How To Choose Online Reputation Management Service

Status knows what it’s like to suffer reputation damage. Over a year ago, Status Labs went experienced a situation that almost tarnished their online reputation. Being a leader in the field of reputation, the company applied its skills and resources to deal with the matter and was able to recover from it. Today, Status Labs has a great online reputation and is back in business as usual.

Criticism in the press and negative posts on social media sites can be damaging to a company’s reputation as consumers spread the news and share their concerns with others.

When an incident occurs that ruins your company’s image, it is essential to take steps to bring the situation under control. It is important to acknowledge the problem and apologize, identify the cause and communicate the remedial steps your organization. By showing that you are paying attention and taking appropriate steps to resolve the problem, you can restore company image and boost your reputation online.

There are a number of benefits provided by a reliable online reputation management firm. From suppressing negative reviews to creating positive content, these experts provide services that help businesses operate successfully.

If you need professional online reputation and crisis management for your business, contact Status Labs. Status Labs specializes in reputation and crisis management and comes highly recommended in the industry. This highly renowned company has been around for years and is well known for providing excellent services clients. Status Labs offers services for both businesses and individual clients, but its unique approach to monitoring and repairing reputation is what distinguishes the company from others in the industry.

These professionals offer their clients a comprehensive online reputation management campaign, which includes an evaluation of your online reputation before the campaign starts and a complete assessment once it is completed. After analyzing a situation, the professionals at Status Labs focus on strategies that will strengthen their client’ reputation. Along with its online reputation and crisis management services, Status Labs offers a wealth of helpful tips and advice concerning marketing and search engine optimization. Follow Status Labs on Facebook to learn more.

Dealing with a Bad Online Reputation


A bad online reputation is destructive for every business. It not only costs the company money but can also be difficult to undo. In fact, it may result to resurfacing of some reputation issues that were buried before. A good example is United Airlines that lost over $180 million due to bad reputation. In their case, it was as a result of poor customer service. David Caroll, a musician, noticed his guitar being mishandled in the loading area. He tried to reach out to the airline company for compensation. After his efforts showed no results, he decided to sing about the experience. The video of the song went viral and this resulted to the falling of the United Airlines stock by over 10 percent.
When a company has a bad reputation, it becomes difficult to gain new customers and retain existing customers unless they fix bad reviews. According to a recent study, US businesses lose about $537 billion each year as a result of unhappy customers. Satisfied customers, on the other side, may spend almost thrice the amount than unsatisfied clients. Corporations may be responsible for the answers to their bad reputation. They should prove that they care about their customer and the community. That’s where online reputation management comes in.
So how do you fix bad online reputation? You need to identify the source of the bad reputation first. You can use software like to monitor your online reputation. Companies should take care of negative outputs. You should not give critics the chance to incite bad reviews for your company. Come up with lasting solutions for any bad reputation you come along. It is recommended to involve stakeholders in internet reputation repair.
It is important for business owners and managers to solve problems for clients who seem unhappy before they leave. Make sure you strive to turn a negative review into a positive one. As for your employees, make sure they are always happy. Work with them and learn about how you can make work enjoyable for them. Give your employees incentives to motivate them. This will go a long way in improving customer service.
If you are looking to build good online reputation you should consider the services of The Search Fixers. The firm can fix bad search results and help you gain more customers. Their work is inexpensive and likely to favor your business budget. The Search Fixers have a skilled and experienced workforce that will provide you with excellent and satisfactory services. They provide other services which include search engine optimization. Visit to learn more about online reputation management.