EOS Keeps Your Lips Sensational for Others

Of course, you want your lips to be soft and luxurious all the time, and the best way to do that is with all natural, organic EOS lip balm flavors. Evolution of Smooth, or EOS, is a fantastic find in the war against dry, cracked lips, especially in the winter months. EOS will keep your sensitive lips naturally soft and supple.


EOS lip balms are filled with a healthy combination of vitamin E, soothing shea butter, and jojoba oil. These high-quality ingredients are used to create lip balms that are packed with antioxidants to keep your lips extremely soft all day long. Protection is also a key factor, and EOS protects your lips from the elements naturally.


These sensational lip balms are hypoallergenic and petrolatum free, and they have been dermatologist tested to maintain soft, smooth, beautiful lips. They come in a variety of scrumptious, naturally-flavored balms packaged in adorable, matching-colored oval cases that you can carry everywhere.

Delicious Flavors Make EOS Fun

The 15 flavors made by EOS include Honeysuckle Honeydew, Blueberry Acai, Vanilla Bean, Pomegranate Raspberry, Summerfruit, Medicated Tangerine, Sweet Mint, Passion Fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, Vanilla Mint, Sheer Pink, Coconut Milk, Blackberry Nectar, Lemon Twist with SPF 15 and Grapefruit with SPF 30.


EOS organic lip balm is only the beginning of the Evolution of Smooth. Also included in the line is a naturally sensational shaving cream and a hand and body lotion. You want all areas to be sensual and smooth at all times, and EOS is the best way to do that.

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If you prefer lip balm in the traditional stick, EOS lip balm has this available too, and for your convenience, the lip balms are sold in multi-packs, too.

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Flavor Your Lips, and Beautify Them

When you seek to decorate your lips with lipsticks or chapsticks, it could be for beauty, or it could be for comfort and healing. In either case you bring something to your lips that enhances them. However, often neglected in the process is what the lip covering does to your taste buds. Finding a lip balm that provides both an alluring aroma and taste-bud-tingling tastes is indeed a unique challenge.


The Evolution of Smooth (EOS) provides multiple cosmetics such as lotions, shaving creams, and of course flavored lip balms. EOS Lip Balms are available online, but even more readily available at thousands of retailers all over the world. The flavored lip balms come in those familiar round spherical cases, just twist off the top and use the aromatic flavorful lip balm as needed, comfort or healing.


EOS provides their products at affordable prices from seasonal sales to packages that provide you a lower price point. Regardless of the affordable sales, EOS products sale at a favorable price all year long and provide you with one of the best lip balms on the market. For more Info click amazon.com


With the topic of flavor and smell regarding the line of EOS lip balms, fans have their favorites. Several websites are either dedicated to, or at the very least discuss the topic of the best flavors of EOS lip balms. In many cases, variations of pomegranate or mint seem to top the lists, with vanilla right there in the mix. Never count out the berry flavors that usually fall in the top five.

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With various combinations of flavors also available, EOS has a flavor for everyone. Vanilla bean is a particularly wonderful flavor and is accompanied by a very therapeutic smell. It’s one of those that awakens old memories when applied. Find a flavor that works for you.

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