Studying Law: How Ricardo Tosto Influenced Brazilian Law Students

Brazil, just like any other modern states, depends on their own written laws to secure peace and order along their territories. Brazilian Law has been derived mainly from Europe’s civil law systems, and is based on statutes. The Federal Constitution is considered to be the supreme law of Brazil, and it has been amended numerous times. The study of law in Brazil is one of the most in demand courses in universities across the country, with an average number of 200,000 law students per year, scattered in more than one thousand law schools. It is considered as a prestigious line of study, and students are being persuaded to take on the course which runs for five years and has to pass an examination right after. The total number of lawyers in Brazil today is known to be above 600,000, with Sao Paolo having the largest number, almost getting a third of the nation’s lawyer population.

One of the most prominent Brazilian lawyers today is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Ricardo Tosto is known to practice law in a number of areas – focusing mainly on the issues of finances, commerce and electoral laws. Ricardo Tosto is one of those who established Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados, and has worked previously as an adviser of numerous Brazilian companies. He has also given positions inside the Brazilian Bar Association, and is a member of numerous lawyer groups organizations locally and internationally.

Ricardo Tosto’s achievements have placed him in high regard especially with the Brazilian lawyers. They look up to him not only as an inspiration, but as a Brazilian model lawyer who managed to succeed in his chosen field because of his passion in doing what is right. He actively voice out his opinion and speaking out from his mind what needs to be done. Ricardo Tosto’s contribution to the field of Brazilian law is something that would stay for a long period of time, considering how his influence managed to change the way Brazilians look into the study of law. Ricardo Tosto longs for the Brazilian law students to love the profession, which would be the key for them to understand legal processes and help others gain justice through their service.

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