Fabletics Making a Mark in the E-Commerce Fashion Industry

Making an impression in the competitive online fashion industry is quite an accomplishment these days. Especially when you consider the overwhelming success of Amazon, raking in over 20% of the total fashion e-commerce market.


But statistics like this haven’t curbed Kate Hudson who has grown her brand of athletic fashion to a $250 million operation in only three short years in business.


Fabletics Special Brand of Success


Fabletics sits on the cusp of an entirely new concept of marketing. They operate off a subscription model and provide their products to clients at special prices according to their membership. The magic lies in making the brand an ally to their member’s goals for fitness and fashion by providing inspiration and support along with an impressive line of top-quality sports and leisure wear to facilitate these goals.


This is a major movement away from the conventional assumption that top-quality fashion and innovative designs are only obtained at high prices. Today, customer service and a personalized experience make the customers select certain brands over others.


Along with next-level customer service, Fabletics offers creative designs, exclusive content and all-important brand recognition. These are characteristics of a hugely popular line of clothing.


What is the Magic behind this Success


The general manager of Fabletics, Gregg Throgmartin spoke about the importance of achieving the image of High End Retailer and understanding what this means for customer service. “Our Membership policy” says Throgmartin “allows us to offer personalized services and special fashion selections that are stylish and trendy. Furthermore. We offer styles designs and options at better prices than you could find on the market.”


“And then we have a whole new approach to Showrooming.”


Fabletics and “Reverse Showrooming”?


Many of the other leading e-commerce brands are having a fierce struggle with their showrooming techniques. Interested customers have the disagreeable yet economically savvy habit of finding appropriate styles and designs and having them duplicated by a skilled tailor.


Fabletics has flipped this trend on its end and offered a new approach to the showrooming methods. Clients can now search online for the products they like and then visit the physical brick and mortar locations to finish the purchase. In addition to live-try on, customers will already know what to expect in the stores and from the customer service professionals before they even arrive.


To provide more assistance to their customer’s pursuit for better health and fitness, Fabletics has created a community of likeminded individuals and offers support and more. If you are interested in joining this community, check out the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz and get on board.

Accomplishments of San Diego Based Financial Expert Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a prominent and successful financial expert who is based in San Diego. Currently Mr. Bonar is the executive leader of Trucept Inc. He has served as executive of numerous companies such as Dalrada Financial Corporation, IBM, QMS, Adaptec and Bezier Systems. Brian Bonar has skills and expertise in developing innovative marketing strategies, M&A, business development, lead generation and technology development.

Brian Bonar’s Education Background

Mr. Bonar graduated from James Watt Technical College with a Technical Engineering Degree. He then joined Stafford College for his Masters in Mechanical Engineering. He also has a Ph.D. The strong education background is the basis of his success as a business executive as well as financial expert. He is skilled and experienced in the formation of effective business structure that can be relied on leverage an entity.

Bonar’s Achievements and Career Background

Brian Bonar kicked-off his career at IBM’s procurement department. The company specialized in production of computers, and Brian was assigned the role of outsourcing motherboards. He left IBM and was recruited at QMS to serve as Director of Engineering. Mr. Bonar worked at the company for four years, where he managed a group of about 100 professionals responsible for developing IT systems. In mid-1989, Brian Bonar was hired by Rastek Corporation to serve as VP Sales and Marketing. He marketed and sold the company’s printing technology around the world.After leaving Rastek, Mr. Bonar decided to focus more on the printing industry. He was hired by Adaptec as its sales manager, where he closely worked with major printer manufacturers from Japan and Korea. In September 1994, Brian founded Bezier Systems and took the role of Chief Executive Officer. Having enjoyed a successful career in the printing industry, Mr. Bonar led Bezier Systems in the production of the first SCSI based printer. One year after founding his company, Brian Bonar joined ITEC Imaging Technologies, producers of printers in Japan and Korea, where he served as VP Sales and Marketing. He stayed at the company for four years.

