3 Ways Whitney Wolfe Is Changing Online Dating

The most important thing to understand about Bumble, the dating app Whitney Wolfe is known for, is that the entire experience revolves around women making the first move in all opposite sex encounters. This shakes things up because it completely blows traditional expectations out of the water. With women empowered to make the first move Bumble separates itself from other dating apps by opening up an entirely new way of thinking. It doesn’t really have any competitors.

No More Harassment Online

There isn’t much data on sexual harassment in online dating. Although the issue certainly exist, it simply isn’t regarded as an important topic by the majority of dating apps. Bumble has actually kept track of the sexual harassment on the website and it appears there is a very low incidence rate overall. In 2015, there were only 101 cases of sexual harassment. That represents less than 0.1% of the entire Bumble audience. Numbers like that suggest something Whitney Wolfe is doing is working. The reasons behind this lack of sexual harassment aren’t clear, but perhaps it might have something to do with the focus on giving women the initiative.

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A New Model For Online Dating

Bumble is changing online dating and how it works. Right now, dating apps are simply focused on creating the largest user base possible. In the process spambots and harassers manage to infiltrate and ruin the experience for the average user. Whitney Wolfe is interested in more than making money. She wants to stomp out a rising social problem as soon as possible. Bumble is an experiment but it has proven successful with millions of people. She has a model for success and we are certain to see other companies follow what she has already built.

Want to learn more? Read Whitney Wolfe’s interview with washingtonpost.com.

Capitol Anesthesiology Association takes lead in fighting post surgical pain

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association is comprised of Austin’s top anesthesiologists and their teams of CRNAs and technicians. All CAA physicians are board-certified and many are recognized specialists in their respective fields. They operate at all Austin-area hospitals and make up most anesthesiologists with which the public comes into contact. The organization’s doctors represent five primary disciplines within anesthesiology.

Visit them at their facebook.com page.


General anesthesia


General anesthesia involves inducing complete loss of consciousness. This is the form of anesthesia used in most major surgeries. The patient has no perception and cannot feel any pain.



Regional Anesthesia


This form of anesthesia is often used post-operatively for major surgeries. The patient will typically be in a reduced state of consciousness and will be able to feel minimal or no pain in the targeted region of the body.



Local anesthesia


Local anesthesia involves the total numbing of a specific part of the body. This is generally used for outpatient procedures such as superficial tumor excision or tooth extraction.



Pediatric anesthesia


Pediatric anesthesia is the special discipline that focuses on anesthesia administration to children. Children have unique physiological and metabolic characteristics. It is therefore wise to assign a specialist for these cases.



Obstetric anesthesia



This involves the administration of anesthetic agents to women during any phase of pregnancy, but particularly during birth. There are many considerations specific to pregnancy that must be taken into account. Again, it’s always best to hire a specialist.


For more information please visit this site.

How Stephen Rotella climbed the success ladder.

Stephen J Rotella currently serves as the CEO at Stone Castle Cash Management, LLC. As the president of the firm, he has direct responsibilities of the company’s day to day management and setting directions and strategies. During his tenure, Mr. Rotella was instrumental and focused on building the company’s cash management services and products. With the assistance of his leadership skills, StoneCastle Cash Management LLC has become a leader in the cash management industry. It has been able to offer cash management solutions for regional banks, institutions and the entire community.

Mr. Rotella’s business career consists of more than thirty years with a firm background in strategic and operating leadership in offering financial services. These services include broad professional experience in marketing, retail and internet banking, large-scale operations, asset management among others. Steve’s work focuses on assisting the unprivileged individuals.,

He spent nearly eighteen years working at JP Morgan Chase as the Executive Vice President. He was the Chief Executive Officer of Chase Home Finance which was the fourth largest lender institution in the country. He has also worked at WMI Holdings Corp as the President and Chief Operating Officer as from 2005. While at WMI Holdings Corp, he was responsible for overseeing the mortgage, retail and commercial lines of the business. He was responsible for the day to day administration in the company.

Apart from business, Mr. Stephen Rotella is very active in community organization with a keen interest in arts, helping the underprivileged and boosting homes. He has always argued that there is nothing more grateful than knowing what you have done be it small or big has helped a person build a better life. This is one nation he always uses when doing what he does best, serving the general public.

