Shea Butter’s Healing Properties Are Great For The Skin

Shea Butter has become a popular remedy for many skin conditions in recent years. You have probably seen it and may have wondered what it was and how it can help your skin, if so; this is the skinny on shea butter.

Shea butter is derived from the seeds of the fruit of the shea tree. It is rich in vitamins A, E, and F and fatty acids which promote the skin’s collagen production. Collagen is responsible for a smooth texture and elasticity of the skin, which we lose as we age, and provides a small amount of natural SPF skin protection that prevents skin damage and aging.

Shea butter can be used on the skin and hair to nourish and moisturize. Shea butter also produces cinnamic acid, which reduces redness and inflammation. It is ideal for aging creams and skin conditions such as eczema due to these attributes.

Skin care company, Eu’Genia Shea specialize in shea butter and is a mother-daughter operation. Naa-Sakle Akuete, a graduate of Harvard Business School, always valued family and her Ghanaian heritage. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer and returned to the United States for medical treatment after several years caring for her mother in Ghana. While spending time with her mother, Akuete realized how much she missed her mother and decided that they should form a business that would incorporate their heritage and provide ethical employment for women in Ghana while allowing them to spend more time together. Together they founded Eu’Genia Shea in 2014.

EuGenia Shea’s mission is simple: Provide high quality shea products from shea butter produced in an ethical and sustainable manner by female workers in Ghana. Akuete heads up the business end of production in the U.S., while her mother finds sources of shea butter in Ghana. They also donate 15 percent of their earnings back to the people of Ghana who produce the shea butter for their products. Eu’Genia Shea’s products offer the highest quality shea butter and help improve the quality of life for women in Ghana at the same time.

Makari Skin Whitening Solution Changes Lives

The Makari skin whitening creams are an incredibly-powerful product that is designed to create lighter skin on every new user. Users are often confronted with dark blotches on their skin that is impossible to change, and covering up large blotches requires far too much makeup. This article explains how Makari changes  skin to a lighter tone for the benefit of the user who has fought against a bad complexion their whole life.

#1: Dark Spots Are Troublesome

Dark spots are troublesome and hard to hide for most people. Concealer cannot cover large spots, and the spots may grow over time if they are not kept under control. It is far simpler to use Makari on dark spots in an effort to make the skin lighter.

#2: How Much Will Skin Lighten

Makari skin whitening cream is a gradual product that must be used time and again until the user sees a result. Consistent use of Makari will show lighter skin over the course of several weeks, and the user must ensure they are using the cream until they are satisfied with what they see. One user may spend a white using Makari while another may spend a month.

#3: What Is The Final Result?

Makari creates skin that is completely smooth, glistening and light. A dark spot that has persisted for years will disappear under the effects of Makari, and users must ensure they are watching their skin carefully until they are pleased with the results. Lighter skin is just one effect of Makari, and soft skin will result where a dark blotch was once unseemly.

Everyone who chooses to use Makari skin whitening cream will feel good about their appearance once the cream has been applied properly. Skin becomes softer, lightens in color and no longer needs to be hidden.

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Wengie Night Routine Hack

Wengie describes herself as just a normal girl that is obsessed with shopping, beauty, and fashion. The fact is that Wengie is more than just your average girl. She is a very successful YouTube star that is famous for her beauty, makeup, hair, and fashion tutorials. She also shares amazing DIY tips along with life hacks that just about any girl could use. The Australian based YouTuber has the most subscribed to Asian beauty channel on YouTube. This is quite an accomplishment for just an average girl. In this video, viewers find out more about Wengie’s night routine.

Wengie’s Routine
Wengie shares that she does not do the routine every night. However viewers will learn a few of Wengie’s tips on winding down after a day’s work and much more. I really like her routine for winding down at the end of a long day. Wengie appears to like drinking herbal tea and subjecting herself to a bit of aromatherapy. This video should inspire her followers to try a cup of tea and enjoy the soothing scents of aromatherapy. Of course, everybody feels those hunger pangs too, at the end of a long day. Wengie shares tips on enjoying low calorie meals that are also very tasty. Wengie also talks about her favorite shows on Netflix and the type of makeup tools that she prefers, plus more.