During his tenure at ITEC, Brian Bonar also founded AMS Outsourcing and Dalrada Financial Services. He had founded Dalrada in 1999. The company specialized in developing effective management strategies that improved direct sales. In 2011, Brian Bonar joined Trucept Inc. as its CEO and Chairman. Trucept specializes in providing insurance and recruitment services to San Diego based companies. As a financial institution, Trucept help small and mid-level companies to manage their payrolls by proposing sustainable employee benefits and human resource management strategies. Trucept helps the companies put effort on their business aspects while it handles the rest. Trucept also helps companies with risk assessment and management, which is very critical element of operating a successful enterprise.

Logan Stout Athlete And Entrepreneur: Founder Of IDLife

Logan Stout is a successful entrepreneur who is currently CEO of IDLife, a health and wellness based company. He has always has a motivated, success-driven mindset, and that has helped him to accomplish many things in life.

From being a professional athlete to founding one of the largest baseball organizations in the world, he has always pushed the limits. He grew up in Richardson, Texas, and found success early as a star student athlete. He went on to become a professional athlete, as well as earning a degree in business from Panola, and a degree in psychology from the University of Dallas.

He was inspired to help young athletes find success, and he founded the Dallas Patriots, which is now one of the worlds largest baseball organizations. He dedicated time to coaching and mentoring the younger generation, and he also served as a youth minister. His experiences led him to publish a book in 2013, titled, “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams”. Always seeking the next level, Stout developed a group of health and wellness products and a brand called IDLIfe in 2014. Because of his healthy lifestyle, he knows how much health can impact a person’s life. His attitude is one of giving back, and IDLife’s mission is to help people achieve better health. In order to go above and beyond, Stout decided to offer a personal assessment along with his product. Stout is currently married to his high school sweetheart, and the two live in Frisco, Texas, with their children.

The brand that Logan Stout developed, IDLife, is a wellness product that promotes a healthy and fit lifestyle. The brand is one of the first in the wellness industry to offer customized, personal assessments to each and every customer. IDLife supports personalized nutrition that is unique to an individual. Since 2014 they have grown significantly and been received well by their community. Their unique business model promotes growth, because they offer an affiliate program so that loyal customers can share their love of IDLife and then get paid for their work. This has contributed to IDLife’s success in changing people’s lives.

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Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy offering curriculum to all educators for free

When Eva Moskowitz founded charter network Success Academy just over 10 years ago, her goal was to give as many underprivileged children of color as possible a good education. Just over a decade later, and Success Academy schools are doing just that for more than 14,000 students.


Not happy to just help children in New York, however, Eva Moskowitz is also on a mission to offer a high quality education to other children in America. In that vein, she and Success Academy have just announced the creation of the ‘Ed Institute’, a new program that will offer other educators around the country the Success Academy curriculum for free.


The Success Academy curriculum is based on teaching students core knowledge subjects, then adding critical thinking, problem solving and self-advocacy skills. They then make learning interesting and fun.


The result? Success Academy students scoring in the top 10 percent of the state in some subjects, and others in the top 25 percent. This from children from poor backgrounds, with Special Education needs and mainly children of color.


Eva Moskowitz is so sure the Success Academy curriculum and everything else the network does works, the Ed Institute online will also offer the Academy’s tools and training resources that every part of their program is based on.


This is because she believes, if they can have this kind of success in New York, which has one of the most problematic school districts in the country, then this success is achievable anywhere.


To prove how successful the program has been, Eva Moskowitz was also in Washington D.C. earlier this month to accept the Broad Prize, an annual award that is only given to a charter school network that has provable successful results with children of color and low-income students.


Eva Moskowitz says the Success Academy will use the $250,000 prize award to create new college-preparedness programs for some of the network’s high school students.




The Benefits to Working at Home as a Wine Guide

The Traveling Vineyard teaches their wine guides in the art of working from home. You can travel and host events or stay right in the comfort of your own backyard or living room, hosting wine tastings for all of your neighbors, friends, and family members, and even have the potential open to expand your social reach by inviting new people into your wine tastings. The company is dedicated to providing assistance while allowing their guides to grow their business through living out their dreams working with wine.

