George Soros’ Historic Philanthropy

Open Society Foundations was established in 1984 by George Soros the multibillionaire hedge fund head. George Soros is also one of the leading democratic donors. He started the foundation to restore back human dignity and democracies in societies where anarchy had taken roots. Open Society has been out to fight for various causes including health as seen in 2014 when it made financial contributions to treatment centers to curb Ebola outbreak. The founder has also made contributions to stop violence as a result of elections. Open Society Foundations also fights for gay and lesbian rights in the US as well as the reduction of civilian abuse by police.

Soros is now a well-known philanthropist who has made enormous contributions for different democratic causes as well as to politicians whose agendas he believes in. He has received much appreciation from different people globally for his unlimited generosity. Soros has all along supported his foundation through his annual contributions but recently gave $18 billion which was way more than his usual amounts. This contribution gave Open Society Foundations a major boost that made it rank second among philanthropic organizations in the United States. It is among the biggest amounts to be ever contributed privately to one foundation at once. This contribution will put Soros in the middle of heated political and social conversations across the country. He is however still optimistic and intends to even spread his charity works further.

The struggle, oppression, and humiliation that Soros witnessed while growing up in Hungary was the root of his Philanthropy. The road to his success started on Wall Street after getting away from Communist and Nazi pre-dominated Hungary. He spent some time in London then made his way to the United States. In the 90s, he heavily invested in foreign exchange trade where he gained fame for making the highest and riskiest bet against GBP (British Pound). His aggressive move in the trade made the pound to devalue earning a reputation for bringing the bank of England to its knees. Following his accomplishments and overwhelming successes, he started another path, of giving back to the society through supporting human rights activism and fighting for subverted democracies among other ways. The Open Society foundation prides in its great impact in the world that cannot be compared to any other justice foundation.

Soros was born in 1930. He has an excellent reputation as a financier, and his skills and ideas are widely accepted and emulated. He chairs Soros Fund Management LLC. George Soros was ranked as the 29th richest person in the world by Forbes Tally Tuesday. His charity dates back to the time of apartheid law in South Africa. Soros started his first philanthropy by giving scholarships to the blacks in South Africa. He also donated photocopiers to the Eastern Europe residents to reprint texts that had been banned by communist regimes. George Soros, despite his advanced age, is still active in supporting his foundation and advocating for changes that will have a positive impact on the society, and follow his Twitter.

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