About Wengie
Wengie enjoys amazing popularity on her YouTube channel. Girls from around the globe visit her channel on a regular basis to learn about beauty, fashion, hair, along with plenty of DIY tips. The video’s on the Wengie channel are very well created and produced. Fortunately, there are tons of videos to explore and watch. This video includes the best routine for school girls wishing to start a beauty routine or working women that would like an easy to follow routine to keep looking great.
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Susan McGalla Proves Women’s Success in Business from Fashion to Football

Susan McGalla, founder of P3 Executive Consulting, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a voice for women everywhere to move ahead in business. She speaks about having a work ethic and believing in yourself, to women who don’t want to be targeted as women but rather as professionals in their chosen field.

Susan McGalla was born on January 1, 1961. She grew up with 2 brothers and her father was a football coach. She was taught as a child to convey her thoughts and ideas confidently, despite the audience, and that her gender would neither help her move ahead nor hold her back. Hard work, instead, was the deciding factor.

Susan obtained a BA from Mount Union college and began a long career in fashion. In 1994 she started working for American Eagle Outfitters and stayed for 15 years. At American Eagle she rose up the ladder and was eventually moved into the position of president and chief merchandising officer of the company. Susan McGalla displayed her work ethic, versatility in the marketplace, and her passion to bring the company to 3 Billion in revenue.

When Susan joined American Eagle Outfitters it was a predominately male operated company, with no women on the board or in executive positions. Her rise through ranks caused a cultural change throughout the company. This change can be seen in other parts of the corporate world, where women are moving into primary leadership positions, as well as starting and sustaining their own ventures, privately.

Read more: Susan McGalla As A High Performing Business Woman In The Corporate World

The business world at one time had a very evident, ‘do not enter here’ area, in management and executive leadership positions for women on Wikimedia. Times, however, are changing, due to some governmental and other, interventions, to level the playing field for women. Women, moreover, are standing on their own merit and qualifications. Women have a unique and superb blend of personality, and earn trust easily and quickly.

Currently, Susan McGalla is the director of strategic planning and growth. She also devotes some time to express her message about high preforming women in the corporate setting by speaking to various audiences, including the Women and Girls’ Foundation of Pittsburgh and the Carnegie Mellon Speaker Series for CEO’s. Source:

White Shark Media Is Always Improving Their Service

White Shark Media is a company that all small to mid-sized businesses should consider hiring. What they do is they help develop and manage Google AdWords campaigns to give business websites greater visibility online.

Among the services they offer to do this are search engine marketing (SEM), regular pay-per-click advertising (PPC), and they even offer their Triton website package among these services.

White Shark Media has grown fast because of their expertise in marketing, so much so that they’ve become one of Google’s SMB Partners, a recognition that few companies are able to achieve.

But on top of that, White Shark Media is a company that’s easy to sign up for without the headaches that come with signing up for similar companies.

They offer newcomers an evaluation of their current AdWords, and during that evaluation session they explain how they would help the AdWords perform even better.

Signing up for the evaluation doesn’t entail any payments or any obligations to hire White Shark Media, and they won’t change any current AdWords campaigns, but they’ll share their knowledge of how you can build better campaigns and if that doesn’t convince you to hire them, you don’t have to. Read more: White Shark Media Review – How To Get a Free AdWords Evaluation

White Shark Media Review cares about what their clients think of their service, and if they realize they are underperforming in a certain area they will take steps to fix that. For example, one of the complaints they’ve dealt with is clients losing track of their campaigns and not knowing where to find them.

White Shark Media uses GoToMeeting to set up monthly reviews and tell clients how their campaigns are performing. They also implement call tracking and other ROI tracking techniques.

White Shark Media also knows the idea of building better campaigns is not always starting them from scratch and getting rid of good performing campaigns, so they carefully review all clients’ current campaigns and endeavor to keep the strong elements of those campaigns in the new ones.

They have client representatives always at the ready whenever issues come up and never give anyone the run-around when calls are made. And the supervisors closely monitor the specialist teams that work on AdWords campaigns so that they are meeting client needs.

Securus Releases Information About Global-Tel Violations

Inmates are easily exploitable because of how vulnerable and some companies like Global-Tel have no problem exporting them. Securus, another company that provides telecommunication and other services to prisons and similar institutions, believes there should be more integrity and accountability in the industry. That is why Securus is releasing a series of press releases that exposes the misdeads and violations that Globel-Tel has committed over the years.