As a wine guide, you will have access to a tried and true party plan model that has been proven to effective direct sales. Through this plan, you will be setting up your party to be both entertaining and educational for all of your guests. Everyone invited will learn the connection between fun and wine. Have a good time while making a profit in the process.

You will gain access to more than this plan. Upon approval of your application to become a guide, you will be connected with a wine guide expert in you area who will be there to answer all the questions you might have and will even demonstrate for you how to run a successful wine tasting campaign. You’ll be given access to the company’s awesomm app and can access modules and tests through their Sommology program. You’ll get all the education you need before setting out on your own and can learn at your own pace as you ease into the do’s and don’ts of the wine tasting selling industry.

Traveling Vineyard was formed with the idea in mind that no one knows if they will enjoy a type of wine until they taste it. Not everyone knows there are differences Traveling Vineyard types of wine available and will unfortunately give up on the enjoyable times they could be having with wine, either due to lacking education on the subject or from trying and disliking one type of wine they tried in the past.

As a wine guide, you can expand your guest’s understanding and appreciation for the complexities of many types of wines.

Jim Tananbum’s Living Accomplishments

Jim Tananbaum is a great businessman who holds a very significant history known all over the world. He acquired his academic education that gave him a firm foundation to his career. He attended the University of Yale where he later graduated with a BS as well as a BSEE in applied mathematics and computer science. This did not quench his quest for higher education, and this saw him proceed to the University of Harvard where he graduated with an MD and an MBA. This gave him a proper foundation to begin his career. The fact that he graduated for two of the most reputable Universities in the world made him very perfect in everything he did. As a beginning point, he founded Foresite Capital Company being the CEO. The company was aimed at providing health care services. With his unmatched effort, zeal and passion, the company gained popularity to an unimaginable level. This played a significant role in boosting his career. The company later spread its wings and opened up more than 77 health care companies. The companies were aimed at providing health care services as well. The companies dealt with biopharmaceuticals, medical care as well as diagnostics. Visit his About.me page to know more.

Jim’s career advancement, as well as the vast experience he had acquired, saw him found another company and named it Gel Text pharmaceuticals. Just like all other businesses he had founded, the company earned popularity soon and this added to his reputation. Efficient management of all his business was greatly propelled by his academic qualifications as well as his experience. He has acquired unimaginable wealth over the years, and this makes him a very lucky man. His investments add up to more than 1.1 billion dollars. As a worldly known investor, Jim enjoys his wealth with his family, and they support him in all his undertakings. He stands as one of the best individuals to emulate. In his line of operation, Jim has engaged with very famous people known in the entire world. This has made him an icon in the business as well as in the investment sector. Many large companies as well as famous individuals emulate him and learn from him. Check out Medium for more info.

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Dr. Scott Rocklage of Boston: A Fascinating Life

When you really think about it, every person in the world has a story to tell. However, some people’s stories are naturally more intriguing than others’. For those who are fascinated by the world of business and of achieving success in the world, the life of Dr. Scott Rocklage is sure to be of interest. Between his exceptional educational attainments, his extensive research and development experience and his history of entrepreneurship and life science venture investing, Rocklage is a formidable force. As if that isn’t enough, he enjoys a wonderful personal life that includes a strong marriage, close relationships with adult children and plenty of golfing and fun in the sun.

Through the years, Scott Rocklage has worked for or been associated with a dizzying array of organizations. To this very day, he is associated with many different companies and corporations. However, he devotes most of his time these days to his work as a managing partner at 5AM Ventures, a venture capital firm. Rocklage came on board with 5AM Ventures in 2003. Initially, he was a venture partner. In 2004, however, he became a managing partner and has been one ever since. It does not appear that he plans to leave his post any time soon.

