Rocketship Education is Changing Kids Lives

The Rocketship Education System was the brainchild of John Danner who started the program to help kids that get lost in the mix, get ahead. Originally from the Silicon Valley, Danner has made great strides in the school system for disadvantaged children.

Currently, there are five charter schools in the California area using the Rocketship Education system. So far, those schools have far surpassed the work of any other program that is supposed to do the same thing. Considering the fact that the other programs spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, and this system didn’t waste that money, makes the Rocketship Education System the winner.

When the kids that participate in the system graduate and succeed, studies show that they go on to be adults that contribute to the financial environment where they live. When they don’t use this system and they live in a disadvantaged system or demographic, they end up dropping out, living on welfare or worst.

Danner will reach 50 more cities by the year 2020. Some of the current cities that he hopes to reach are New York City, which is ready and waiting already for the program to be there. He hopes to reach all of the 50 states and help kids succeed. He will master this without any doubt. His work has been like a bulldozer so far through the areas he has already reached. It is a certainty that he will be able to achieve this goal without any problem. The kids he will work with are the real winners. He is changing lives with the Rocketship Education System.

When you believe in a system like Danner does, it’s easy to see why the program has worked so well. It’s based on discipline and other aspects that are so important for learning. It teaches discipline and practice of the facts and knowledge that children learn. The strict plan involved in the system really teaches children what they need for success. Sometimes it can help the parents learn how to raise the kids with better discipline as well. Whatever the reason, the system works.


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