lady to have can be put in the search engine.

Many different searches are supported by the search engine on the AnastasiaDate website, and this helps the man to find what he feels is the perfect Russian woman. The women on the website are not only beautiful and amazing to look at, but a lot of them may have some of the same interests as a man who might find interest in them. AnastasiaDate is the ideal dating place for those who are looking for love internationally, so sign up for an account and check it out today.

Make up tells more about you

Apparently if you want to command respect, affection and trust naturally from your colleagues in the office, try wearing make-up. Like the genie in the story of Aladdin it works. Am not talking about doing make up in extreme, I am talking about moderation in wearing make-up. Research shows so long as a woman does not over do make up, it changes the way people perceive her. She looks more competent and reliable to people around her. Make up enhances confidence in a woman too like what Doe Deere did. This is according to the latest research conducted by the Harvard University.

Glamour adds a thumb for a lady. Take a look at Hillary Clinton; she always looksglamorous thanks to her make up. I know the hullabaloo about what make are you supposed to wear .i am sure that you know how to set an agenda about yourself as a respectable career woman. There is no way you can wear the same make-up you do while going to the club to the office again. Now that will be seeking attention at the wrong place. I am talking about that make -up you can wear and still enter the boardroom and by a glance people can tell that you are still in command.

For such a look I suggest wearing an intense lipstick. Not that one that will leave a mark on the coffee mug though. The lip color ought to be shiny as well and increase in luminosity. Women should not be afraid of wearing make-up.

There are so many videos on YouTube that coach on how to wear make-up. You might also seek the help of a professional if you don’t trust yourself. Your look is your logo, so it should sell well on your behalf.

I predominantly love and adore the lime colors make-up brand by Doe Deere. The make-upbrand is daring, flashy and intriguing at the same time. If you are a woman who loves trying colors even at work then try using the prime colors brand. There are varietieslipsticks such as candy, eyeshadows that will definitely give you that attractive and glamourous look you always want.

Am a big fun of Doe’s make up and greatly admire her personality. The technology executive is adventurous besides bold. Despite the negative talk that surrounds her on daily basis from the social she is not shaken nor moved an entrepreneur she has learnt to follow her passion as she gives her critics something to talk about daily.

Given the chance have a taste on how I would look wearing her lipstick from prime colors brand; I can surely attest to the magic. Thecolors were vibrant as well as cute. I particularly looked stunning on bright colored lip sticks. I had never tried wearing make-up before. Perhaps that is why my colleagues at the office do not give me the trust, affection and perception I deserve. I know you are aware of my next move.

Shoes Matter

Gentlemen, when you’re climbing the corporate ladder, you really should be mindful of your shoes. After all, they’re going to be at someone’s eye-level for the majority of the time. You want people to want your shoes. Trust me, it’s not just a girl thing. If you spent a great deal of time and money meticulously putting together suits to suit every single office occasion, you can’s skimp on the footwear. You need timeless shoes that stand on their own. They should be versatile and stylish. I know, you’re thinking they’re going to cost more than the suit. Don’t fret. Paul Evans just changed the shoe game for the better. A short time ago, Ben Earley and Evan Fript decided to do the world a favor and create quality men’s footwear that is comparable to the “big stuff” in every way but price. They created a more affordable alternative through the Paul Evans leather shoes line. Using very sleek Italian calfskin and (presumably sexy) Italian cobblers, they have created a stylish men’s footwear line that only looks like it broke the bank. Seriously, I just saw a grown woman swoon over a pair of their Brando Oxfords. Reviews are raving about the comfort of Paul Evans shoes. For custom style the affordability can’t be topped. The company prides itself on its thrift and economy. They have eliminated the need for a middle man and bargained hard for top quality calfskin leather. The result of their venture is a brand of shoes that can’t be beat for comfort, quality and price. In Paul Evans, Early and Fript found a way to combine all of the features of high dollar shoes in a a brand that will revolutionize the way men view and wear the office shoe. Thanks you, Paul Evans, for changing the corporate shoe culture. Now, climbing the ladder of success can be both stylish and affordable.

Making The Eyes Shine

I would like to think that my eyes are my most notable feature. My eyelashes are long, making it easy to get a good bit of color on them. Eyeliner, glitter and other cosmetics for the eyes are my favorite thing to have with me in my makeup bag or in my purse. If I have a way to accent my eyes, then I can often feel better about myself because I know that the best part of me will be highlighted.

Mascara and eye liner are the main components I use on my eyes. I can often find them in all colors. Black is commonly used, but I also enjoy the bold colors like green and blue. When I wear the colored liners, I try to find something that blends with what I’m wearing. I have found stores online that have the items that I like wearing that will match my outfits. The liner is easy to apply, but mascara sometimes lasts longer, especially if it’s waterproof. The liners that I have are in the form of a pencil, and I can easily keep them in my purse or even in the car so that I have a little color to add to the eyes when I go somewhere.