Why has Scott Rocklage stuck with 5AM Ventures for so long? Mostly because it allows him to make the most of his considerable education and experience. At the venture capital firm, Rocklage employs a hands-on approach to helping to develop and promote untraditional solutions to diagnosing, treating and preventing medical conditions of all kinds. In his work with the firm, he works directly with many different types of entrepreneurs. He comes into regular contact with physicians, scientists, business executives and many others. The work suits him well, as he has a naturally curious mind and is always willing and able to discuss innovative ideas with new people and learn more about Scott Rocklage.

Scott Rocklage has a very strong education in science. After excelling throughout high school, he applied to and was admitted at the University of California at Berkeley. UC Berkeley is known for its competitive and first-rate chemistry program. After four years of intense work and studying, Rocklage graduated with a bachelor of science in chemistry. The ambitious young man wasn’t satisfied yet. He applied to and was accepted into the prestigious graduate chemistry program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At MIT, he worked in the famed Schrock group under Nobel Prize winner Richard R. Schrock and resume him.

In 1982, Scott Rocklage graduated with a PhD in chemistry from MIT. Needless to say, that was a major achievement in and of itself, as MIT is one of the most prestigious institutes of higher learning in the world. Since he had been back in Greater Boston for some time, Rocklage decided to stay put while embarking on his professional career. Initially, he delved into the world of research and assumed a role as a leader of a small research group. It didn’t take long for him to realize that strict research wasn’t really right for him and more information click here.

Thanks to his gregarious nature and excellent communication skills, Scott Rocklage never had any trouble in the world of business. He already knew this about himself but only realized that he needed to work in business after starting out on the science side of things. He made the switch to the business world instead by becoming CEO of a company that specialized in MRI imaging agents. From there, he rapidly moved up through the ranks. He served as president and CEO of Nycomed Salutar from 1986 until 1989, and he served as chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals from 1994 until 2003, which is also when he came on board with 5AM Ventures.

Scott Rocklage has more than three decades of experience in the healthcare management sphere. During that time, his work has been instrumental in achieving FDA approval of three U.S. New Drug Applications for Omniscan, Cubicin and Teslascan. He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers through the years, and he is listed as an inventor or co-inventor on more than 30 U.S. patents. He has served on the boards of numerous biopharmaceutical firms and continues to act in this capacity for Relypsa, K2, Novira, Kinestral and Rennovia.

Although he is a native of Greater Boston, Scott Rocklage also spends a lot of his time down in Florida. He has homes in both Jupiter, FL, and Sudbury, MA. He and his wife Patty have been married for more than 30 years. They have three adult children and many grandchildren. They stay busy by traveling, playing golf and by promoting causes that are dear to their hearts. Scott and Patty are often seen spending time at the Loxahatchee Club, where they enjoy hitting the links and socializing with friends. Rocklage has not stated when he plans to retire full time, but it probably won’t be anytime soon and Scott Rocklage’s lacrosse camp.

Studying Law: How Ricardo Tosto Influenced Brazilian Law Students

Brazil, just like any other modern states, depends on their own written laws to secure peace and order along their territories. Brazilian Law has been derived mainly from Europe’s civil law systems, and is based on statutes. The Federal Constitution is considered to be the supreme law of Brazil, and it has been amended numerous times. The study of law in Brazil is one of the most in demand courses in universities across the country, with an average number of 200,000 law students per year, scattered in more than one thousand law schools. It is considered as a prestigious line of study, and students are being persuaded to take on the course which runs for five years and has to pass an examination right after. The total number of lawyers in Brazil today is known to be above 600,000, with Sao Paolo having the largest number, almost getting a third of the nation’s lawyer population.

One of the most prominent Brazilian lawyers today is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Ricardo Tosto is known to practice law in a number of areas – focusing mainly on the issues of finances, commerce and electoral laws. Ricardo Tosto is one of those who established Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados, and has worked previously as an adviser of numerous Brazilian companies. He has also given positions inside the Brazilian Bar Association, and is a member of numerous lawyer groups organizations locally and internationally.