Besides alerting the public to the injustices inherent in the industry, Securus hopes that by releasing this information, they can shame Global-Tel into becoming more accountable and increase the level of integrity. The press releases show that Global-Tel has been systematically exploiting inmates and their families for a profit for several decades.

Much of the information was obtained through a 17 page document that details an investigation by the Louisiana Public Service Commision from 1998. Although the document is almost 18 years old, Securus alleges that many of the violations and misdeeds are ongoing.

Among the information revealed in the document include reports that Global-Tel artificially inflated the length of phone calls, charged rates higher than current terrifs allowed, double and triple charged people who received phone calls from inmates, and billed customers for charges that were never explained or justified. According to the documents, during the period of time that the investigation was conducted these charges cost Louisiana taxpayers more than $1,243,000.

Securus is a communications and technology service provider that serves correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, and public service agencies across the country. They value integrity and honesty when doing business and believe in providing a valuable service that their customers can trust. They are headquartered in Dallas, Texas and have satellite offices in Texas and Atlanta, GA. They provide service to over 2,000 agencies and jobs to over 1,000 employees.

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Online Reputation Management is Vital to Businesses

Entrepreneurs should be aware of the important aspects that will improve their online presence. It is vital that companies that are starting poor launching new products should be able to have the right online reputation management services that are available at

It is vital to get away with things that can make customers not to search your services or use them. It is important that entrepreneurs who have decided to start their businesses to make it well displayed online for better results. Each member of a company should be ready to build the brand right from the CEO to the sales team. They should be aware of what brand or reputation management means to the success of a businesses.

For consumers to make the right purchase decision, it is vital that business occupies the first ten sports in the search engine. Most businesses end up being relevant when consumers are able to find all the content that they need on the first ten results that they find online.

Negative online content should be managed as effective as possible to give a business the right reputation. The presence of unwanted information online should not deter a company from proceeding with their business. A business should avoid such incident through pumping into the internet with new content and, information such as reviews will bring a great difference online.

For a successful online reputation management strategy a brand should also be ready to spend more time and resources. It should be directed towards making executives and, other employees of the organization to be more presentable online. People who needs to work with a given organization or company they do a wider search of the people involved in the management of the organization. Therefore more resources should be employed to ensure fellow managing partners online reputation is desirable.

The first impression matters a lot as to how people will accept your product. It is important to have a good first impression of your online business. There are various experts that can help in reputation management online. At, they can help clean up negative articles online, and it is offered by the right professionals. Companies should not shy off from seeking such services for a better online reputation.

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Successful Venture Capitalist Marc Sparks And His New Social Program, Spark Tank

Marc Sparks is a highly successful American serial entrepreneur that presently heads Timber Creek Capital. He has created dozens of businesses in his career that have done extremely well. Additionally, some of his businesses have been terrible.

Sparks graduated in 1975 with a high school diploma and for over 35 years, he has been active as a businessman. He does not view his success as a matter of luck.

As a religious person, Sparks acknowledges that his success in business has been due to his hard work and faith in God. Sparks also does not gives up, if he is into a venture he always ensures that he is devoted to that venture until he achieves.

To document his story as a businessman and offer his lessons to other entrepreneurs, Marc Sparks recently put his experiences in a book. The book known as They Can’t Eat You is a detailed account of his success as an entrepreneur along with is bad moves in business.

By writing the book, Sparks aims to shade more light on his shortcomings as a businessman. The book is aimed at allowing other entrepreneurs to learn from his unsuccessful businesses.

He points out that prospective businesspeople have more to gain from his failures than his achievements.

Sparks emphasizes on the importance of making a meaningful presentation if an entrepreneur wants to make a difference when selling and business plan to a venture capitalist.

He notes that it is important for an entrepreneur to think of what to include in a presentation and what to expect from a presentation. To make a greater impact, Marc Sparks advices that an entrepreneur must make a point with each visual used. That is because time is valuable and every graphic should serve its purpose.

Secondly, an entrepreneur should tell a valid story with his/her data because proven research accompanied with data can make investors to be interested.

Additionally, the presentation should be kept simple and if an entrepreneur has a team, the members should be included in the presentation. Read more: Marc Sparks’s Books and Publications Spotlight and @msparks5010

They can be beneficial by showing the drive, passion, and professionalism. After investing in several firms in sectors like capital investments, real estate, and telecommunications, Mark recently formed Spark Tank.

