Dr. Jennifer Walden Keeping Plastic Surgery in a Positive Light

Who grew up in Austin Texas, graduated with highest honors and went on to become one of the leading women in the area of Plastic Surgery? If you answered Dr. Jennifer Walden, ou are certainly correct. To Dr. Walden dispelling the myths of cosmetic surgery and helping others look and feel great about themselves is an important job. If you aren’t sure, just ask any one of her many satisfied clients and you are sure to see that her job is not only important, but, her service is life changing for so many individuals.

So what does Dr. Jennifer Walden do one a daily basis that is helping people so much? Well, we are glad you asked that question. As a cosmetic surgeon who is extensively trained, she spends a lot of her time teaching her peers and educating others about the many benefits of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Walden does things like breast augmentations, which help to lift and firm the breasts. This is done not just for the cosmetic look, but, to help a person feel better, look better and even take pressure off the nerves and body areas that cause pain and stress. She also does face lifts to get rid of unwanted facial features and make a person look younger. Other aspects include things like lifts on the eyelids, the common and ever popular nose job which is also called a rhinoplasties. Let’s not forget the area of liposuction that helps the tummy, thighs and arms.

A great part of Dr. Walden’s job as a highly skilled surgeon is to keep up with continuing education and bring that education to the people who need it most. This includes other doctors and the very patients she helps with her procedures. Often a patient has no idea what can be done or what to expect and Dr. Walden helps them to understand the realistic expectations of what the surgery can help them achieve. The direct benefit for the patient is they look and feel years younger and are much happier and healthier.

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The Philanthropic Works of Eric Lefkofsky

At some point, our dreams become intoxicated to the point of driving us to the extent of wanting them to come true. When we reach such points in life, we are compelled to do everything to achieve those dreams. Those are the sentiments of Eric Lefkofsky, a famous constructive, contributor to the health and business worlds. Eric is well known as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivational speaker and investor. The co-founder of Tempus is prominently recognized by his positive contribution to the world of health and its effects. Lefkofsky is especially applauded for being supportive of the health sector in fighting cancer. What began as a diagnosis to someone close to him is now a revolutionary movement, geared towards finding genomic data and relevant information to cure the deadly disease. In Tempus, the technology company has generated an operating system that issues relevant data in battling cancer.

Philanthropic background

Aside from being the co-founder of Tempus, Lefkofsky has been charitable in many ways. For starters, he is the head cheerleader of the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. Assisted by Liz, his wife, Eric has greatly transformed people’s lives. He serves communities in various capacities with health being his major area of expertise. Eric is also the assistant founder of Lightbank. This company is an investment fund that puts its resources in technology businesses. Through Eric’s leadership and guidance, the company has largely invested in constructive, technology companies that focus on developmental projects.


Lefkofsky’s experiences and input to philanthropy extend to Groupon, a global, online company that issues online marketing platforms for businesses. He is also known for co-founding Uptake Technologies, a predictive analytics’ company that has assisted some of the world’s leading industries; Mediaocean, a company that tops the list of media procurement technology. From his experiences, it is evident that Lefkofsky has vast experience as a leader and a philanthropist. His input can barely be matched by ordinary professionals.

The conclusion

Lefkofsky dedicates most of his time to revolutionizing the world. He is convinced that healthcare will improve with the input of technology. The graduate of Chicago University is also confident that his skills are instrumental in his areas of expertise.

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