Securus Technologies; Using Technology to Rehabilitate

Am glad to know that Securus Technologies is a leading telecommunication services provider that has its offices in Oregon, United States of America. Given the need for incarcerated persons to communicate and keep in touch with the outside world and loved ones, telecommunication companies have ventured into providing secure communication systems to inmates. Founded in 1986, Securus serves over 2,600 correctional facilities in both the United States of America and Canada.


According to the research I have conducted, Securus technologies received accreditation from Better Business Bureau (BBB). This means that secures has amassed a lot of positive reviews from its clients on their products and customer care. With contracts with over 2200 correctional facilities, Securus has grown a great deal since its inception. The advancement in technology over the past decade has seen Securus better its efficiency in service delivery and offer a wide portfolio of products and packages.


The other thing I have noted is that Securus technologies acquired Jpay Inc and this acquisition has seen inmates acquire over 32,000 college credits over the year. Jpay Inc, now a subsidiary of Securus technologies started the Jpay lantern program. Jpay lantern provides incarcerated individuals with mass education by providing them with tablets and access to educational materials and eBooks. The program has seen over 12000 students enrolled in post-secondary education programs. Successful students from the program have gone on to attain degrees from reputable universities such as Ashland University.


Securus Technologies works with law enforcement facilities and serves over 3,400 correctional facilities over the greater North America. Securus provides technological and infrastructure aid to law enforcement helping them solve or prevent crimes. By helping rehabilitate incarcerated individuals and providing parolee tracking technologies, Securus Technologies has seen to it that ex-convicts don’t go back to their criminal ways. Securus technologies also provide relevant information to law enforcement officers and prison officials aiding in the smooth running of the system.


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