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Wengie is a nickname for the owner and producer of a popular channel on Youtube. Her channel varies in subject, ranging from personal anecdotes, to travel advice. Generally speaking, her specialty is beauty and fashion tips. In this area she focuses on providing viewers with entertaining tutorials on Do-It-Yourself hair, make-up, and clothing items.


In one of her latest videos, Wengie participated in the popular Youtube challenge called Draw Your Life. As the name implies, many of these videos are of a more personal nature. Channel owners use a simple white board and marker to depict major events in their lives. While the intent is generally humorous there is always a chance for more emotionally charged moments to come to the forefront.


With this video, Wengie uses simplistic shapes and expressions to detail some major moments from when she was growing up. While the connections are rarely explicit some of her childhood interests and experiences stick out when considering the subjects she focuses on in her other videos.


For example, one of the earliest portions focuses on her international origin. With pictures and narration she details her families move from China to Singapore. A note of interest is the fact that her parents made the move before she did, leaving her in the care of her grandparents for several years. As she tells it, when the official move was complete and she joined her folks in Singapore young Wengie was initially frightened because she did not recognize her father. From there the family moved to Australia and it’s easy to see from the way she describes it that the fascination with travel developed early on in her life.


At the same time Wengie notes that her family grew up rather poor, especially in those early years. As a result her parents and grandparents taught her how to make her own clothes and toys.

This interest in self-made materials persists even today, as evidenced in her Youtube videos where she guides viewers through assembling their own make shift clothing, accessories and even furniture.


Even her career history and education makes it clear why an individual might be drawn to the unusual profession of professional vlogger.


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