Susan McGalla Proves Women’s Success in Business from Fashion to Football

Susan McGalla, founder of P3 Executive Consulting, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a voice for women everywhere to move ahead in business. She speaks about having a work ethic and believing in yourself, to women who don’t want to be targeted as women but rather as professionals in their chosen field.

Susan McGalla was born on January 1, 1961. She grew up with 2 brothers and her father was a football coach. She was taught as a child to convey her thoughts and ideas confidently, despite the audience, and that her gender would neither help her move ahead nor hold her back. Hard work, instead, was the deciding factor.

Susan obtained a BA from Mount Union college and began a long career in fashion. In 1994 she started working for American Eagle Outfitters and stayed for 15 years. At American Eagle she rose up the ladder and was eventually moved into the position of president and chief merchandising officer of the company. Susan McGalla displayed her work ethic, versatility in the marketplace, and her passion to bring the company to 3 Billion in revenue.

When Susan joined American Eagle Outfitters it was a predominately male operated company, with no women on the board or in executive positions. Her rise through ranks caused a cultural change throughout the company. This change can be seen in other parts of the corporate world, where women are moving into primary leadership positions, as well as starting and sustaining their own ventures, privately.

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The business world at one time had a very evident, ‘do not enter here’ area, in management and executive leadership positions for women on Wikimedia. Times, however, are changing, due to some governmental and other, interventions, to level the playing field for women. Women, moreover, are standing on their own merit and qualifications. Women have a unique and superb blend of personality, and earn trust easily and quickly.

Currently, Susan McGalla is the director of strategic planning and growth. She also devotes some time to express her message about high preforming women in the corporate setting by speaking to various audiences, including the Women and Girls’ Foundation of Pittsburgh and the Carnegie Mellon Speaker Series for CEO’s. Source:

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