5 Cosplay Makeup Tips and Tricks

Whether you are cosplaying a superhero or anime, there are a few fundamental tips and tricks that will help you portray an awesome, convincing cosplay character.

  1. Moisturize and Prime

Before you ever begin your makeup application, it is essential that you have a clean and smooth canvas to start with. Therefore, it is necessary to be sure your skin is properly moisturized and primed to get the smoothest makeup application. This also includes making sure your lips are properly moisturized. Start off with a lip scrub and a lip balm before applying any lip colors. A perfect choice for this step is EOS lip balm.

You may also want to invest in a good face primer to use before you apply your makeup depending on your skin type. If you have very oily skin, your makeup could smear easily if not primed first. There are many readily available face primers at drugstores that you could use, especially if you are only planning on using it for cosplay.  For more tips, visit EOS on facebook.com.

  1. Foundation and Concealer

No matter what character you are portraying, it is important to cover any normal skin imperfections before adding character makeup. You will want the blankest canvas possible for applying makeup, especially if you are portraying an animated character. There are a lot of very good concealers and foundations on the market for everyday makeup use that will work great for cosplay makeup. For this, check walmart.ca

  1. Color Choices

With cosplay, your color choices with your makeup are very important as they can make or break a character. If you are playing a character who wears a signature red lipstick, pay close attention to the lip color you’re choosing because it will be very noticeable. As a general rule of thumb, the more prominent a character’s feature is, the more effort you want to put into making sure that feature is accurate. The most convincing cosplays are the ones that bring a character to life right before your eyes. Staying true to the character and to fans of the character will ensure the best response from your costume.

  1. Exaggerate

If you wear makeup on a daily basis, you probably don’t wear half as much makeup as you would for a cosplay character. Remember that many choose animated cosplay characters with bold features. If you are wearing a wig and a full costume, your makeup will need to stand out just as much in order to not be drowned out. If you don’t exaggerate your makeup, it will look much too subdued to be cohesive with the rest of your look.

  1. Set

A makeup setting spray will do wonders for your cosplay makeup. Higher end brands such as MAC make fix sprays that have received great reviews from consumers, but there are also more affordable options from brands like E.L.F. that perform well at a fraction of the cost. Invest in the option that best suits your needs.   Interesting article here.

Following these tips will set you on the path of your best cosplay makeup ever!

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