Wen by Chaz Makes Hair Healthy From Root to Tip

People spend too much time focused on what they look like and how beautiful they are because society has taught us that we are judged by our appearance rather than our behavior or aptitude. Because we do this, we spend far too much time on things like our hair. What if you could spend less time on your hair and still make it as beautiful as it is now without all the extra time and effort? Would you be interested?

Wen hair care products are great for your hair and because they care for your hair from the root to the tip, there is no need for added products. You will think about what products that you need the most. Is your hair too oily? Is it in need of oils? Is it hard to brush because its too thick or too curly? No matter what type of hair you have, Wen has something for you.

In the products made by Wen, the fact that natural ingredients are used is what makes this hair care product the best for you. Natural ingredients like orange peel oil is what helps keep your hair naturally healthy. There are no harsh chemicals added to your cleansers, shampoos, detangler and more. Your hair will become healthy once more because of the lack of these chemicals. You will not notice a big difference right off the bat but you will notice a slight difference.

If you have children, the product line aimed at kids will help you to start teaching them early on that things with harsh chemicals is what is causing more people to get sick these days. The Wen by Chaz Dean, http://chazdean.com/store.aspx,  will offer cleansers without menthol and with no added ingredients like soy, wheat and rice. This is important because of how many people have allergies to things like this. Another great bonus for switching to Wen hair care products. Your children will smell good and their hair will also be healthy. Wen products are Sephora available and can also be purchased online thru wen.com.


Investing In post-Trump Market And Surviving Previous Shocks From 2015 Market Selloff

The world of investment has been going through some turmoils in recent times. With the last market selloff in September 2015, ongoing interventions and policy reforms by major nations and rising uncertainty among the investors both in the USA and outside, things have been quite dubious for a while.

But according to Tim Armour, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Capital Group based on Los Angeles, there is still some hope for the investors if only they can make the right moves at the right time.

Tim is one of the most successful investment specialists from the USA. He has more than 33 years of experiences in the investment market. He started his career in Capital Group as a participant in its “Associate Program” and covered Global Telecommunications and the U.S. Service Companies as an Equity Investment Analyst. Right now, he is serving Capital Group as its Chairman & CEO. Also, he also serves as Chairman & PEO of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc. as well as Chairman of Capital Group Companies Management Committee. He completed his bachelor’s study from Middlebury College in Economics.

Tim has been playing a crucial role in Capital Group by developing innovative and market appropriate investment strategies. Under his robust and intuitive leadership, Capital has become of the most successful investment firms that can save money for its investors in spite of hard times in the economy. Very recently, Capital Group has formed a partnership with Samsung Asset Management (SAM) that would deliver investment strategies for both Korean institutional and retail investors. Initially, the partnership will focus on improving retirement solutions, asset allocation and active investment capability for SAM.

Tim has a radical approach regarding investment, and he has been helping investors with his insights, perspectives, and advice for a long while. To most of his clients, he always suggests that they should get involved only with active managers to ensure their return on investment. According to Tim, active managers who also invest in a portfolio along with their clients, are the most successful managers as they have a personal interest in the portfolio and they work aggressively to earn their keep. While the market had a breakdown at the market selloff by China in 2015, Tim suggests that it was a blessing to adjust the market in a natural way. Although it was a big loss for many investors, there is still hope for them to get their return. Also, he is also optimistic that the post-Trump market and hopes that internet and commodity based companies would be safe investment area for many.

Have Your Own Amazing Online Shopping Experience at Fabletics

Right now there are women of all ages getting their workout apparel at rock-bottom prices at Fabletics, but that is only half the story. This company was co-founded by Kate Hudson, and has become an online apparel resource women can not stop raving about. High quality merchandise at bargain basement pricing, and each order regardless of size has free shipping.


What makes the Fabletics website so unique is the VIP membership status offered after the very first purchase. To get you excited about the goods available for sale, your first order will only be $25 with free shipping, regardless what yoga pants set you choose. Once you are hooked, you return to the website to complete your Lifestyle Quiz and become a VIP member. All VIP members get their order for only $49.95 and still enjoy free shipping on every purchase.


Here is where things get interesting! Each month you will have your own shopping analyst look over your quiz results and recommend a piece of workout apparel that best matches your profile. It is like having your own personal shopper looking for the best pieces for you. Take a look at those choices at the top of each month, love them and they ship to you. If you want to change them, shop around for something more to your liking. If you are not interested this month, simply click the skip this month button and your shopper will try again next month.


