Incredible Philanthropic Works of George Soros

One of the most successful areas of investment currently is the hedge fund. However, you cannot mention hedge funds without some prominent figures popping up; George Soros is one of such figures. He has been a significant player in this investment line. George Soros was born in Hungary and fled his country at a young age, after which he enrolled for a Bachelor’s degree from the London School of Economics. His journey is one the most inspirational stories as he started from really a small beginning, he worked in a railway construction company as well as a waiter in a nightclub. After graduation, Soros moved to New York, where he got a start at the Wall Street where he began his own hedge fund.

George Soros is one of the world’s leading philanthropist in the world, up to now he has contributed over $12 billion for this course, his funding has enabled individuals and groups all over the world express themselves as well as their freedom. He does this through the Open Society Foundation. He has strived to ensure that society is built along the roads of democracy, transparency as well as tolerant. His funding has been majorly helping folks who feel they have been discriminated along religious, racial or any other basis. He has funded group whose quest for the people of Roma in Europe was their primary focus. Moreover, he has supported drug users as well as sex workers in the society. Read more at CNN Money.

What has motivated Soros in carrying out his philanthropic works is the fact that he was also discriminated at some point in his life. Soros was born in Hungary and lived through the brutal Nazi rule, which resulted in a massacre of over half a million Jews who were Hungarian. His family being Jews, they only survived not being killed by creating fake papers, which enabled them to conceal their background information, they also helped other families do so. Soros avers that instead of giving up or conceding to what looked like their fate, they were able to be strong and helped others survive the dark forces. He fled from his town Budapest in the year 1947 and settled in London, where he worked two jobs, one as a railway porter as well as nightclub waiter. After completing his studies at the London School of Economics, he moved to America and ventured into finance and investment markets.


Soros used his fortune to create a philanthropic organization, Open Society Foundation that currently has many partners in over 100 countries. The organization was formed with the aim of ensuring that democracy and tolerance are observed at levels in the society. He believes that no idea or philosophy should be taken and regarded as the final truth; the society should be based on the tenet of democracy, freedom of expression and strict adherence to human rights. George Soros continues his philanthropic works by offering scholarships to folks all over the world who are unable to fund their studies. Read this story about George at

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