Investing In post-Trump Market And Surviving Previous Shocks From 2015 Market Selloff

The world of investment has been going through some turmoils in recent times. With the last market selloff in September 2015, ongoing interventions and policy reforms by major nations and rising uncertainty among the investors both in the USA and outside, things have been quite dubious for a while.

But according to Tim Armour, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Capital Group based on Los Angeles, there is still some hope for the investors if only they can make the right moves at the right time.

Tim is one of the most successful investment specialists from the USA. He has more than 33 years of experiences in the investment market. He started his career in Capital Group as a participant in its “Associate Program” and covered Global Telecommunications and the U.S. Service Companies as an Equity Investment Analyst. Right now, he is serving Capital Group as its Chairman & CEO. Also, he also serves as Chairman & PEO of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc. as well as Chairman of Capital Group Companies Management Committee. He completed his bachelor’s study from Middlebury College in Economics.

Tim has been playing a crucial role in Capital Group by developing innovative and market appropriate investment strategies. Under his robust and intuitive leadership, Capital has become of the most successful investment firms that can save money for its investors in spite of hard times in the economy. Very recently, Capital Group has formed a partnership with Samsung Asset Management (SAM) that would deliver investment strategies for both Korean institutional and retail investors. Initially, the partnership will focus on improving retirement solutions, asset allocation and active investment capability for SAM.

Tim has a radical approach regarding investment, and he has been helping investors with his insights, perspectives, and advice for a long while. To most of his clients, he always suggests that they should get involved only with active managers to ensure their return on investment. According to Tim, active managers who also invest in a portfolio along with their clients, are the most successful managers as they have a personal interest in the portfolio and they work aggressively to earn their keep. While the market had a breakdown at the market selloff by China in 2015, Tim suggests that it was a blessing to adjust the market in a natural way. Although it was a big loss for many investors, there is still hope for them to get their return. Also, he is also optimistic that the post-Trump market and hopes that internet and commodity based companies would be safe investment area for many.