A Smearing Campaign Initiated by Glen Beck & FOX Against George Soros

George Soros Ukraine is a well-known philanthropist and a Wall Street giant. Soros is known for his keen eye on the markets as well as his place in the global economy given the fact that he is considered the 35th richest person in the world.

It is fair to say that Soros has lived an eventful life that has shaped him into the man he is today. Soros was born in 1930 in a region of Europe that was going to be occupied by the Nazis during his childhood. The area was Budapest. He and his family were able to survive the Nazis because his family was able to acquire forged documents as well as other means to disguise themselves. Soros’ family successfully hid for years, though there definitely were some dangerous times. Some of these experienced exposed Soros to the dangers of fascism and just how important politics are.

It makes sense that when George Soros reached some success that he would get actively involved in making sure that politics never became as dangerous as he and his family experienced. This is one of the reasons that Soros has been active in campaigning for democratic values and has donated to candidates that he believes will protect democracy in the Americas as well as the rest of the world.

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But it is these noble efforts that have been tainted by a Fox special by Glenn Beck that lasted a few days. In the report, Soros was painted as a manipulator who was not looking out for democratic values but rather advancing money-making policies. Beck went on to further say that Soros manipulates the Democratic party, unions, and even the president to get his way.

Beck’s report went on to speak about Soros as a young boy, saying that he helped send other Jewish people to camps, as he pretended his solidarity with the Nazis. These accusations were not based on any facts but were presented as such. Many of the viewers of Fox really do rely on them for factual reporting, so it really has affected Soros’ image. Beck even reported that Soros has funded several revolutions around the world such as Velvet Revolution, Orange Revolution, and the Rose Revolution. These revolutions affected different regions such as the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Georgia. The problem with the report is that Beck did not point out what those revolutions were about. Beck only alluded to the idea that Soros was looking to fund another revolution in the United States.

These revolutions were democratic revolutions, and they were against communists and post-communist dictatorships. The point was that these revolutionaries were attempting to bring the American dream of Democracy to their countries. But that is not what Beck’s viewers will know about Soros. The viewers will think Soros is just a rich man hoping to fund a revolution in the United States that will benefit his greed.

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