3 Ways Whitney Wolfe Is Changing Online Dating

The most important thing to understand about Bumble, the dating app Whitney Wolfe is known for, is that the entire experience revolves around women making the first move in all opposite sex encounters. This shakes things up because it completely blows traditional expectations out of the water. With women empowered to make the first move Bumble separates itself from other dating apps by opening up an entirely new way of thinking. It doesn’t really have any competitors.

No More Harassment Online

There isn’t much data on sexual harassment in online dating. Although the issue certainly exist, it simply isn’t regarded as an important topic by the majority of dating apps. Bumble has actually kept track of the sexual harassment on the website and it appears there is a very low incidence rate overall. In 2015, there were only 101 cases of sexual harassment. That represents less than 0.1% of the entire Bumble audience. Numbers like that suggest something Whitney Wolfe is doing is working. The reasons behind this lack of sexual harassment aren’t clear, but perhaps it might have something to do with the focus on giving women the initiative.

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A New Model For Online Dating

Bumble is changing online dating and how it works. Right now, dating apps are simply focused on creating the largest user base possible. In the process spambots and harassers manage to infiltrate and ruin the experience for the average user. Whitney Wolfe is interested in more than making money. She wants to stomp out a rising social problem as soon as possible. Bumble is an experiment but it has proven successful with millions of people. She has a model for success and we are certain to see other companies follow what she has already built.

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