Securus Technologies; Using Technology to Rehabilitate

Am glad to know that Securus Technologies is a leading telecommunication services provider that has its offices in Oregon, United States of America. Given the need for incarcerated persons to communicate and keep in touch with the outside world and loved ones, telecommunication companies have ventured into providing secure communication systems to inmates. Founded in 1986, Securus serves over 2,600 correctional facilities in both the United States of America and Canada.


According to the research I have conducted, Securus technologies received accreditation from Better Business Bureau (BBB). This means that secures has amassed a lot of positive reviews from its clients on their products and customer care. With contracts with over 2200 correctional facilities, Securus has grown a great deal since its inception. The advancement in technology over the past decade has seen Securus better its efficiency in service delivery and offer a wide portfolio of products and packages.


The other thing I have noted is that Securus technologies acquired Jpay Inc and this acquisition has seen inmates acquire over 32,000 college credits over the year. Jpay Inc, now a subsidiary of Securus technologies started the Jpay lantern program. Jpay lantern provides incarcerated individuals with mass education by providing them with tablets and access to educational materials and eBooks. The program has seen over 12000 students enrolled in post-secondary education programs. Successful students from the program have gone on to attain degrees from reputable universities such as Ashland University.


Securus Technologies works with law enforcement facilities and serves over 3,400 correctional facilities over the greater North America. Securus provides technological and infrastructure aid to law enforcement helping them solve or prevent crimes. By helping rehabilitate incarcerated individuals and providing parolee tracking technologies, Securus Technologies has seen to it that ex-convicts don’t go back to their criminal ways. Securus technologies also provide relevant information to law enforcement officers and prison officials aiding in the smooth running of the system.


Working with Securus Technologies to Hunt Fugitives

When it comes to hunting down fugitives, you have to work quickly because every second they are out on the streets means they could put another innocent person in danger. I have been working in the fugitive task force division for twenty years, and in that time things have seemed to have gotten worse and these fugitives will do just about anything to stay out of jail.

As technology advances at break-neck speeds, so do the resources we have in order to locate and capture many of these fugitives. The days of relying solely on informants to give us information has been disappearing, today we let the bad guys lead us right to those we are hunting. The best part, they don’t even realize they are helping us to take the worst of the worst off the streets.

To give you a better example of how the technology of today is helping to keep the streets safer and preventing crimes, we need to look at the company Securus Technologies. When their CEO, Rick Smith, expanded his Dallas based company and grew the company from a few to over a thousand employees, his objective of making the world safer for us all resonated in our jail. His technology has transformed the inmate phone systems, allowing officers to better monitor those calls and pick up on things we missed in the past.

Now when inmates are talking, the LBS software can pick up on chatter concerning fugitives we are hunting. Inmates love to brag, and even when they think they are talking in code, the new system alerts us to the information. We have heard inmates taking about where fugitives are hiding, where they are going, who is helping them, and how they were able to avoid us as long as they have. This allows us to close the gap quickly and get them back to their cells.

We Have Several Family Meetings With Securus

We have built a family meeting system with Securus, and we call into the prisons every year around the holiday season. I know that our family has a difficult time coming to the jails where our cousins are held, and we all call in to reach them as often as we can. This article explains how we use Securus to talk to family, and I have taught everyone in the family how to use Securus.


#1: The Finest Video System In The Country


We have used Securus several times over the past year, and we have seen lovely videos with our loved ones who are stuck in jail. We cannot make our way to them every holiday season, and we saw the commercial where they talked about meeting for the holidays. I decided that we could all meet with our cousins at a family dinner, and we are planning a party where everyone can meet together.


#2: We Planned A Special Meeting


Planning our special meeting with the family was quite a good time as we brought all our favorite foods, deserts and dishes we may make in the house. I hosted the party for the family in my house, and we had a spread ready before we started the call. Our family had an amazing meal, and we talked to them on the video call just after the meal. I may tap a few different places in the app for the call, and I picked the person we needed to talk to.


#3: Everyone Gets to Check In


Checking in with our loved ones is an important part of the holiday season, and we understand that we are not up-to-date on all our lives. Our lives are quite exciting, but we are spread around where we cannot reach each other. Talking on Securus keeps up together, and we have a family unity that cannot be found driving for hours to get to the jail.


#4: Signing Up


I called and signed up with Securus the same day I heard of the company, and the associate on the phone helped us understand how the plans work. We all signed up for our own accounts with the company, and we shared our experiences with others. I have found the company helpful with every call, and they have resolved customer services for me in the past. All this makes Securus the best visitation service for our loved ones.


A Wonderful Service for Louisiana Inmates

Regardless of the reason for being incarcerated, inmates and their family members deserve to have a way to communicate, especially in times of crisis. With an open line of communication, inmates and family members and friends can maintain their bond and still remain a part of each other’s lives. The floods in Louisiana have been devastating for a lot of people and are making these lines of communication even more important for Louisiana inmates and residents. Many people have lost their lives and others have lost their homes and everything in them. Being able to communicate with family members and friends is extremely important during these times and Securus Technologies is offering a phone service to inmates in Louisiana jails free of charge so that they can check on the friends and family and keep in touch to ensure their safely along with knowing about their situation and what may come of their lives after the flood.


Securus has been providing phone service and other communication technologies to correctional facilities in 45 states of the Unites States along with facilities in the District of Columbia, Canada and Mexico. Based out of Dallas, Texas they have a very supportive customer service department that is knowledgeable and experienced in handling any issues that may arise and can provide technical solutions to any problems that may be experienced. Click here to learn more about Securus Technologies.


Opening the lines of communication for Louisiana inmates can help alleviate fear and worry they will experience with the news of the flooding in their state. Securus is a company that provides these services but also cares about the inmates and their ability to speak to their family and friends in this great time of need and help calm any anxiety and worry they may have about their loved one being safe.