Want to here how women around the country feel about Fabletics? Here are some comments on some very popular review websites:


According to Dawn who left a comment at Trust Pilot, “I could not be happier with my purchase at Fabletics. The clothes are top-quality, they fit amazing, and the price was lower than I would have paid in any retail outlet at the mall. I ever get free shipping!”


Tamara remarked at A Foodie Stays Fit, “I have already made half a dozen purchases, and each outfit is cuter than the next. All the girls at my gym complement me on my cool yoga pants, and now many of them shop at Fabletics too.”


Natasha commented at Krazy Coupon Lady, “I will never have to go to the mall to by my yoga sets again. I get free shipping, discounted pricing, and I think my personal shopping team has really got my number. I love every piece I received so far.”

Quality Plumbing Services From The Sunny plumber

The Sunny plumber offers a variety of plumbing services ranging from commercial plumbing systems, installation of gas pipelines and draining clogged showers. The company provides quality plumbing services through their highly trained and experienced plumbers. The company is headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, with regional branches in Las Vegas. It has an employee capacity of 142 highly trained and diligent professionals. Some of the specific services you will get from Sunny plumbers include:


The company provides accredited plumbing services both for residential homes and businesses. They do plumbing installations, repairs and maintenance at any time whether in your bathroom or kitchen. Sunny plumbers also provide gas line installations and replacements, as well as unclogging your drains. What makes them unique is the fact that they can provide trenchless drains and sewer systems such that your compound terrain is not tampered with.

The plumbers are highly trained in leak detection and repair. They also drain and repair toilets and sinks. For sure, these service providers give you a more real experience and diligent services than you can imagine.

Water Heater Services

The company provides complete water heating services for small and big projects. You are guaranteed quality services ranging from water heater installation to quality repairs and maintenance. Coping with your preference is the main motive of the company. You are bound to get your preferred water heating system, whether you want the tankless or the solar water heater systems.

Water Treatment

Don’t worry about the imminent danger posed by using hard water or contaminated water anymore. The Sunny Plumbers provide trusted water treatment installations, repair and maintenance whether in your residence or your office. They install water softening and reverse osmosis systems that assure you safety compared to the simple water filtering system that may be prone to leakage and frequent damage.

For more information, visit the thesunnyplumber.com website and Facebook page.

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Talk Fusion Receives An Award For Its Innovative Video Chat Product

Talk Fusion’s revolutionary video chat allows users to communicate face-to-face on any given device. It won the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award, which was presented by the integrated media, Technology Marketing Corporation. The Communication Solutions Products of the Year rewards outstanding products and services that enable voice, data and video communications that were greatly improved upon or introduced to the market over the year. The Talk Fusion video Chat uses the power of WebTRC technology. The app, which is found on Google Play Store and iTunes, can be used on any device, including smartphones, tablet or desktop.

Talk Fusion also introduced Free Trials, their WebTRC recorder, and a new website, TalkFusionInstantPay.com, all within a year. This second accolade in a year is a reflection of the constant momentum behind the all-in-one Video Marketing Solution. Upon receiving the award, Bob Reina, the CEO of Talk Fusion, said that the double recognition has marked the beginning of a series of big plans to come in future of their cross-communication platform. Talk Fusion is committed to staying ahead of the game. Ryan Page, the company’s chief technical officer, added that the recognition is a testament of Talk Fusion’s innovativeness and efficiency. This information was originally mentioned on PRNewswire .

About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is an international company that provides groundbreaking video marketing solutions. The company is dedicated to changing lives and growing businesses in more than 140 countries. Talk Fusion helps businesses increase their sales and profitability margins, and sustain the flow of their customers as well as helping them to survive competition in their various fields. The corporation uses video chat to present dynamic ways that make marketing more memorable, engaging and persuasive. Their independent associates market their innovative products. In addition, Talk Fusion offers a 30-day trial of their all-in-one video marketing solution for any individual who wants to try it before buying, which is free of charge. Since its inception in 2007, the company has continuously exhibited their commitment to give back to the community, family and friends through charities. Over the years, Bob Reina has used his transformative leadership to enhance growth and profitability of Talk Fusion.