Matt Badiali Says Zinc’s the New Metal

Originally beginning his career in the field of geology, Matt Badiali has made considerable strides in the world of investment since making the transition to finance. Today, Matt Badiali is the editor of Real Wealth Strategist – a part of the Banyan Hill Publishing collective, and regularly contributes to a number of pieces under the Banyan Hill umbrella. Always one to try to spot incoming trends that might prove to be lucrative, Matt Badiali has been consistently supporting the metal, zinc, which he believes will increase significantly regarding price in the near future. His background in geology, for which he has garnered degrees from Penn State University, as well as Florida Atlantic University, has offered him a unique perspective concerning its future. With zinc currently in the midst of a bull market, history has shown that the metal has performed exceptionally well due to its many uses in the world today – in fact, it has come to be considered the third most important metal. Visit the website to learn more. While many investors have been worried about the trajectory of zinc, considering it has not skyrocketed during the bull market, according to Matt Badiali, it is currently on par with significant gains that we have seen in the past. There are myriad of advantages to zinc which makes it one of the most exciting upcoming investments to make, including the fact that it fights rust, is not flammable and is even finding its way into the medical field. Follow Matt on Facebook.

Matt Badiali has been an avid supporter of a little-known investment which is known as

“Freedom Checks.” There are 568 companies that are eligible to distribute freedom checks, many of which exist within the oil and gas industry, and they are referred to as master limited partnerships. The companies eligible to distribute freedom checks generally pay out the majority of their income to investors, and as the returns are not considered to be income, but the return of capital, they are tax-exempt. People who invest in master limited partnerships can often time see returns that are considerably larger than those of a 401k or IRA account, and can, in many cases, reach tens of thousands of dollars, which are paid on a quarterly or monthly basis. The returns associated with master limited partnerships are very similar to investment dividends and are similar to stocks when it comes to purchasing, yet they are taxed at a much lower rate when resold.


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