Making A Change With Avaaz

Having a voice is very important when it comes to making a change. One voice can make an impact on a decision and in many languages Avaaz means “voice”. This is now a booming website that brings people together on decisions and allows people to take action in many ways.

People have come together for similar reasons with the power of Avaaz. The power of this website allows issues to be brought to the spotlight very quickly. This website is active in 194 countries and only launched in 2007! According to The Guardian “Avaaz is only five years old, but has exploded to become the globe’s largest and most powerful online activist network”.

Avaaz is very diverse. Just over half of the members are women and every age of person is on this website. You will find people on the website that are working, retired, or in school. Everyone is brought together to inform people of issues and changes that need to be made and get the support to make a difference.

With so many members on the website, it is easy to get support when you start a petition. It is easy to join and easy to set up your petition. Avaaz also provides poles for the users to keep everyone on the same page and happy. This online community changes based on those pole results.

Avaaz gives everyone a voice and support to make a change. This website is easy to navigate and provides people with resources to make a change in many different places of the world. Avaaz is member funded and has ethics and morals just like other people so when using this website, people don’t have to worry about unfair changes. This is the place to get your voice and issue noticed.

Why Is Evolution of Smooth The Premier Lip Balm Brand

It’s no secret that lip care products seem to get overlooked compared to other products. These health care products may be small, but they are mighty. Dry, hard, cracked, and chapped lips not only look bad, but they can be downright painful. With such a small product you would think that these companies would get the formula right. Unfortunately not so much. There has to be the right amount of ingredients to balance out the positive effects, but usually these products have one or the other.  Hop over to for additional reading.

Many brands have too much taste, but not enough health benefits and vice versa. This is where Evolution of Smooth takes it to another level. (EOS) uses the finest ingredients for producing soft healthy lips. Essential oils, antioxidants, and vitamins are loaded into the product, but what helps it stand out more is it’s natural flavoring.   Click on for an interesting article.

What other brands offer you exclusive treats like Blackberry Nectar, Sweet Mint, Coconut Milk, or Pomegranate Raspberry? The application glides on smooth and can be used during any season. (EOS) infuses the ingredients which creates wonderful results. Rid yourself of Dry, chapped lips while adding moisture. This is no superficial lip balm as (EOS) products deliver the nutrients as it absorbs into the skin/lips. That’s it! Now lets take a look at some of the wonderful, vibrant flavors. (Evolution) offers exclusive flavors, but also the basic primary flavors of watermelon, Cherry, Strawberry, Lemon, Mint, Honey Suckle (Honey Dew), Tangerine, Raspberry, and Grapefruit.  Read more about EOS, follow EOS on

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Get the protection you need and the taste you desire from the Evolution of Smooth product line. The best is yet to come, but for a more in-depth look at the company and it’s benefits click

The Fruit Inspired Lip Balm

If you haven’t heard of EOS lip balm; allow me to provide you with a quick synopsis of this amazing company, that has revolutionized how lip balm is perceived. The company’s acronym EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth; through brilliant marketing and a forward-thinking business strategy, this startup business has gained significant success in the lip balm industry. Now that we have a slightly better understanding of their business model, let’s talk about the products that they offer. Although their portfolio also consists of lotions and shaving creams, lip balm is their top seller. In addition to the assorted colors, and the beautiful packaging, these lip balms come in an array of amazing flavors. Hop over to for details.

