How Whitney Wolfe is Empowering Women with her Bumble Dating App

Whitney Wolfe is an American technology entrepreneur born 1n 1989. She is the CEO of Bumble, a dating app firm. According to the monthly user base, the app is the fourth most popular dating app. She started the company in 2014 to create a dating platform that is female-first. The app creates a platform where women make the first move and initiate connections. The app is built on positivity, respect for women and instilling confidence in women to enable them to make the first move, not only in dating but all other facets of their lives. The app currently boasts of more than 20 million registered users. The firm’s value today is $500 million. Bumble recently opened its new headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Wolfe was born in Salt Lake City and went to Southern Methodist University where she took International Studies. She featured in the 2014 Business Insider’s list of 30 Most Important Women Under 30 in Technology. She was one of Elle’s Women in Technology in 2016. Wolfe currently lives in Austin, Texas. She recently wedded Michael Herd, a businessman, in a grand wedding ceremony held in Positano, Italy. Many people attended the fun-filled wedding which took place in September 2017.

Bumble recently launched a career networking space to add to its growing list of users. The new venture, named Bumble Bizz, follows in the footsteps of the dating platform. Bumble Bizz enables users to establish professional connections. This idea is expected to change lives of many as you stand chances of meeting somebody who could positively influence your life. Women, again here, are the ones to make the first move. The addition, therefore, will empower many women and give them a sense of control of their lives. Bumble Bizz also promises a safe and comfortable site for professional networking.

Bumble also has another feature known as Bumble BFF. This enables you to find friends on Bumble. Once you have the Bumble app, you select Bumble BFF, and you can see all the others who are also searching for BFFs and are of the same gender.

Bumble is staring at a very bright future and could soon be the giant in the dating apps industry. The app registers roughly 50,000 new users per day and is also planning on opening a new office in New York to add to the ones in London, Australia, and Germany. Another exciting prospect is a possibility of an app update to allow users swap between Bumble BFF, Bumble Bizz and Bumble for dating.

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What Paul Mampilly Says About Millennials And Technology

Paul Mampilly studies a lot of industry news and developments because they affect his investment decisions. He has made news predicting where stocks will go and shares his secrets in his newsletters, and he’s recently remarked about tech investments and what millennials have to do with them. Mampilly has taken a look at how millennials shop and how technology that appeals to them is often important in the marke, and he even seized on it nearly 10 years ago when he bought Facebook and Netflix stocks, both of which returned high profits. Mampilly says that as the technology age progresses, the “internet inter-connectivity” is going to be another big investment as automated technology becomes used in bridging systems together, and

Paul Mampilly’s first step into investing came through banking. He moved to the US in 1991 and enrolled at Montclair State University where he graduated with a bachelor’s in economics and finance, and then became a credit research analyst at Deutsche Bank. He moved around from several big banks where he became one of the savviest portfolio managers at the time. The work he did at ING, Sears, Banker’s Trust and Capuchin Consulting helped him earn a big job as an advisor for Kinetics International Fund.

Kinetics International Fund was a new hedge fund when Mampilly joined it with $6 billion in AUM at inception, but the job Mampilly did helped grow that number to $25 billion. Clients were amazed to see investments making as high as 20% annually in the funds they were allocated in, and the firm soon became the talk of Barron’s journal. In 2008, the Templeton Foundation decided to host an investment competition featuring some of Wall Street’s finest investors, and Mampilly was invited to join. Mampilly won this competition by making an 88% gain on $50 million and doing so when the subprime mortgage crisis was at its worst.

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— Paul Mampilly(@Paul_M_Guru) November 9, 2017

Mampilly began to feel an interest in independent advisory through newsletter writing sometime after winning the competition, and he felt it gave him more flexibility to help people on Main Street as well as spend time with family. His current newsletters which have done well in excess of 60,000 subscribers include “Extreme Fortunes.” “Profits Unlimited” and “True Momentum,” all of which are available at Banyan Hill. The idea behind these newsletters is to show investors how they can buy stocks without needing a firm, and to find their own sources of advice, and learn more about Paul Mampilly.

Incredible Philanthropic Works of George Soros

One of the most successful areas of investment currently is the hedge fund. However, you cannot mention hedge funds without some prominent figures popping up; George Soros is one of such figures. He has been a significant player in this investment line. George Soros was born in Hungary and fled his country at a young age, after which he enrolled for a Bachelor’s degree from the London School of Economics. His journey is one the most inspirational stories as he started from really a small beginning, he worked in a railway construction company as well as a waiter in a nightclub. After graduation, Soros moved to New York, where he got a start at the Wall Street where he began his own hedge fund.

