Choosing a good lip balm to meet your needs can be difficult. On the market there are so many to choose from. Such as Carmex, Chapstick or Vaseline Intensive Therapy. These lip balms still may not meet your needs. When looking for a good lip balm, you want one that leaves your lips soft and smooth. So you look for a lip balm with good moisturizers. Being out in the sun or dead of winter you need a good moisturizer. Another important thing is taste. Is the flavor good? Would you want to keep applying it to your lips? Would your special someone enjoy the taste also? These are all the questions you may ask when choosing a good lip balm.

One lip balm on the market is called Evolution of Smooth. It has shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin e and it is hypo allergenic. These ingredients will keep your lips soft and smooth. EOS offers various flavors such as strawberry sorbet, passion fruit, blackberry nectar, vanilla mint and more. The sphere shaped container makes it easy to handle. The lip balm is very soft and easy to apply. You can apply it to your lips several times a day. Regular lipstick form is offered as well. EOS is offered on both eBay and Ulta in variety packs and SPF 30 spheres as well. The price is very affordable. So the next time you are looking for a lip balm take a look at Evolution of Smooth. For more information on EOS go to https://evolutionofsmooth.com/.


A Wonderful Service for Louisiana Inmates

Regardless of the reason for being incarcerated, inmates and their family members deserve to have a way to communicate, especially in times of crisis. With an open line of communication, inmates and family members and friends can maintain their bond and still remain a part of each other’s lives. The floods in Louisiana have been devastating for a lot of people and are making these lines of communication even more important for Louisiana inmates and residents. Many people have lost their lives and others have lost their homes and everything in them. Being able to communicate with family members and friends is extremely important during these times and Securus Technologies is offering a phone service to inmates in Louisiana jails free of charge so that they can check on the friends and family and keep in touch to ensure their safely along with knowing about their situation and what may come of their lives after the flood.


Securus has been providing phone service and other communication technologies to correctional facilities in 45 states of the Unites States along with facilities in the District of Columbia, Canada and Mexico. Based out of Dallas, Texas they have a very supportive customer service department that is knowledgeable and experienced in handling any issues that may arise and can provide technical solutions to any problems that may be experienced. Click here to learn more about Securus Technologies.


Opening the lines of communication for Louisiana inmates can help alleviate fear and worry they will experience with the news of the flooding in their state. Securus is a company that provides these services but also cares about the inmates and their ability to speak to their family and friends in this great time of need and help calm any anxiety and worry they may have about their loved one being safe.


Medicare Advantage Plans & Physician Practice Services: Some Basic Information

Medicare Advantage Plans & Services: General Details

For those readers unfamiliar Medicare Advantage plans, they are specific health insurance plans offered by private businesses that have contracts with the U.S. government to provide customers with additional benefits that standard Medicare plans do not. The Medicare Advantage plans reportedly pay for all services and expenses. It includes health maintenance groups where customers pay a set monthly premium for numerous medical services from doctors who are registered with the business.

If the patient gets treated by a physician or other health services provider who is not contracted with the specific group, the health insurance plan will not cover the patient unless it is established that the treatment was given in emergency circumstances. Additionally, “provider preferred organizations” are doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers who belong to a contracted network of providers. Members or customers of a network like this pay less than those who don’t have a membership. Of course, program members are free to seek treatment from doctors who are not part of the network but this costs members a significantly higher amount of money because again the benefits are restricted to treatment within the network.

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Health insurance companies also offer “private fee-for-service” plans. In the case of these plans, they set the amount physicians, hospitals and other service providers are paid. This is what is sometimes called a “C service”. It is available from the U.S. government and is meant to lower what patients actually pay for the service.

Medicare Advantage also offers a “special needs” plan. It only covers patients with specific conditions or diseases. It focuses on specific medications and provider options serving only those with certain special needs like InnovaCare Health.

In general, InnovaCare, the company that offers these plans, is headed up by Rick Shinto. Shinto is currently employed as the president, CEO (chief executive officer), and the managing director of the company. One of his main responsibilities is to make certain that InnovaCare provides all the services listed in their charter.

Another important person in the InnovaCare organization is Penelope Kokkinides. Kokkinides is the CAO or chief administrative officer. InnovaCare employs specific methods of management, accounting, billing and record keeping to optimize medical services. They have generally received good reviews and been named as one of the leading health care providers. InnovaCare use advanced technology in order to cover all of their patients’ needs.

Addressing the Unmet Needs for Cancer Management through Drugs

Seattle Genetics, a fast growing company in the cancer research community, was honored by a visit by the vice president Joe Biden. Joe Biden opted to visit the company due to their outstanding innovations in developing antibody-drug conjugates for the treatment of cancer.


Seattle Genetics is currently marketing its first brand of drugs known as Adcetrics. The brand was approved in August 2011. The company has been testing the efficacy of Adcetrics in the management of lymphoma. In a conference held at world trade center, Seattle Genetics’ CEO and president, Clay Siegall, confirmed that the drug had been used in the treatment of more than 15,000 lymphoma patients worldwide.


To meet the excellent treatment standards of the drug, Seattle Genetics was conducting the third advanced clinical trial on the drug. The advanced testing uses Adcetrics as the first treatment for new cases of lymphoma. Based on the trials, the drug is reported to have shown positive results.


In a meeting held with the company’s investors, Seattle Genetics’ management confirmed that it was confident that the sales of Adcetrics would increase. In 2015, the company made estimated sales of $226 million in United States and Canada. In this year, the company expects to record sales of between $255 million and $275 million. To grow its market outside Canada and US, the firm contracted Takeda Pharmaceuticals, a global drugs’ distributor.


Seattle Genetics is developing 12 other drugs to add up to Adcetrics. It is planning to release a different drug branded 33A for advanced trials. 33A was prepared to treat acute myeloid leukemia. The company has developed two other drugs that will be used to treat breast cancer and bladder cancer.


In a plan to expand its international market, Dr. Clay Siegall announced that the company wishes to recruit 100 employees and 20 others in US and in Switzerland respectively.

Dr. Siegall has a long experience working in the pharmaceutical industry. Besides working as the CEO of Seattle Genetics company, he is a member of the board of directors of Alder Biopharmaceuticals. He has also formed affiliations with various pharmaceutical companies to help Seattle Genetics to come up with better cancer therapies.

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Clay Siegall Leads Seattle Genetics Toward a Cure for Cancer