The lip balm flavors offered by EOS may sound a lot like a smoothie description, and whether this was by design or merely happenstance; the end result is an array of flavors that most people will find enticing. One thing that you will notice as you try the various flavors; is that there is a uniform commitment to providing products that are free from potentially harmful chemicals. For more of EOS, follow them at   All flavors provide the same long-lasting moisture and come packaged in colorful pastel orbs. So the only thing left to consider now is which flavor to choose. Useful link here.  Although this is not a comprehensive list, here are some of the lip balm flavors offered by EOS:

 Passion Fruit

 Strawberry Sorbet

 Blueberry Acai

 Pomegranate Rasberry

 Summer Fruit

 Honeysuckle Honeydew

They all sound refreshing and probably conjure up thoughts of a tropical oasis. The majority of the flavors that are offered seem to be fruit inspired, or in some way signify summer. It’s easy to see that EOS has a very specific formula; all of their products are all natural, contain antioxidants, and provide long-lasting moisture. The variety of lip balm flavors that EOS lip balm carry is quite extensive, but you can be assured that they are all naturally flavored and packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E. So choose a color, and make your lips not only beautiful but also healthy. Check on for your choice of colors and flavor.

For more of EOS, got straight to their website at

Keep Your Lips Smooth And Healthy This Season

Evolution Of Smooth is a hugely popular lip balm that has people everywhere in love with the way it tastes and the way it keeps your lips soft, smooth, and healthy. The have a wide variety of tasty flavors that you can’t resist. There is a flavor for just about any preference. The options range from vanilla to tangerine. No matter what you like, EOS probably has a flavor that you will really like. In fact, you will probably want to try them all because they are all fantastic.The most popular flavors on the market right now are strawberry sorbet, summer fruit, blueberry acai, and honeydew. Give one of them a try and your lips will thank you.  There’s more for you on

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Evolution Of Smooth has quality lip balms that are made from the finest ingredient. EOS is dermatologist tested so you can feel confident about the product. They are also hypoallergenic so if you have sensitive skin there is not need to worry about it irritating your lips. They are also free of petrolatum and paraben. If you want a naturally smooth and hydrating formula that has the best flavors out there then you need to get EOS. Go straight to for your choices of EOS products.

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Evolution Of Smooth is available at most large retailers and is moderately priced so you don’t have to worry about it breaking the bank. Don’t let the winter months wreak havoc on your lips. Get EOS and keep the looking and feeling their very best without all those unnecessary ingredients.

For more of EOS, visit

USHEALTH Group, Inc. CEO Wins Prestigious One Planet CEO of the Year Award

In the PRWeb article, the prestigious One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards named Troy McQuagge as 2016’s CEO of the Year. The global awards program celebrates the excellence of professionals and businesses in each industry around the world and more information click here.

Start-ups, public and private, for-profit and non-profit organizations from all over the world are eligible and encouraged to submit nominations. The honors are currently categorized into sections such as PR, Marketing, exutives, teams, new products and services, and Corporate Communications and Troy of Twitter.

When the CEO of the Year joined USHealth in 2010, he decided to upgrade the USHEALTH Advisors. Mr. Troy McQuagge’s success in reforming the captive distribution agency ushered him into being elected President and CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. in 2014. Throughout his appearance as CEO, Mr. McQuagge led USHEALTH Group, Inc. to remarkable growth within the competitive individual health insurance market.

He claims the award belongs to everyone in the company as a testimony to their commitment to solve the health insurance affordability issue. Through innovative coverage that advances according to their healthcare needs, USHEALTH Group, Inc. seeks to end the affordability problem.

After receiving his B.A. degree from the University of Central Florida in 1983, Troy McQuagge began his career at Allstate Insurance Company. After twelve years, he moved on to the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Inc. Two years later, he was named President of their insurance agency, UGA. During his leadership, UGA set a variety of sales records. In 2006, UICI was acquired by private equity investors and Troy McQuagge led the sales and marketing endeavors for the company’s self-employed group.

Mr. McQuagge became president of HealthMarket’s Agency Marketing group in 2007, directing the company to over $1 billion in sales. The company was awarded the Insurance Sales Organization of the Year by the Stevie Awards and Selling Power Magazine.

In 2010, Mr. McQuagge joined USHEALTH Advisors as its President and CEO. In 2013, he became the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing officer of USHEALTH Group, Inc. and quickly rose to the President and CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. by 2014 and learn more about Troy.

Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI

Visionary World Academy Honors Sheldon Lavin with the 2016 Global Visionary Award.Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group is the recipient of the 2016 Global Visionary Award, announced in the company’s news press release, on March 1st, 2016. The entrepreneur, executive, and philanthropist started his career as a banking professional. Later, he opened his own financial consulting firm and served as exclusive financial advisor for Otto & Sons, presently known as OSI Group. His relationship began with the family owned company, in 1970, and eventually evolved into a long term family-relationship. Since joining the meat processing business, OSI has received enormous growth due to his expertise in banking, investments, and leadership.

By 1975, Sheldon Lavin was helping Otto & Sons explore international investment opportunities. He was offered an opportunity to invest, but refused the offer at that time. In the late 1970’s, he decided to accept an investment agreement as a partner and full-time executive. He purchased 50 percent of interest in the business from a former partner, and has 100 percent controlling vote, after the other partner retired. Under Lavin’s leadership, OSI has expanded around the world.

Mr. Lavin is known locally and nationally as a great philanthropist supporting causes for the youth, education, arts, and health. He contributes financially to non-profits, such as, Chicago Boys and Girls Club, United Negro College Fund, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and other charities. Mr. Lavin also serves on the Board for Goodman Theatre and University Medical Center, Trustee for Ronald McDonald House, and Director of Sheba Foundation. Vision World Academy recognizes the accomplishments of Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI and presented the award to Nilesh Gandhi, senior supply chain manager of OSI-Vista Processed Foods, an affiliate of OSI Group on his behalf. The Global World Awards Ceremony was held in February 2016 at Gujarat Chamber and Industry, in India.

5 Cosplay Makeup Tips and Tricks

Whether you are cosplaying a superhero or anime, there are a few fundamental tips and tricks that will help you portray an awesome, convincing cosplay character.

  1. Moisturize and Prime

Before you ever begin your makeup application, it is essential that you have a clean and smooth canvas to start with. Therefore, it is necessary to be sure your skin is properly moisturized and primed to get the smoothest makeup application. This also includes making sure your lips are properly moisturized. Start off with a lip scrub and a lip balm before applying any lip colors. A perfect choice for this step is EOS lip balm.

You may also want to invest in a good face primer to use before you apply your makeup depending on your skin type. If you have very oily skin, your makeup could smear easily if not primed first. There are many readily available face primers at drugstores that you could use, especially if you are only planning on using it for cosplay.  For more tips, visit EOS on

  1. Foundation and Concealer

No matter what character you are portraying, it is important to cover any normal skin imperfections before adding character makeup. You will want the blankest canvas possible for applying makeup, especially if you are portraying an animated character. There are a lot of very good concealers and foundations on the market for everyday makeup use that will work great for cosplay makeup. For this, check

  1. Color Choices

With cosplay, your color choices with your makeup are very important as they can make or break a character. If you are playing a character who wears a signature red lipstick, pay close attention to the lip color you’re choosing because it will be very noticeable. As a general rule of thumb, the more prominent a character’s feature is, the more effort you want to put into making sure that feature is accurate. The most convincing cosplays are the ones that bring a character to life right before your eyes. Staying true to the character and to fans of the character will ensure the best response from your costume.

  1. Exaggerate

If you wear makeup on a daily basis, you probably don’t wear half as much makeup as you would for a cosplay character. Remember that many choose animated cosplay characters with bold features. If you are wearing a wig and a full costume, your makeup will need to stand out just as much in order to not be drowned out. If you don’t exaggerate your makeup, it will look much too subdued to be cohesive with the rest of your look.

  1. Set

A makeup setting spray will do wonders for your cosplay makeup. Higher end brands such as MAC make fix sprays that have received great reviews from consumers, but there are also more affordable options from brands like E.L.F. that perform well at a fraction of the cost. Invest in the option that best suits your needs.   Interesting article here.

