How You Can Earn Cash With Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is a vintner located in Ipswich, Maine, that sells its wine through a network of Wine Guides. Once a Wine Guide has signed up with Traveling Vineyard, they are supplied with a Success Kit which includes everything they need to get started. Wine Guides hold wine tasting events in people’s homes that feature Traveling Vineyard’s selection of wine; at the end of the event the people at the party can sign up to receive the wines that they enjoyed.

The Success Kits contains a collection of marketing materials, business paperwork, and a Sommology Kit which is a combination of a cheat sheet and training guide. The kits also include 2 Tasting Sets that each include 5 bottles of wine; this is enough wine for the first two events that the Wine Guide holds. Additionally, the Success Kit includes tasting glasses, a carrying box, and all the needed wine accessories.

Wine Guides, as independent contractors, are free to set their own hours and work as little or as much as they want. Some of the Wine Guides just hold enough events to pay for vacations. Others hold enough events to make being a Wine Guide into a full-time career.

In order to become a Wine Guide, it’s not necessary to be all that knowledgeable about wines. The Traveling Vineyard has on its website what it calls “The Tasting Room”. “The Tasting Room” is the company’s online training center. It features multiple training modules that will teach aspiring Wine Guide’s all they need to know about not only wine but how to operate and grow their business, how to hold a wine tasting party, and all of the information they need to be successful. Traveling VinEyard also encourages them to be anything but stuffy and instead bring out the joy of drinking wine.

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