Working with Securus Technologies to Hunt Fugitives

When it comes to hunting down fugitives, you have to work quickly because every second they are out on the streets means they could put another innocent person in danger. I have been working in the fugitive task force division for twenty years, and in that time things have seemed to have gotten worse and these fugitives will do just about anything to stay out of jail.

As technology advances at break-neck speeds, so do the resources we have in order to locate and capture many of these fugitives. The days of relying solely on informants to give us information has been disappearing, today we let the bad guys lead us right to those we are hunting. The best part, they don’t even realize they are helping us to take the worst of the worst off the streets.

To give you a better example of how the technology of today is helping to keep the streets safer and preventing crimes, we need to look at the company Securus Technologies. When their CEO, Rick Smith, expanded his Dallas based company and grew the company from a few to over a thousand employees, his objective of making the world safer for us all resonated in our jail. His technology has transformed the inmate phone systems, allowing officers to better monitor those calls and pick up on things we missed in the past.

Now when inmates are talking, the LBS software can pick up on chatter concerning fugitives we are hunting. Inmates love to brag, and even when they think they are talking in code, the new system alerts us to the information. We have heard inmates taking about where fugitives are hiding, where they are going, who is helping them, and how they were able to avoid us as long as they have. This allows us to close the gap quickly and get them back to their cells.

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