Matt Badiali Says Zinc’s the New Metal

Originally beginning his career in the field of geology, Matt Badiali has made considerable strides in the world of investment since making the transition to finance. Today, Matt Badiali is the editor of Real Wealth Strategist – a part of the Banyan Hill Publishing collective, and regularly contributes to a number of pieces under the Banyan Hill umbrella. Always one to try to spot incoming trends that might prove to be lucrative, Matt Badiali has been consistently supporting the metal, zinc, which he believes will increase significantly regarding price in the near future. His background in geology, for which he has garnered degrees from Penn State University, as well as Florida Atlantic University, has offered him a unique perspective concerning its future. With zinc currently in the midst of a bull market, history has shown that the metal has performed exceptionally well due to its many uses in the world today – in fact, it has come to be considered the third most important metal. Visit the website to learn more. While many investors have been worried about the trajectory of zinc, considering it has not skyrocketed during the bull market, according to Matt Badiali, it is currently on par with significant gains that we have seen in the past. There are myriad of advantages to zinc which makes it one of the most exciting upcoming investments to make, including the fact that it fights rust, is not flammable and is even finding its way into the medical field. Follow Matt on Facebook.

Matt Badiali has been an avid supporter of a little-known investment which is known as

“Freedom Checks.” There are 568 companies that are eligible to distribute freedom checks, many of which exist within the oil and gas industry, and they are referred to as master limited partnerships. The companies eligible to distribute freedom checks generally pay out the majority of their income to investors, and as the returns are not considered to be income, but the return of capital, they are tax-exempt. People who invest in master limited partnerships can often time see returns that are considerably larger than those of a 401k or IRA account, and can, in many cases, reach tens of thousands of dollars, which are paid on a quarterly or monthly basis. The returns associated with master limited partnerships are very similar to investment dividends and are similar to stocks when it comes to purchasing, yet they are taxed at a much lower rate when resold.


Madison Street Capital Receives a 2017 M&A Advisor Award for Debt Financing Deal of the Year

The M&A Advisor announced the 16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards’ winners November 13, 2017. Madison Street Capital, a reputable investment banking institution, was among the winners announced at M&A Advisors Gala situated in NYC. Madison Street Capital was the winner of M&A Advisor’s Debt Financing Deal of the Year. The investment banking institution won because of its transaction with WLR Automotive.


Before Madison Street Capital won, the company contested the award with other 650 nominees. The M&A Advisor honors companies and deal makers that facilitate exceptional M&A transactions through its awards. Its co-CEO and president, David Ferguson, believes that MSC was the right pick for the award. He is also certain that MSC represents the best interests of the highly-competitive M&A sector.


Besides Ferguson’s speech at the award ceremony, Charles Botchway of MSC also made his remarks on his company’s win. Botchway said that it was a pleasure for MSC to bag a prestigious award in the category of debt financing. He thanked WLR Automotive for choosing his firm to facilitate the debt financing transaction. He also congratulated Barry Petersen, MSC’s senior managing director, for overseeing the lucrative deal.


In addition to bagging a Debt Financing Deal of the Year Award, MSC was a finalist of other two awards. These include the Financials Deal of the Year (Under 250MM) and the prestigious Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year. The 2017 M&A Advisor Summit and the 16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards ceremony took place at the same time. The summit featured more than 500 specialists in M&A. It focused on interactive forums aimed at improving M&A transactions.


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About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is a reputable provider of M&A and corporate finance advisory solutions. The company manages to target clients with these solutions through its highly-experienced professionals. These professionals have a duty of organizing capitalization and financial structures with respect to clients’ needs. MSC ranks among the world’s leading investment banking companies with interests in the middle market.


With its head office in Chicago, IL, MSC also targets middle market clients from Africa and Asia. MSC’s wide range of financial services are inclusive of restructuring solutions, financial opinion solutions and buy side and sell side solutions sought by private equities. Its services are also inclusive of business valuation solutions and valuation for financial reporting. Hedge funds can seek MSC’s reliable assistance in mergers and acquisitions. Learn more:


How Betsy DeVos’ Passion for Education Reform turned her into one of the Country’s Biggest Philanthropists

Betsy DeVos has many enviable titles. Businesswoman, reformer and government bureaucrat are all terms used to describe her. In her storied professional career that spans over three decades, she has served in various capacities in political movements, private business and the education sector. Arguably her most befitting title, however, is a philanthropist. The soft-spoken billionaire has been in the business of giving, together with her husband, for decades now.In a recent interview published in Philanthropy Roundtable, Mrs. DeVos opened up her motivations, experiences, and outlook for her philanthropy. As a professional, either serving in a political capacity, Mrs. DeVos always looked to combine innovation and social change. While working in the education sector, Mrs. DeVos realized that there was a great opportunity there to effect lasting social change through innovation. The public school system, as it were, was not working well. Therefore, as a woman of means and a mother to school-going children, Mrs. DeVos decided to start supporting students and schools in desperate needs of resources.

This support initially kicked off with the provision of a few scholarships at one school then quickly grew when the DeVos family created a foundation and Mr. DeVos, her husband, was elected to the State Education Board in Michigan in 1990. While the scholarships provided opportunities to a great number of students who would have otherwise lacked a quality education, Mrs. DeVos soon realized that scholarships could only do so much. There was a greater need for policy reforms that would permanently address the educational challenges in America. And thus began her involvement in education reform all around the country; a move that has since yielded some significant successes for the benefit of needy and knowledge-hungry children everywhere.Much of Mrs. DeVos’ philanthropic work has been conducted through the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Together with her husband, Dick DeVos, she founded this charitable organization close to four decades ago.

The Foundation’s primary objectives are facilitating the development of arts, community, education, and justice. Additionally, with the DeVos’ being devout Christians, the Foundation’s activities are partially motivated by faith. The Foundation is one of the biggest family-owned charities in the country with well over $100 million being doled out by the charity it since its formation in 1989. In 2015 alone tax forms placed the money donated by the Foundation to various institutions and organizations at an approximate figure of $10 million. Today, Mrs. DeVos is helping educate close to a quarter of a million children in various types of schools spread across 17 states in the country and the District of Columbia.Many organizations have over the years taken note of Mrs. DeVos’ philanthropic and reformist nature and, as a consequence decided to appoint her to their boards. She serves on the boards of the Foundation for Excellence in Education and Kids Hope USA, among other organizations.