A Look At How Multivariate Testing Works And Its Benefits

First off, what is multivariate testing? This is when you test out different combinations or variables on a website. The variables in this case are different headlines, different images, text, buttons and videos on a page.

Multivariate testing attempts to find which of these combinations or variations is the most effective at converting users. The conversion of users is a term used to describe when people sign up for a service, email list, buy a product or read a certain article or page. Ultimately, multivariate testing is about finding the combination of headlines, images, text, buttons, videos and other web page text that is the most effective at conversion.

So how does a multivariate testing procedure look like? It involves the person who owns a website or that runs it to simply run a multivariate testing software on their page. The software pretty much takes care of the rest. With the software installed visitors will see different combinations of the various images, texts, buttons, alerts, videos and graphics that the owner or operator of the website has allowed.

There is no need to specify which combinations you want to see with multivariate testing software. The software automatically creates random combinations to test out all the variables and their impact on conversion rates. This is a good thing because large sites with many variables can have hundreds of thousands of different variables and combinations. Imagine trying to create that many combinations manually. It would be time consuming.

While you don’t have to create all the possible combinations of variables that you want tested, you do have to select the variables that will be tested together. This should not be a big deal. All you have to do is select the different images you want tested, then the different text you want tested, followed by the buttons, logos, graphics, videos and anything else. The multivariate software program will take care of the rest which includes randomly matching the combinations together and displaying them to visitors to your website.

Multivariate testing works best in certain conditions over others. It works best when there are a large number of visitors to your website and more specifically to the web pages that you plan on testing the different combinations out. It is not recommended to use multivariate testing when there is a low or mediocre amount of traffic or visitors to a website or web page. In these cases, the results might not be very accurate.

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