Ricardo Tosto’s achievements have placed him in high regard especially with the Brazilian lawyers. They look up to him not only as an inspiration, but as a Brazilian model lawyer who managed to succeed in his chosen field because of his passion in doing what is right. He actively voice out his opinion and speaking out from his mind what needs to be done. Ricardo Tosto’s contribution to the field of Brazilian law is something that would stay for a long period of time, considering how his influence managed to change the way Brazilians look into the study of law. Ricardo Tosto longs for the Brazilian law students to love the profession, which would be the key for them to understand legal processes and help others gain justice through their service.

Ricardo twitter: https://twitter.com/ricardotosto01?lang=pt

The Futuristic Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier does a lot of things that has made him a multi-billionaire. In his profile, he is an entrepreneur, technologist, columnist, speaker, an author, a philanthropist and is a boss of many companies. Some of the investments that he has are the Digital Evolution, Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, ServiceMesh, Desktone, Akana, Media Platform, US Interactive that merged and became the TM Forum.


Pulier was brought up in Teaneck, New Jersey and that is where he began his programming of computers when he was in his fourth grade. He had a database computer company when he was in high school until he went to Harvard University in 1984. Pulier did Literature majoring in English and American Literature. As an author, he wrote a column in the university’s paper, The Harvard Crimson. He also went to MIT and graduated in 1988.


He moved to Los Angeles to school and started the People Doing Things, an entity that addressed things like education, healthcare, and technology. Pulier led in creating Starbright World, a social site that is used by always ill kids so that they ease their stress by talking to each other. They could chat, blog, post pictures, and articles meet and share their experiences so as to keep company and empathize with each other. He knows that children are beautiful souls and deserve a healthy nurturing environment.

Eric Pulier has interests in venture capital funds in the original companies. He is an active member of charitable organizations, and he has gotten into equity groups. As an active investor in new media and technology firms, he has offered his best advice to the growing companies, and with his help, the new media services are stable financially being successful.


He now lives permanently in LA, California with his four children and serves in The Painted Turtle’s board. The company is a summer camp for the ill children. He is also on the board of the XPRIZE Foundation.


v-Atomic Systems, his new venture, has changed the way people view gaming and digital goods. It has shown game mechanics, graphics, digital trade, GPS, and blockchain technology in a clear way. More Info On: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/eric-pulier



Highland Capital Stepping Out of Comfort Zone

The co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero’s biggest strength is evaluating emerging issues, thinking through tough debt deals and making turnarounds. James has had some of the best investment ideas that have seen Highland Capital make huge profits. Although the initial idea of the company was to deal with credits, the firm has ventured to other fields. Highland Capital was founded by Mr. Dondero with Mark Okada. In 1997, they bought out the parent company and since then its human resource and assets have increased massively.


James Dondero and his team are risk takers and have invested in companies that other organizations in their field would not attempt. Vistra Energy was in an awful position when Highland Capital bought its senior secured debt. They later converted the debt to equity. Currently, Vistra Energy is doing quite well and even its shares are trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Highland Capital also bought Argentina’s bond in 2012 when their economy was failing. Research done by the firm showed that losses in the country would be limited, so it was a good move to get in. After 2015’s election, Mauricio Macri primary focus was to improve the economy and the value of the bonds bought by Highland Capital almost doubled. When Master Limited Partnerships’ index went down to 15%, James and his team invested in the company. By 2016, the index had moved to 18.3% making Highland Capital multiply its investment almost four times.


Philanthropic work of Highland Capital


Highland Capital is also involved in few charitable activities. The firm gives support to new non-profit organizations and Reasoning Mind. The Reasoning Mind develops technology that teaches math curriculum for pre-kindergarten up to the seventh grade, to help less privileged schools boost their math score.


James Dondero Career


Before co-founding Highland Capital, James Dondero worked at Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary as the chief investment officer and American Express managing its fixed income funds. He is also on the board of American Banknote, Cornerstone Healthcare, MGM Studios, CCS Medical Corporation and NexBank. His track record has seen funds associated with him get different awards.


James Dondero graduated with a bachelor in accounting and finance from the University of Virginia. He is also a Certified Management Accountant and has earned the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.