Goettl Air Conditioning: Over Seventy Years of Providing Unmatched HVAC Services

Goettl Air Conditioning acquired Moore Air Conditioning, a company based in Las Vegas. Both companies offer heating, air conditioning, and ventilation services and have over fifty years experience in the market.

The deal reinforces Goettl’s determination to provide the best customer experience through skilled technicians. Moore’s team of experts caters for the growing market for air conditioning in Las Vegas. Goettl Air Conditioning aims to become the primary service provider in the area through growing the business by 50% within 2017 and increasing the number of specialists over the next one year.

The company will source technicians from the College of Southern Nevada. The J. Duncan Goodrich Air Technology Program, at the university, was created as an endowment. The current owner, Ken Goodrich, also supports a veteran initiative dubbed the Kenneth D. Goodrich CSN 9/11 Veteran HVAC Employment Program. The veteran’s program not only supports training but also helps trainees find meaningful work. One of the beneficiaries of the program is Nick Hughes, who used his grant to obtain tools worth 1000 dollars. Most of the equipment of the trade are costly and out of reach for most of the veterans. Hughes is currently involved in an HVAC consulting firm.

In 1939, Gust and Adam Goettl conceptualized the idea that is Goettl Air Conditioning in Phoenix. They moved to Southern Nevada in 1968 and left in 2007 because of the recession. In 2013 Goodrich purchased the company, then based in Arizona. Goettl offers a range of services and products that include air conditioners, replacement services, maintenance, and repair. The company operates in Southern California, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Tucson.

The Phoenix cooling services are a full range of cooling services that encompass installation of air conditioners and heat pumps and replacement and management for business and home owners. The heating services extend to the replacement of furnaces, fuel systems gas and ductless heating networks. According to glassdoor.com, other services provided include humidification and cleaning services.

Ken Goodrich’s passion for service began at a tender age of ten. Goodrich’s father advised him always to endeavor to do what is right at the moment and not only when it is convenient. Over the last twenty years, Goodrich has founded and managed plumbing and HVAC companies. The Sunny plumber provides plumbing services for Goettl Air Conditioning.

In 2014, Goettl Air Conditioning marked its 75th year of operations and celebrated Dan Burkle’s 25 years as CEO of the company. Goodrich is optimistic that the next seventy-five years will be even more successful.