Another product I like for my eyes is glitter. This is something odd that I haven’t used much before, but I have found that it adds a pop that liners and mascara just don’t add. The glitter is rather easy to apply, and it stays in place for most of the day. There are several colors to choose from, especially from companies like Lime Crime. This is an online company that I have ordered several cosmetics from for the eyes. The colors are vibrant, and I know that I am getting a good product for the money that I spend. The company doesn’t test their products on animals like other companies that I have bought from, and the items that I get often last longer than some of the others that I have purchased. This is a company that has a large selection of cosmetics for the eyes.

Men’s Luxury Shoes Set New Fashion Trends

From athletic shoes to hiking boots to the upscale dress shoe, polls show that men, on average, own 12 pairs of shoes at any one time. A new trend in men’s fashion is to upscale that special pair of dress shoes into luxury levels never seen before.

The phrase ‘dress for success’ has never been more evident than in today’s business world. An elegant pair of luxury italian shoes has become a man’s status symbol right alongside the Rolex watch, the luxury car, and the Armani suit.

Men’s luxury shoes can sell for well beyond $2,000. However,for the more practical man of means looking for stylish, elegantly made shoes to fit his stature in life, there are a number of luxury brand shoes in the $400-$800 range and up.

Four major factors affect the cost of men’s luxury shoes; material, style, craftsmanship, and comfort.

Quality and availability dictate the price of shoe leather. Because of the exquisite and rare material they’re made from, shoes like Salvatore Ferragamo Python loafers go for $975, and a pair of New & Lingwood Russian calf shoes sell for up to $1,500.

Fine craftsmanship is the hallmark of any luxury shoe. Italy seems to harbor most of the great shoe makers of today. Steeped in generations of family cobblers and fine shoemakers, the tradition of quality and pride in workmanship carries on.

Style is a major factor for men in deciding which shoe to buy. Thankfully, today’s luxury shoe lines have never looked better in stylistic terms of shape, leather colors, and pure elegance.
A pair of $1,000 shoes may look spectacular, but if they aren’t comfortable and don’t feel good on the foot, they’re worth zero. Some of the high-end manufactures custom fit shoes for each customer. All of them strive to provide as comfortable a shoe as possible.

Two men from New York City, Ben Earley and Evan Pirpt, saw this trend toward upscale shoes coming and set off for Italy to establish their own shoe line. They recognized many high-priced men’s shoes were uninspiring, displayed shoddy if not heartless workmanship, and were made of leathers designed simply to protect the foot rather than give the shoe style. Their shoe brand, Paul Evans, was designed to overcome all of those issues.

Beyond making a better and more stylish line of men’s shoes, they also decided to sell and deliver their shoes directly to the consumer. No middleman markups. No cost of expensive retail space or sales personnel. By using only the power of the Internet with a motto ‘from our hands to yours,’ they have created a successful line of men’s luxury shoes using the finest of Italian calfskin leather and workmanship at decent prices.

Let’s Paint the Town……Lime!!!

We are constantly bombarded with ads telling us the way we should look and the “proper” ways of expressing our beauty. Step outside the lines and people often have something negative to say, while holding an expression like an adverse reaction to creativity and diversity. What are people so afraid of?

If you’re anything like me, you brush it off like excess foundation and remind yourself that most people are simply unhappy because they allow themselves to stay locked inside the proverbial cage that society has built. Which is normally devoid of much life and color. I say, “break free with me!”

Give me color any day! Life is so full of variety, why shouldn’t your make-up bag be as well?! Let’s all be a part of a color revolution! Play with your look. It’s make-up; if you mess up, you can simply wipe it off and start again! With all the limitless choices and combinations out there, we should all be ecstatic to express our inner beauty, using make-up to bring it outward.

Why would you use a medium, like make-up, that is supposed to help accentuate and emphasize your unique beauty in such a way that makes you ending up looking just like everybody else? We flip through fashion magazines and instead of looking for inspiration, most of us end up using them as navigational guides as to how we should follow suit for the season.

They become our “bibles”, so to speak, that end up dictating how we should look and what we should like. The “virtues” of today though, quickly become the “sins” of tomorrow; and if you’re not careful, you end up in a purgatory of hesitation and unused product. What’s the “it” color? Is a matte finish in or out? Should I throw out my favorite eye shadow because “electric green” is so eighties now? We end up being directed like a religious cult into a world of conformity instead of self expression. Instruction instead of intuition. I’m excited to say though, that those days are numbered!

Lime Crime, a relatively new cosmetic company, inspires it’s customer to join the movement of coloring beyond boundaries. It’s website features looks, blogs, and crazy inspiration! If I could sum up the vibe of Lime Crime in a few words: “Rainbow-goth, meets Avant-garde, meets Barbie-chic.” From their lipsticks to their polishes, they offer colors that are mostly soft and pastel yet strikingly bold! Prices are reasonable, but most importantly, they are a cruelty-free company. Match that with their apparent agenda to inspire others to paint to the color of their own inner artist, and you can count me in! Let’s all paint the town…well….Lime!

