Sussex Healthcare Leads In Providing Healthcare To The Older People

Sussex Healthcare is a company that deals with giving home care and other home care based services. It is majorly based in Sussex and was established in 1980. The healthcare company currently has over twenty homes offering various services to the elderly. Sussex Healthcare also caters for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia. It has specialists giving specialist support to adults who may have physical difficulties as well as those with learning difficulties. It is an ISO 9000:2000 certified company, and was licensed in 2002 through the Health Quality Service. The company’s management comprises a board which is majorly business professionals, helped by medical professionals. Board members are people with varied work experience.

Audiology care

Through a partnership with the NHS, Sussex healthcare gives hearing loss assessments. The health facility fits elderly individuals with hearing aids and provides them with aftercare. This service, however, is available to NHS patients. The audiology care programme is supported by various ENT clinics in other areas.


New fitness center

The Sussex Health Care has opened a new gym for the elderly and individuals suffering from disability. The gym will serve those who are within or near Sussex. This is in line with the health facilities community outreach programme. Sussex Health Care is also open to any elderly individual at home or any member of the Sussex community suffering from cognitive disabilities. Located in West Sussex in Horsham, the gym has state-of-the-art equipment used in maintaining or improving individual bodily movement. These include free weights and elliptical machines, stationary bicycles as well as underwater treadmills. The gym also has a pool that has resistance currents and has hydrotherapy hot tubs.

Fitness Trainers

Staff at the gym are experts who have extensively trained in the various areas that the gym focuses on. These specialty trainers have expertise on musculoskeletal and respiratory as well as neurology. They work together to enable each elderly individual to develop an exercise plan that is optimal for them based on their needs and limitations. The fitness trainers are well skilled in handling individuals with diseases like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. They are also skilled in handling other chronic respiratory ailments. An individual’s medical history and the condition they are currently in is also considered. The gym also offers fitness programmes, mobility improvement programs, and programs for adults with cognitive disabilities.

Financing Secured by Dallas Bank to the tune of $54 Million

On September 19th, 2017 Sandler O’Neil & Partners closed the deal with certain institutional and high net-worth investors which secured $54 million in funding for NexBank. The loan in the form of a fixed-to-floating rate bond will mature on September 30th, 2027. Thus allowing the bank ten years to repay its creditors in this case.

The details of the loan are that NexBank cannot pay the debt off earlier than five years. Beyond the five year restriction, however, the bond can be called. During the first five years, the debenture will return 6.375% interest. Once the first five years have passed, a floating interest rate based upon LIBOR will apply. The debt was rated “triple B” by the Kroll Bond Rating Agency.

Including this offering, NexBank has now borrowed $283 million since 2016. The bank intends to use the proceeds from this bond offering to address funding of its general corporate operations.

NexBank Capital, Inc. is a Texas-based financial services company headquartered in Dallas. Receiving its charter in 1922 the bank has been active in the commercial life of Dallas for nearly a century. Today the bank has multiple branch locations, and as of September 2017, Nexbank reported assets of $7.6 billion and $6.9 billion worth of deposits. Thus, making it the 4th largest bank based in Dallas.

A privately held company NexBank Capital, Inc. divides its business into several compartments. The all-encompassing categories are institutional banking, commercial banking, and mortgage banking. The bank also participates in investment banking syndicates by way of its investment banking arm.

The bank’s board of directors is composed of competent and experienced executives with years in the banking industry. At the corporate helm of NexBank is Chairman James Dondero. Mr. Dondero is also the President and Co-Founder of Highland Capital Management. His acumen in the world of finance assuredly is an asset for NexBank.

The Power of Mike Baur in Fintech

Mike Baur, Co-Founder of the Swiss Startup Factory, has a lot to look forward to. As one of Switzerland’s top entrepreneurs Baur knows the secret to starting and building a business is innovation. Baur has set the standard for those in fintech, an industry that has been taking Europe by storm. As a managing partner, Baur was seeking ways to not only change his career and his life, but he was also looking for ways to aid in building the interest of entrepreneurs in Switzerland. The opportunity to encourage entrepreneurship was something Baur had been interested in for some time, and he desired to begin investing in companies.