Following these tips will set you on the path of your best cosplay makeup ever!

For further Info, visit EOS website at

Working with Securus Technologies to Hunt Fugitives

When it comes to hunting down fugitives, you have to work quickly because every second they are out on the streets means they could put another innocent person in danger. I have been working in the fugitive task force division for twenty years, and in that time things have seemed to have gotten worse and these fugitives will do just about anything to stay out of jail.

As technology advances at break-neck speeds, so do the resources we have in order to locate and capture many of these fugitives. The days of relying solely on informants to give us information has been disappearing, today we let the bad guys lead us right to those we are hunting. The best part, they don’t even realize they are helping us to take the worst of the worst off the streets.

To give you a better example of how the technology of today is helping to keep the streets safer and preventing crimes, we need to look at the company Securus Technologies. When their CEO, Rick Smith, expanded his Dallas based company and grew the company from a few to over a thousand employees, his objective of making the world safer for us all resonated in our jail. His technology has transformed the inmate phone systems, allowing officers to better monitor those calls and pick up on things we missed in the past.

Now when inmates are talking, the LBS software can pick up on chatter concerning fugitives we are hunting. Inmates love to brag, and even when they think they are talking in code, the new system alerts us to the information. We have heard inmates taking about where fugitives are hiding, where they are going, who is helping them, and how they were able to avoid us as long as they have. This allows us to close the gap quickly and get them back to their cells.

Honey Birdette Sensually from Down Under

Honey Birdette, Australia’s first lingerie boutique is taking over the US and UK markets. Honey Bridette, the face of a sensual empire was invented in 2006. After experiencing an exponential increase in sales in the US online market over the past 12 months they have opened an online store specifically for the US market,

Honey Birdette is also targeting the US for retail openings, and has plans to dramatically increase its UK store count. Currently it was three stores in the UK with plans to open ten more underway and plans for forty more within two years, in its home market of Australia, it currently has fifty-five stores. Sex obviously sells, and Honey Birdette has plans to sell it worldwide, besides the US, the UK and Australia, they have plans to expand into other European markets
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Which isn’t surprising given the quality a style Honey Bridette brings to their sensual boutiques. All of the romance one would expect from the French, but the playfulness you can only find in Australia. This combination of attitude and style will satisfy your inner most desires, while providing you with a sense of adventure and romance. If you are in the market for a lingerie boutique experience Honey Birdette is definitely the place for you.

Honey Birdette’s style can make any woman feel exotic under the most stoic of business attire, while, if she chooses to share, arouse any man. If you appreciate serious luxury, and femininity that empowers you Honey Birdette should be the only boutique for you. Shopping online is easy, with free.

Lip Care to Suit Your Tastes

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) lip products are a great choice to care for your lips. Each tube/sphere is made of all natural, hypoallergenic, petrolatum and paraben free ingredients. EOS gives you younger looking lips since each flavor is packed full of antioxidants that leave your lips feeling soft and looking smooth. With plenty of specific care lines such as organic smooth (sphere or stick), shimmer smooth (sphere), visibly soft (sphere), you can choose one to suit your personal needs.  Useful link on

More of EOS here.

EOS also knows everyone’s tastes are different that’s why they have developed a multitude of flavors to select from. Whether you like something in mild or bold EOS has something to suit each and every one of your moods. Choose from a creamy Vanilla Bean, a feisty Passion Fruit, a summery Strawberry Sorbet, detoxifying Blueberry Acai, a bold Pomegranate Raspberry, a mild Sweet Mint, delicious Lemon Drop, a juicy Summer Fruit, a healing Medicated Tangerine, soft and smooth Coconut Milk, Blackberry Nectar, or a summery Honeysuckle Honeydew, check this on Flavors are lightly scented and not overpowering. With such a varied selection, in both care type and flavor, as well as a highly attractive package EOS makes it easy to give each flavor a try.  For more of EOS, follow them on their page.

Or visit EOS website at