George Soros is one of the world’s leading philanthropist in the world, up to now he has contributed over $12 billion for this course, his funding has enabled individuals and groups all over the world express themselves as well as their freedom. He does this through the Open Society Foundation. He has strived to ensure that society is built along the roads of democracy, transparency as well as tolerant. His funding has been majorly helping folks who feel they have been discriminated along religious, racial or any other basis. He has funded group whose quest for the people of Roma in Europe was their primary focus. Moreover, he has supported drug users as well as sex workers in the society. Read more at CNN Money.

What has motivated Soros in carrying out his philanthropic works is the fact that he was also discriminated at some point in his life. Soros was born in Hungary and lived through the brutal Nazi rule, which resulted in a massacre of over half a million Jews who were Hungarian. His family being Jews, they only survived not being killed by creating fake papers, which enabled them to conceal their background information, they also helped other families do so. Soros avers that instead of giving up or conceding to what looked like their fate, they were able to be strong and helped others survive the dark forces. He fled from his town Budapest in the year 1947 and settled in London, where he worked two jobs, one as a railway porter as well as nightclub waiter. After completing his studies at the London School of Economics, he moved to America and ventured into finance and investment markets.


Soros used his fortune to create a philanthropic organization, Open Society Foundation that currently has many partners in over 100 countries. The organization was formed with the aim of ensuring that democracy and tolerance are observed at levels in the society. He believes that no idea or philosophy should be taken and regarded as the final truth; the society should be based on the tenet of democracy, freedom of expression and strict adherence to human rights. George Soros continues his philanthropic works by offering scholarships to folks all over the world who are unable to fund their studies. Read this story about George at

A Look At How Multivariate Testing Works And Its Benefits

First off, what is multivariate testing? This is when you test out different combinations or variables on a website. The variables in this case are different headlines, different images, text, buttons and videos on a page.

Multivariate testing attempts to find which of these combinations or variations is the most effective at converting users. The conversion of users is a term used to describe when people sign up for a service, email list, buy a product or read a certain article or page. Ultimately, multivariate testing is about finding the combination of headlines, images, text, buttons, videos and other web page text that is the most effective at conversion.

So how does a multivariate testing procedure look like? It involves the person who owns a website or that runs it to simply run a multivariate testing software on their page. The software pretty much takes care of the rest. With the software installed visitors will see different combinations of the various images, texts, buttons, alerts, videos and graphics that the owner or operator of the website has allowed.

There is no need to specify which combinations you want to see with multivariate testing software. The software automatically creates random combinations to test out all the variables and their impact on conversion rates. This is a good thing because large sites with many variables can have hundreds of thousands of different variables and combinations. Imagine trying to create that many combinations manually. It would be time consuming.

While you don’t have to create all the possible combinations of variables that you want tested, you do have to select the variables that will be tested together. This should not be a big deal. All you have to do is select the different images you want tested, then the different text you want tested, followed by the buttons, logos, graphics, videos and anything else. The multivariate software program will take care of the rest which includes randomly matching the combinations together and displaying them to visitors to your website.

Multivariate testing works best in certain conditions over others. It works best when there are a large number of visitors to your website and more specifically to the web pages that you plan on testing the different combinations out. It is not recommended to use multivariate testing when there is a low or mediocre amount of traffic or visitors to a website or web page. In these cases, the results might not be very accurate.

Securus Technologies; Using Technology to Rehabilitate

Am glad to know that Securus Technologies is a leading telecommunication services provider that has its offices in Oregon, United States of America. Given the need for incarcerated persons to communicate and keep in touch with the outside world and loved ones, telecommunication companies have ventured into providing secure communication systems to inmates. Founded in 1986, Securus serves over 2,600 correctional facilities in both the United States of America and Canada.


According to the research I have conducted, Securus technologies received accreditation from Better Business Bureau (BBB). This means that secures has amassed a lot of positive reviews from its clients on their products and customer care. With contracts with over 2200 correctional facilities, Securus has grown a great deal since its inception. The advancement in technology over the past decade has seen Securus better its efficiency in service delivery and offer a wide portfolio of products and packages.


The other thing I have noted is that Securus technologies acquired Jpay Inc and this acquisition has seen inmates acquire over 32,000 college credits over the year. Jpay Inc, now a subsidiary of Securus technologies started the Jpay lantern program. Jpay lantern provides incarcerated individuals with mass education by providing them with tablets and access to educational materials and eBooks. The program has seen over 12000 students enrolled in post-secondary education programs. Successful students from the program have gone on to attain degrees from reputable universities such as Ashland University.