This drove Baur to create the Swiss Startup Factory, with the help of some additional team members that would aid him in reaching success beyond their wildest dreams. Having worked in the banking industry for more than 20 years, Baur has vast experience with financial institutions and how they operate from the inside out. His founding partners, Max Meister and Oliver Walzer also know all too well just how important the background experience is in the area of finance.


Upon the initial start of the program, Baur took the Swiss Startup Factory through an accelerator program to aid in getting it off the ground. This program was completed with the Goldback Group in the year 2016. Bringing another top financial advisor on board, Michael Hartweg, was helpful in not only giving the Swiss Startup Factory a good name, but a fair shot at success. As an investor and mentor, entrepreneurs would have the opportunity work with the best of the best in the industry. Hartweg’s approach is to invest in specific startups rather than try to work with all that come in at the same time. His approach is to catch many of them as they are graduating out of the program rather than those that are entering in first.


With so many experts on board, Baur has created the most innovative startup group yet in Switzerland. Setting the standard for all entrepreneurs and aiding others who would like to invest in startup companies as well now has a model by which it can function easily and with tremendous guidance. The focus on fintech startups is just the beginning, and it’s a profitable one for Baur and the SSUF.


Talkspace, Offering Sleep Advice

For a popular therapy company, Talkspace, providing helpful mental health advice is essential to keeping their clients and people all around the world informed and involved with their mental health status. Talkspace is a company that supplies therapy over the phone through their app that was created specifically for their company. Talkspace is a well trusted company and they provide therapy for patients all around the world. The therapist who give therapy sessions to clients are only therapist who have been licensed.

Talkspace recently shared some important information with people who are having mental health issues or for people who like learning about ways to prevent mental health. Per Talkspace, there have been several studies that have shown that sleep is connected to mental health. Studies have shown that if you are a person who receives a large amount of space then you will be less likely to encounter mental health issues; however, if you receive less than 8 hours or more sleep each nigh than you will more likely to have mental health issues. A professor from the University of Washington has even found a relation between the two. Before you begin to have mental health issues because of lack of sleep, you should get try to get more sleep instead.

Everyone is aware that prevention is the best way of avoiding an illness. However, if you already have a mental health issues, you can still health your self by getting enough sleep. Even though you may already have a mental illness, you could be able to decrease your symptoms of the illness that you have. If these steps are not welcomed then you are always welcomed to contact Talkspace so that you can start to talk to a professional. If you think this is you , visit their website today!

The Mentoring Entrepreneur, Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is a well-educated man with a degree in bachelor of economics and finance from University of Scranton and an MBA from the University of Chicago. He has been a successful entrepreneur with experience from over two decades of working in companies. He began his career by working at GE Capital where he developed his skills on Profit and Loss and also, he established his skills on entrepreneurship. His character that has helped him through his success is curiosity and perseverance, which enables him to try out whatever idea he has, to its accomplishment.

Moreover, he has traveled globally and has lived in six countries pursuing his career. Before being the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Launchpad Holdings LLC, Glen wakeman founded Nova Four while still working at GE Capital, a company that helps entrepreneurs with advice and capital to startup their dreams. The Launchpad Holdings LLC is a software platform that helps in planning of ideas. Read more on

Being a well-traveled man, he has learned several cultures and different traditions and therefore is able to mingle with people freely. His social skills have helped him acquire many connections, which according to him, are necessary and important in the business world. In addition to his career in entrepreneurship, Glen Wakeman is a mentor and a writer. He has helped many people startup businesses and has helped them avoid the mistakes he did. His main concern being technology innovation which has helped expand businesses. He does his writing through social medias such as Facebook. He is also a known blogger with great ideas and important advice on his blog posts.


Furthermore, he is a known philanthropist who finds pleasure in donating to people who need help. He has made generous contributions to Red Cross and other organizations who are involved in disaster management. Such occasion is during the hurricane at Puerto Rico where he offered a lump-sum of donation. He not only participates in this but also mobilizes able people to donate because, it is one way of making connections that will help in entrepreneurship. Read more about Glen Wakeman at Premier Gazette.

