Handy Grows In The Home Cleaning App Arena

No one likes to be stuck cleaning up a house or apartment. This is doubly true when the interior really has been neglected for some time. Thanks to Handy, the entire do-it-yourself job can be avoided. Through Handy it is possible to book a skilled cleaner through a simple smartphone app. A standard computer can be used as well.

Booking through Handy has become enormously popular. According to bigcitylittleblog.com, roughly $1 million per week in bookings are completed — quite an impressive figure! The founders of the startup came up with the great idea for a cleaning services app while in college. The idea is now a multi-million dollar business. Local offices for Handy are found all throughout the United States, Canada, and other territories. The growth of Handy is exceptional, which is even more impressive when looking at the company’s competitors. A number of other startups with similar plans fell by the wayside and were unable to keep up with Handy’s growth.

Alwayztherro.com reveals that the convenience factor associated with Handy is a major contributor to its success, but so is the screening process. Handy is very selective about those hired to list their freelance services via the app. By making sure only top-notch freelancers are affiliated with Handy, the company ensures customers are pleased and spread positive reviews. Handy attains better growth in the market as a result.