Securus Technologies works with law enforcement facilities and serves over 3,400 correctional facilities over the greater North America. Securus provides technological and infrastructure aid to law enforcement helping them solve or prevent crimes. By helping rehabilitate incarcerated individuals and providing parolee tracking technologies, Securus Technologies has seen to it that ex-convicts don’t go back to their criminal ways. Securus technologies also provide relevant information to law enforcement officers and prison officials aiding in the smooth running of the system.


Boraie Has A Passion For Development

There was a post that was shared on Central Jersey Working Moms that talked about Omar Boraie. This man is someone who has a passion for development work and who has done a lot to change up various cities. This man has worked in New Brunswick for a number of years, and the blog post about him shared that he had a desire to rebuild New Brunswick and that is why he got started with the work that he does. Omar Boraie takes buildings that are crumbling and that need to be torn down, and he changes the area that they are located in into something new and different. This man has a passion for the work that he does, and he does well at redeveloping various areas. Omar Boraie has brought about a big change in New Brunswick, and he has shared that he would not have been able to do that if it were not for the support that he received from those people who were around him.

According to NJBiz, Boraie Development LLC is a company that is focused on real estate development, property management, and sales and marketing. This company is one that knows what it is doing, and it is run by all of the people who are prepared to handle the work that the company must face. Boraie Development LLC is good at doing what it is supposed to do and at bringing about the results that all of the clients of this company seek.

Boraie Development LLC focuses on the urban real estate market. This company works with those who have passions that are similar to the passion of the company, overall. They use architects with dreams and contractors who care about the work that they do to make sure that all of the work that the company takes on is handled in the best way possible.

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A Breakdown of Jason Hope’s Promising Tech Career

Jason Hope has quickly become one of the most vocal supporters of the rapidly expanding Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is what the tech industry refers the collection of internet connected technology as. Right now smart technology is rapidly gaining ground as one of the fastest growing markets in the entire tech world. From smart cars to Google Watches and everything in between. Jason Hope, a talented futurist who is based out of Tempe, AZ, believes that eventually, the industry is going to far surpass its entertainment focused niche. Hope believes, and this is echoed by many market trends, that the future of the Internet of Things is going to fundamentally change the world that we are living in. Let’s meet the man behind the rapidly growing industry and learn about what attracts him to this specific type of technology.

Education and Upbringing

Jason Hope was born and raised in Tempe, AZ and he would go on to study at Arizona State University where he would get a degree in finance. Hope would go on to get his MBA and he would immediately begin plying his trade within the tech world. Hope used his education in order to establish his first company, Jawa. Now, Hope says that he makes the majority of his living working as an investor. Hope says, “Everyone knows that the future of society relies on technology. Technology connects interconnects people, places, and things.”

Finding Profitability in Technology

Hope knows that being an entrepreneur is a tough task but he has always felt up to the task. Hope says, “As an entrepreneur, you always have a healthy sense of doubt. It’s what keeps you on your toes and forces you to think ahead.” Hope hasn’t had much in terms of struggles thus far in Jason Hope’s effective career but he still knows that doubt can be used to his advantage. Hope says, “While doubt cripples most, I use it to fuel my passion for change.”

The Internet of Things

Hope is particularly focused on the way that the Internet of Things has been growing and expanding over the years. He acknowledges that smart technology has become more popular of late but hesitates in calling it the kind of progress that will eventually start coming. The IoT is going to be much more than just entertainment and Hope believes that it will lead to improved functionality and a change in the way of our living.

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End Citizen United Endorses KrystenSinema for Arizona Senate Race

End Citizen United is one of the new political action committees in the United States. The organization has been in the American market for a while, and its greatest mission is to bring reforms in the country’s campaign finance system. The institution has been a big player in the American politics, especially in the year 2016. The organization is planning to donate millions of money to the Democratic candidates who are running for any political offices in the entire nation.

Just one month after it was established into the market, End Citizen United managed to raise more than two million dollars from its small donors. The institution wants to raise at least twenty five million by the end of the day so that they can change the entire cycle in the country. Although the presidential candidate supporting the institution did not win in the 2016 presidential campaign, the founders of the institution want to make things better by electing more people in the senate.

The organization has a goal of reversing the court decision that was made several months ago concerning the black money donated by wealthy people in the political system. The dark money in politics has led to people electing the wrong people into government offices, and this has led to several consequences. By electing individuals who do not support the dark money, End Citizen United wants to change the political system in the United States. This year, the organization has endorsed several political candidates to vie for different races in the senate.

Several days ago, End Citizen United management team announced to its supporters that it had endorsed one of the Congresswomen, known as KrystenSinema to be in the senatorial race. According to the foundation, Krysten will run for the Arizona senate seat because she is the right person with the right qualities. First of all, Krysten has been committed to offering consumers accountability and transparency, especially in Washington where she has spent most of her career life. Washington is one of the places where some individuals have chosen millions of money in secret so that the elections in the country can be influenced.