Thyroid Cancer May Go the Route of Polio

Some of the most devastating words somebody can hear are “you have cancer.” This news shocks even the strongest spirit. However, the internationally peer-reviewed journal, Oncotarget, knows that if your perspective on the situation is positive, you are much more likely to be able to defeat the plague of cancer. This is why they have dedicated themselves to evaluating various methods of cancer treatment and seeing how they affect one’s quality of life and satisfaction with their current state of affairs.

Oncotarget has been known to run articles showing how to improve both traditional therapies as well as therapies that are cutting edge. These constant evaluations have led to greatly influence worldwide.

Oncotarget recently ran an article on an interview they had with Dr. Carmelo Nucero. Dr. Carmelo Nucero is the world’s foremost leading expert on papillary thyroid carcinoma. Having been a doctor in practice for decades, he has seen the same unfortunate story played out again time after time. Those who had been suffering from papillary thyroid carcinoma see their carcinoma go into remission only to watch it explode throughout their body a few years later. At first, they are brave thinking they can use the same treatment. Unfortunately, at this stage, the cancer becomes drug-resistant and is incurable. Learn more about Oncotarget at

Dr. Carmelo Nucero wanted to spend his remaining years researching papillary thyroid carcinoma and how to make it stop resisting the drug vemurafenib. In his research, he discovered that vemurafenib was resisted because the body saw it as a foreign agent attacking the gene BRAF. Dr. Carmelo Nucero realized that if he can get the body to stop seeing vemurafenib as an attacking agent, he could be able to treat papillary thyroid carcinoma with greater effectiveness. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

Dr. Carmelo Nucero was able to join hands with other doctors, and together their research showed that if vemurafenib and palbociclib were used in treatment, the body would stop seeing vemurafenib as a foreign agent needing to be eliminated.


For more cutting-edge holistic strategies listen to Oncotarget’s podcast free on iTunes.

Jorge Moll: The Research on Nature of Man’s Propensity To Help

There are many professionals today who are just happy that in 2018 more emphasis will be done on how data on medical research will improve. Many scientists will even appreciate how they can now easily get to the core of the problems they’re researching.

Because data is now to be automated, researchers will surely find more results at the core of their new technology. In short, 2018 will then be a time where new seasonal periods and market areas across different time frames will have an attribution and right place for these researchers. Even if the scientists and operators are using various devices in their research, there will still be platforms that can synthesize them all. One of these scientists today would be Jorge Moll. Read on below to know more about his research. Follow Jorge Moll on Linkedin.

The Power of Giving

One of the latest stories today that involve Jorge Moll is about the Power of Giving and how it was the nature of man always to give. With such primitive nature of giving, many people find it easy to be closer to their nature when they start helping out.

In the article from LiveScience, there were anecdotes to show that since time immemorial, philosophers and saints have always found it to be second nature to help and give. Jorge Moll’s research seems to show that the talents and skills we have are ultimately borne out of our primal nature to help. Watch this video on

About Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll is a neuroscientist who specializes in various moral issues and questions that are at the center of many people’s concerns. Other than that, it’s also noteworthy to know that Jorge Moll is known to be a scholar at the D.Or Institute for Research and Education, which involves him in research on Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience. His current research and study right now involve Neural Correlation between human values and motivations.

That said, there’s still so much potential in the career of Jorge Moll. With his passion and interests in finding the roots of morality, it could be said that his research could be in the next frontier of medicine.

Learn more:,222c41e0b2edf079d2bdd47da28602f1mw2nokus.html

Phenomenal Business of Highland Capital

Highland Capital Management was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada in the year 1993. They founded Highland Capital Management to be an investment adviser that is SEC registered. The headquarters for Highland Capital Management is located in Dallas, Texas and they have many offices around the globe. Highland Capital Management is not only focused on investing fiscally but they are also very invested in what they do socially and they are dedicated to helping the community. They volunteer their time and donate their money to many nonprofits and they have donated over 7 million dollars ever since 2005. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

The Highland Capital Management office in Korea closed a private equity fund with more than 145 million dollars in commitments. All of the investors that are associated with the Highland Fund have many detailed objectives that pertain to healthcare and this is all in addition to the capital they receive from their investment.


