The Making Greg Secker, Founder and Owner of Learn to Trade

Forex trading is one of the best ways to make and grow your financial investment, however only if you have the skills and passion to go about it. One investor/business man who has made a living out of trading and continues to teach people how to go about it is Greg Secker. Mr. Greg Secker the owner and founder of Learn to Trade shares a few insights about himself and the trade to CEOCFO Magazine chief editor, Lynn Fosse in a recent interview. Below are some of the things you can learn about Greg Secker.

What is Greg Secker philosophy in life?

A man is determined by his philosophy in life and Greg’s philosophy is one rather simple to understand and get along with. According to the interview, Greg describes his philosophy as a “why not?” philosophy. This is important as it allows him to keep on learning and creating numerous opportunities.

How did Greg Secker find himself in the finance sector?

Despite the fact that Greg Secker is a respected Forex trader, his academic competences is in the area of agriculture and food science. However, while in college, Secker was so much involved in the trade of computers to the point that he had to learn coding. As time went by, Greg Secker become so good at computer coding that he ended up getting a job at Thomas Cook Financial Company as a coder. While here, he was promoted to the trading floor where he was tasked with the duties of coding for the virtual trading desk. As the job would require, Clay had to learn the different trading terminologies in order to make sense of what he was doing. This knowledge sparked an interest in him as he was able to borrow £5,000 growing it to £60,000 in less than a year through trading.

What next for Greg Secker?

After working for a while, Greg Secker hanged his boots and resorted to trading at home. However, this was not satisfactory to him yet thereby forcing him to develop a new interest. With financial and trading knowledge Greg Secker resorted to sharing this knowledge all over the world. Mr. Greg has spoken at over 6,000 stage audiences across the globe.

In addition to investing, Greg Secker is also a philanthropist and plans to roll out a number of initiatives for the community with the Philippines being dear to his heart.

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