About Spark Tank

Spark Tank is a social program that aims to empower social entrepreneurs to make a difference in the world. Due to Sparks’ affinity for exceptional entrepreneurs, he was convinced to support social entrepreneurs by Lynn.

She notified him that great social entrepreneurs exist with ideas that is funded; they can result in social success.

The objective of the initiative is to reap from the social benefits in the neighborhoods. That is by offering grants to the organizations and ensuring that they are accountable.

To apply, an organization must have a history of over two years. Only arts, human services, and animal services are eligible for the program that closes on July 15, 2016.

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Cambridge Honors Brian Bonar With Award For Executive Of The Year

Brian Bonar has spent more than 30 years working in the fields of professional management and finances. Because of his extensive experience, Brian managed to earn the position of Chief Executive Officer and Chairman at the Dalrada Finanacial Corporation. Read more: Brian Bonar’s Pics, Phone, Email, Address, Public Records

At Dalrada, Brian is responsible for recruiting new talents and supplying benefits and abilities for employees. Brian’s company mostly works as a intermediary for a host of other marketing firms to increase the overall quantity of quality programs that clients use for increasing their business’s efficiency.

These programs are focused around risk management, financial management, and benefits for company employees. Brian is also the president at Allegiant as well as a member of the America Finance Association.  Learn more about Brian Bonar: and

Brian managed to take home the executive of the year award from Cambridge’s Who’s Who program in 2010. Just earning a position on the list for receiving the award is notable, but he managed to win it along with the other 3 candidates.

Only 4 executive per year are able to win the award, two males and females within different fields. In order to see who is most qualified for the award, the committee at Cambridge goes through each candidates credentials, including their academic backgrounds, career achievements, and their ability to lead others.

As a leader in the fields of finance and professional management, Brian Bonar has become a popular name in the industry because of his knowledge in the markets. Brian has an exceptional ability to create business strategies that work great in execution.

In the past few decades, Brian has worked at a variety of different firms, including IBM, which he held a position at for more than 17 years as a manager. He was the Director of Engineering at QMS, supervising a large number of people. Read more: Brian Bonar – Executive Bio, Compensation History, and Contacts

He even started up his own company, known as Bezier Systems. His inspiration behind the company came while working at Adaptec as a sales manager, and he wanted to create the first SCSI Printer.

Throughout his time working at Dalrada, Brian Bonar has earned a special place in the eyes of his colleagues, all of which give praise to his exceptional ability to lead and his pro activity. Within the field of finance, Brian’s main focus is mergers and acquisitions.

His academic background comes form the James Watt Technical College, where he earned his degree in engineering. Following this, Brian also earned his Ph.D from Stafford University in the area of business.

Austin’s Special Woman: Dr. Jennifer Walden

Born in Austin, Texas, Dr. Jennifer Walden was a “natural” to enter the world of healthcare. Her father was a dentist while her mother was a surgical nurse. She realized her own attraction to medicine before the eighth grade. This happened as a result of one of her teachers telling her she had the hands of a surgeon.

The graduate of Anderson High School continued her education at the University of Texas at Austin where she earned her a bachelor’s degree in biology. She then attended the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston where she earned her medical doctorate degree. Once she completed her residency training she moved to New York in order to pursue additional training in aesthetic surgery. Due to her exceptional abilities she became the associate of the world-famous aesthetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Sherrell Aston. She remained in New York for eight years.

During this time she decided she wanted to become a mother. She then returned to Texas so her twin sons could be closer to her family. She also moved back to further her career in plastic surgery. Her career has become top-notch evidenced by the fact her peers nominated and selected her for honors in publications such as Texas Monthly, Harper’s Bazaar, and American Way. She is also aware that not only is she in a very specialized field in medicine, she is also in a specialized field mostly dominated by male doctors. There are 6,100 board-certified surgeons in the U.S. and a little more than 10 percent, 851, are female.

Dr. Walden prides herself on offering the latest in technology. This commitment also sets her apart from other plastic surgeons. One of her great pieces of technology is the 3-D imagery called Vectra. This offers patients the ability to visualize what they will look like before having a rhinoplastic or breast augmentations prodedures. She has also developed her own instruments for breast surgery.

Dr. Walden continually upgrades her vast knowledge and continues to add to her experiences with each passing year. She always stresses for her patients to have realistic expectations and to assure them they will be pleased with the final results.


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