Doe Deere Has Done Something Fun With Her Makeup Brand

Makeup can help woman to become more beautiful than they would be without it on. It can give woman the confidence that they need to get through the day. And, Doe Deere it can give woman a chance to have some fun. Makeup isn’t meant to be boring and plain. It was never made to just cover up someone’s flaws and that’s all. It is out there so that woman can have the time of their lives.

Makeup is around so that people can have fun with it, and so that they can experiment and try different things with it.
Too many woman don’t think that way when it comes to makeup. They just do the same thing with their makeup day after day. They don’t even consider changing things up, even when it comes to something as simple as the color of their lipstick. Many people get stuck in the way that they do things, and change scares them. But, when it comes to makeup, change shouldn’t be scary at all.

Doe Deere is a woman who has been making makeup differently than those around her for a while, now. She does not let change scare her, but she is instead determined to be the change in the makeup industry. The makeup offered from her brand is brighter and bolder than what people have ever worn before.

She has created a unique line of makeup that has gotten people talking. Not everyone is brave enough to try it, but once they do, they will be sure to love it. Change might be hard at first, but a change like this will be well worth it in the end.
There is no reason that a woman should have to stick to the way that she has always done things when it comes to her makeup. Who’s to say that she has to keep the same look, just because that is what she has always done, previously?

With Doe Deere’s makeup brand out there, now woman have the excuse to go out and try something different. They have the chance to finally start having fun with their makeup, instead of using it solely as a cover up. With the this line of makeup they are going to have fun, and they are going to be left feeling even more confident than they ever felt when they were wearing their old brand of makeup.

Can Businesses and Spirituality Really Co-Exist?


Do spirituality and effective leadership go hand in hand? For decades, these fields have been distant: one, a mysterious realm of elusive ideas and feelings; the other, a concrete area of precise analysis. There has also been substantial hatred between the two areas. However, while the debate is age old, new studies are showing that spiritual teachings and its motivated followers can create a positive ethical climate in the business world. Not only can the spiritual leader inspire trust, but they often have a positive work relationship and their organizations achieve their goals. Their values show an increase in productivity and lower turnover rates. The studies even showed that their employees have better overall health.

One study, conducted the University of Western Ontario, found an incredible diversity of definitions among hundreds of study participants. What is spirituality to one person may not be to the next. One thing was for certain; spirituality and religion are two vastly different things. Some view religious affiliation as formal/organizational religion governed by a pastor or priest. However, spirituality is more associated with closeness with God and feelings of interconnectedness with the world. The two philosophies are vastly different, yet they often get lumped into the same pile as religious.

Religion focuses on a specific group or organization, while spirituality is more generic, and may even encompass more than one religious approach. If a business professional chooses to bring these practices into their business, can it do more harm than good? In the old school method of thinking yes it could. However, today people are more open minded and free to allow people to be and think however they choose. One such effective business leader is Joseph Bismark of the QNet Company.

Bismark and his partner, Vijay Eswaran, both run their company with spiritual basics. While they don’t affiliate with any specific religion, they are very spiritual. Bismark had an experience that changed him as a young teen. It was when he stumbled upon the founder of the Harry Krishna movement that his words of wisdom struck a chord in Bismark’s heart. He later changed his entire life and dedicated his life to humanitarian efforts, always trying to do the greater good.

In his case, bringing his spirituality into the business place has paid off in triplicate. Not only is he seen as an honest and trustworthy man, but his company has grown leaps and bounds. Both he and his wife embrace a spiritual nature and believe in giving back to the earth and all its inhabitants. So perhaps there is a justified reason bringing spirituality into the workplace just may work.

Trader Adam Sender creates profits from art collection

Adam Sender has a reputation as one of the major hedge fund investors in the world, a position he achieved by taking control of the company Exis Capital and keeping tight control over every aspect of the hedge fund. Sender may have built a reputation as a highly profitable investor, but even at Exis Capital his love of contemporary art could not be avoided as he hung various artworks throughout the office. The love of artwork Adam Sender developed over his career is now yielding as much of a profit as the hedge fund work of the investment specialist as the Sender collection goes on sale for an estimated $70 million.

Sender (WhitePages)
spent a large amount of his career investing the profits and salary he made in the work of various artists who produced the best reviewed contemporary pieces of the 1990s and early 21st century. Many of the more than 400 pieces that will be auctioned were purchased towards the end of the 1990s and are set to sell for huge profits after Adam Sender held onto them for almost two decades before the latest sale takes place. The hedge fund specialist has assembled an extensive collection of contemporary art, particularly photography that that proves him to be an art collector with an eye for a high quality piece to invest in.

One of the main benefits of the large collection Sender created over his career as a trader and art lover is the fact that he collected pieces by a variety of different artists. The auction includes work by 139 artists who Sender collected pieces by with the assistance of his own full time curator, Todd Levin. Following the completion of his career as a hedge fund specialist the former head of Exis Capital is now looking to continue the profitability of his career with the art sale that could be the crowning glory of his fine business life.