Many Asian investors started to invest in Highland Capital Management’s private equity fund and many of these investments were done through multi-purpose funds. Highland Capital Management wants to focus on middle market healthcare companies that are located in Asia and North America as the number one target of their fund.

Highland Capital made crucial investments in pipeline partnerships and those investments contributed to over 40 percent of the Highland Alternative Investors fund. Michael Gregory, who is the chief investment officer of Highland Alternative Investors, stated that, “we might see a tremendous rebound” and he was referring to the healthcare sector in 2017. Read this article at PR Newswire.

Why You Need to Consider Using Talkspace

Therapy is a recommended option for those suffering from mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, OCD, bipolar and any other problem that is affecting your everyday life. Anyone who has ever been depressed or anxious knows how difficult it is to keep up with their physical well-being when they’re not feeling their best. Likewise, it can be difficult to maintain healthy relationships when handling bipolar, OCD and even disorders like schizophrenia. While going to therapy is recommended and necessary for your overall well-being, it can be both inconvenient and costly.

This is where Talkspace has changed the world of therapy forever. Instead of having to make a trip to a local therapist’s office, you can now download and use Talkspace whenever you need to talk to someone. The way Talkspace works is by downloading an app to a phone or tablet and creating an account. Talkspace only costs a few dollars a day, making it a cheaper alternative to conventional therapy. Once you create your brand new account, you’ll be matched with a licensed therapist who is going to be there for you day and night to help you through your problems and stresses.

The reason so many people have turned to Talkspace is because it truly works. Many people do better with therapy when they’re not necessarily face-to-face with their therapist, and Talkspace allows you to text message your therapist with problems and talk it out through written word. This can all be done in the safety and privacy of your own home, which is essential for people who have problems that might have an impact on them leaving their home. Talkspace has revolutionized the world of therapy and is being recommended by doctors more and more each day. Its price and convenience are two main reasons why Talkspace truly works.

George Soros’ Historic Philanthropy

Open Society Foundations was established in 1984 by George Soros the multibillionaire hedge fund head. George Soros is also one of the leading democratic donors. He started the foundation to restore back human dignity and democracies in societies where anarchy had taken roots. Open Society has been out to fight for various causes including health as seen in 2014 when it made financial contributions to treatment centers to curb Ebola outbreak. The founder has also made contributions to stop violence as a result of elections. Open Society Foundations also fights for gay and lesbian rights in the US as well as the reduction of civilian abuse by police.

Soros is now a well-known philanthropist who has made enormous contributions for different democratic causes as well as to politicians whose agendas he believes in. He has received much appreciation from different people globally for his unlimited generosity. Soros has all along supported his foundation through his annual contributions but recently gave $18 billion which was way more than his usual amounts. This contribution gave Open Society Foundations a major boost that made it rank second among philanthropic organizations in the United States. It is among the biggest amounts to be ever contributed privately to one foundation at once. This contribution will put Soros in the middle of heated political and social conversations across the country. He is however still optimistic and intends to even spread his charity works further.

The struggle, oppression, and humiliation that Soros witnessed while growing up in Hungary was the root of his Philanthropy. The road to his success started on Wall Street after getting away from Communist and Nazi pre-dominated Hungary. He spent some time in London then made his way to the United States. In the 90s, he heavily invested in foreign exchange trade where he gained fame for making the highest and riskiest bet against GBP (British Pound). His aggressive move in the trade made the pound to devalue earning a reputation for bringing the bank of England to its knees. Following his accomplishments and overwhelming successes, he started another path, of giving back to the society through supporting human rights activism and fighting for subverted democracies among other ways. The Open Society foundation prides in its great impact in the world that cannot be compared to any other justice foundation.

Soros was born in 1930. He has an excellent reputation as a financier, and his skills and ideas are widely accepted and emulated. He chairs Soros Fund Management LLC. George Soros was ranked as the 29th richest person in the world by Forbes Tally Tuesday. His charity dates back to the time of apartheid law in South Africa. Soros started his first philanthropy by giving scholarships to the blacks in South Africa. He also donated photocopiers to the Eastern Europe residents to reprint texts that had been banned by communist regimes. George Soros, despite his advanced age, is still active in supporting his foundation and advocating for changes that will have a positive impact on the society, and follow his Twitter.