Tiffany Muller, currently working as the president of the successful PAC says that his organization is very thrilled to endorse Krysten for the hotly contested position. In the past, Tiffany Muller says that Krysten has been very influential in making sure that the families and people of Arizona are heard. Krysten believes that there should be power in democracy, and this is one of the greatest reasons she was given the prestigious honor. The institution is very proud to be associated with the Congresswoman too, and they have offered to give her all the financial support she will need in the campaigns.

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End Citizens United Supports New Campaign Financing Legislation

Campaign financing laws have become practically non-existent in the United States. And, it is causing much of the nation to put pressure on their representatives who want to keep their seats to enact legislation that stops the current political onslaught from wealth barons and foreign countries. American voters need look no further for proof than the current probe being conducted by former FBI Director Robert Mueller into the supposed election tampering by Russia targeting candidates through Facebook via purchasing political ads. Mueller will assuredly claim some type of minor connection in the political ad process, but Congress will also assuredly do exactly zero about the situation. The current finance laws are a mess, but they are a manufactured mess perpetrated by Congress and K Street in conjunction with SCOTUS.

The End Citizens United political action committee realized this problem from the very beginning following the corrupt decision by the high court that allows unfettered campaign contributions to all official candidates in U.S. elections as some pseudo form of free speech. We all have heard that money talks, but now the major impact is achieved through whispering. The circumstances also allow the wealthy class, including major corporations and organizations, to effectively hijack the representatives and transpose Congress into a team of 535 puppets speaking out of one side of the their mouth to the perceived electors while assuring financial contributors out of the other side that they are lying to the voters. Hillary Clinton’s speech before Goldman Sachs executives is a prime example.

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In light of the questionable claims that Russia actually did attempt to influence the last presidential election, some members of Congress have actually stepped it up with three articles of legislation intended to address the financial campaign bribery system problem. The Disclose Act is focused on public naming of all campaign contributors with no secrecy allowed. The By The People reform package actually includes a proposed constitutional amendment to repeal Citizens United, while the other legislation entitled Get Foreign Money Out of U.S. Elections addresses the current problem of supposed Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

The problem is that passing these new changes will be a heavy lift in Congress because the established politicians who are milking the system for all it is worth are also in position to obstruct even the opportunity to vote on the measures. Mitch McConnell was the actual attorney who filed the Supreme Court lawsuit to begin with, and House Speaker Paul Ryan will clearly be in full support of any step McConnell will take to keep from killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Why in the world would anyone rig a horse race and then allow the track workers to raid the stable and kill the horses?

The End Citizens United PAC understands well what the trouble will be with seeing the name of their PAC actually become reality. But, this is still the mission of the group, and they will continue to fight on against this ridiculous twist of the United States Constitution.

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Dr. Imran Haque Explains Why His Internal Medicine Practice Is Successful

Dr. Imran is an internal medicine practitioner at Horizon Internal Medicine. He has achieved much success in the industry. While practicing at a hospital-owned internal medicine unit, the prominent medic realized the need to offer medical services that were not locally available in his community. Focusing on patient satisfaction, Imran has fulfilled this dream through Horizon Internal Medicine. He relies on thorough research, financial means, and patience to bring ideas to life. While commenting on disrupting trends that have changed the health industry, Imran said that the integration of technology has brought efficiency, including centralization of information. This strategy has improved processes like ordering, record keeping, follow-ups and referrals in medical practice. He also added that technological innovations have improved the quality of patient care and

Dr. Imran Haque offers internal medicine services across Asheboro, Ramseur and the neighboring areas. The accomplished internist boasts of 15 years of experience in the field of internal medicine. He offers physical examination, venus body contouring, diabetes management, laser hair removal, weight management and 360 resurfacing services. Imran is known for his commitment and kindness to his patients. He is also affiliated with various hospitals, including Randolph Hospital. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Universidad Iberoamerican (UNIBEI) in Santo Domingo where he graduated with honors in 1998. Later, the doctor joined the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program to advance his studies and more information click here.

His presence at Horizon Internal Medicine has attracted an influx of patients across North Carolina. Many patients visit Dr. Imran for primary-care services while many others come to him for specialized treatment. The reputable doctor collaborates with other doctors to offer professional Medicare services to the patients. Many patients seek for Dr. Haque’s services owing to his central location, which is convenient for most residents. His deep commitment to duty has also attracted a good number of patients. Health safety is an essential factor in health care. Being a fully state-licensed and board-certified, customers gain confidence in his services. Haque stands out due to his broad portfolio and the innovative services that he offers his patients. Unlike many other practitioners, the doctor follows up with his patients to monitor their recovery and