David Samadi: Prostate Cancer Mostly Affects Older Men

Cancer is a very complicated disease. Once it is found in the body of a human being, treatment has to be started fast before it can spread and become fatal to the patient. Diagnosing the medical condition, however, is not a walk in the park. Some patients might not experience any symptoms, making it a silent killer. When most people are discovering the medical condition, it is already spread to other parts of the body. The medical condition is common among all people, regardless of their age, religion, gender or race. Individuals who are older are at a higher risk of getting the dangerous disease. Some young people are also battling the dangerous disease in the modern times.

In the United States, millions of people are living with cancer. Some of these individuals have top positions in the government while others are respected figures holding great offices. Cancer does not spare anyone. Mitt Romney is one of the latest cancer victims in the country. The former Republican presidential candidate realized that he had a tumor that was growing. The tumor made him lack sleep on several occasions because he knew that it could be cancerous. After undergoing surgery, the doctors realized that the cancer was in the initial stages, and it could be cured. The politician got treatment in one of the leading medical facilities in the country, and this is how his life was saved. The businessman is almost seventy years old.

Mitt Romney is one of the many seniors who have had to deal with cancer in their life time. Prostate cancer affects men who are older, and it is very rare in men who are in their forties. The men who get a diagnosis in time can be cured without many difficulties. Medical practitioners say that this cancer has become the leading killer in men who are older in the recent times.

From HuffPo:  https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/dr-david-samadi-mitt-romneys-prostate-cancer-prognosis_us_5a5faa15e4b0549d1a953e94

David Samadi is a respected medical professional who is very passionate about getting rid of cancer in the international community. The doctor was trained in one of the leading universities in the entire world, and he is doing his best to ensure that people, especially men understand the disease. The businessman has conducted thousands of surgeries in his career, and he has made sure that his patients are declared cancer free at the end of the treatment. Samadi is currently based in the United States, and he travels in other parts of the world taking care of patients.

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Amazing Facts about Lifeline Screening Company

Health Centre’s offer different services to its patients. Some of the services include screening, diagnostic and counselling. Therefore, some health services specialize in screening. Screening is the process by which one tests the presence or the absence of disease, infection or contaminant. One of the world’s best screening company is Lifeline Screening Company.

Lifeline Screening Company was founded in 1993 in the United States, Florida. It serves forty eight states. Its main founders are Timothy Phillips and Colin Scully. The main role is providing health preventative screening. Lifeline Screening Company was also launched in the United Kingdom in 2007.It has partnered with some organizations, hospitals and insurances like Carolina Vascular and Mission Hospital. It also expanded to offer services in Australia calling themselves Screen for Life. Lifeline Screening Hospital carries out various screening services as described below. They include Ultrasound Screenings-this includes viewing and getting images that are reliable by use of Ultrasound technology.

Finger-Stick Blood Screening-incorporated in 2008. Its role is checking for heart diseases and diabetes risks involved. It also checks for cholesterol levels Inflammation. Further they offer Electrocardiograph-It checks whether one has atrial fibrillation that may cause stroke to increase. Lifeline Screening Company also carries out research or case study. In 2010 they carried out a study to show if there is a relationship between the presence of AAA and body weight. There was a conclusion that when has excess weight there is a risk of the AAA increment. The solution of reducing AAA risk is eating more vegetables, fruits, nuts and drinking water. This was a ultrasound technology screening service.

Partnering with Oxford University, there was another study carried out in between 2008-2012 in United Kingdom. It was a vascular screening service. There was a conclusion that irregular heat beat, Circulatory issues or any other abdominal aortic aneurysm occurs earlier in men than in women specifically ten years. There was also a study that showed that peripheral artery disease had increased among women hence showing that more women are smoking. There was also a conclusion that when has one a cardiovascular disease in one part chances are it’s in other parts of the body. Lifeline screening has continued venturing in different screening services and spreading worldwide to learn more: http://www.lifelinescreeningblog.com/ click here.