Who Is Julie Zuckerberg? Here Is All You May Need to Know About Her

If your interests are working in the financial service industry, a recruitment lead may come on hand to help you land the job. One of the most successful recruitment leads is Julie Zuckerberg. Julie went to City University of New York-Brooklyn College where she studied philosophy and the New York Law School where she did law. She started working at Hudson in 2002 and was there for five years. At Hudson, she was a candidate placement for paralegals, support staff, attorneys, and case managers for law firms. She later moved on to the financial services firm Citi in 2007.


Here she was the vice president and also a recruiter. One of her accomplishment was education offered to Citi employee. Later on, in 2013, Julie moved to New York Life Insurance Company where she became a vice president and recruiter.


She is currently the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank. She collaborates with managers in commercial business fields, global technology, private wealth, and asset management to push for recruitment process improvement and regional talent acquisition. She also conducts negotiation and development of managerial level offer that involve critical function stakeholders and asset risk takers.


Julie offers advice to executive and leadership committees. This medium is in regards to recruitment practices and hiring governance that increase efficiency and attract the best and diverse talent. Julie has thirteen-year experience in staffing and recruitment.


In her role as the executive recruiter, Julie collaborated and worked together with business owners and managers to manage and run the entire hiring cycle for both managing director and director recruitment across finance, audit, US compliance, in-house consulting, global technology, investor relations, regional management, and its operation. She would brainstorm with them to establish the most appropriate sourcing, internal mobility, and networking methods.


She was also the manager of contracts and business relationships with other independent firms to get an enormous and timely supply of qualified candidates who were talented.


Julie’s strengths have various talent acquisition skills.She has great talent in strategizing, conflict resolution, leadership, human resource, coaching, interviewing skills, succession planning, and applicant tracking systems. Julie has attained several accomplishments that led her to establish her name in talent acquisition. These personal and career achievements have shaped her into the recruitment expert she is today.


The first accomplishment was becoming a specialist in life cycle recruitment at an executive level. Through this, she was able to form several valuable networks with the principal figures like lawyers, managing directors and much more. Julie Zuckerberg hobbies, which she does in her free time, include arts, photography, running, and learning about technology. She cares about animal welfare at a personal level, economic issues, science, human rights, and civil rights. According to her About Me webpage, she is on several social media sites. She has a Pinterest profile listed under her handle on Twitter as @juliezuckerberg.

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