How Stephen Rotella climbed the success ladder.

Stephen J Rotella currently serves as the CEO at Stone Castle Cash Management, LLC. As the president of the firm, he has direct responsibilities of the company’s day to day management and setting directions and strategies. During his tenure, Mr. Rotella was instrumental and focused on building the company’s cash management services and products. With the assistance of his leadership skills, StoneCastle Cash Management LLC has become a leader in the cash management industry. It has been able to offer cash management solutions for regional banks, institutions and the entire community.

Mr. Rotella’s business career consists of more than thirty years with a firm background in strategic and operating leadership in offering financial services. These services include broad professional experience in marketing, retail and internet banking, large-scale operations, asset management among others. Steve’s work focuses on assisting the unprivileged individuals.,

He spent nearly eighteen years working at JP Morgan Chase as the Executive Vice President. He was the Chief Executive Officer of Chase Home Finance which was the fourth largest lender institution in the country. He has also worked at WMI Holdings Corp as the President and Chief Operating Officer as from 2005. While at WMI Holdings Corp, he was responsible for overseeing the mortgage, retail and commercial lines of the business. He was responsible for the day to day administration in the company.

Apart from business, Mr. Stephen Rotella is very active in community organization with a keen interest in arts, helping the underprivileged and boosting homes. He has always argued that there is nothing more grateful than knowing what you have done be it small or big has helped a person build a better life. This is one nation he always uses when doing what he does best, serving the general public.

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