End Citizen United Endorses KrystenSinema for Arizona Senate Race

End Citizen United is one of the new political action committees in the United States. The organization has been in the American market for a while, and its greatest mission is to bring reforms in the country’s campaign finance system. The institution has been a big player in the American politics, especially in the year 2016. The organization is planning to donate millions of money to the Democratic candidates who are running for any political offices in the entire nation.

Just one month after it was established into the market, End Citizen United managed to raise more than two million dollars from its small donors. The institution wants to raise at least twenty five million by the end of the day so that they can change the entire cycle in the country. Although the presidential candidate supporting the institution did not win in the 2016 presidential campaign, the founders of the institution want to make things better by electing more people in the senate.

The organization has a goal of reversing the court decision that was made several months ago concerning the black money donated by wealthy people in the political system. The dark money in politics has led to people electing the wrong people into government offices, and this has led to several consequences. By electing individuals who do not support the dark money, End Citizen United wants to change the political system in the United States. This year, the organization has endorsed several political candidates to vie for different races in the senate.

Several days ago, End Citizen United management team announced to its supporters that it had endorsed one of the Congresswomen, known as KrystenSinema to be in the senatorial race. According to the foundation, Krysten will run for the Arizona senate seat because she is the right person with the right qualities. First of all, Krysten has been committed to offering consumers accountability and transparency, especially in Washington where she has spent most of her career life. Washington is one of the places where some individuals have chosen millions of money in secret so that the elections in the country can be influenced.

Tiffany Muller, currently working as the president of the successful PAC says that his organization is very thrilled to endorse Krysten for the hotly contested position. In the past, Tiffany Muller says that Krysten has been very influential in making sure that the families and people of Arizona are heard. Krysten believes that there should be power in democracy, and this is one of the greatest reasons she was given the prestigious honor. The institution is very proud to be associated with the Congresswoman too, and they have offered to give her all the financial support she will need in the campaigns.

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End Citizens United Supports New Campaign Financing Legislation

Campaign financing laws have become practically non-existent in the United States. And, it is causing much of the nation to put pressure on their representatives who want to keep their seats to enact legislation that stops the current political onslaught from wealth barons and foreign countries. American voters need look no further for proof than the current probe being conducted by former FBI Director Robert Mueller into the supposed election tampering by Russia targeting candidates through Facebook via purchasing political ads. Mueller will assuredly claim some type of minor connection in the political ad process, but Congress will also assuredly do exactly zero about the situation. The current finance laws are a mess, but they are a manufactured mess perpetrated by Congress and K Street in conjunction with SCOTUS.

The End Citizens United political action committee realized this problem from the very beginning following the corrupt decision by the high court that allows unfettered campaign contributions to all official candidates in U.S. elections as some pseudo form of free speech. We all have heard that money talks, but now the major impact is achieved through whispering. The circumstances also allow the wealthy class, including major corporations and organizations, to effectively hijack the representatives and transpose Congress into a team of 535 puppets speaking out of one side of the their mouth to the perceived electors while assuring financial contributors out of the other side that they are lying to the voters. Hillary Clinton’s speech before Goldman Sachs executives is a prime example.

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In light of the questionable claims that Russia actually did attempt to influence the last presidential election, some members of Congress have actually stepped it up with three articles of legislation intended to address the financial campaign bribery system problem. The Disclose Act is focused on public naming of all campaign contributors with no secrecy allowed. The By The People reform package actually includes a proposed constitutional amendment to repeal Citizens United, while the other legislation entitled Get Foreign Money Out of U.S. Elections addresses the current problem of supposed Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

The problem is that passing these new changes will be a heavy lift in Congress because the established politicians who are milking the system for all it is worth are also in position to obstruct even the opportunity to vote on the measures. Mitch McConnell was the actual attorney who filed the Supreme Court lawsuit to begin with, and House Speaker Paul Ryan will clearly be in full support of any step McConnell will take to keep from killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Why in the world would anyone rig a horse race and then allow the track workers to raid the stable and kill the horses?

The End Citizens United PAC understands well what the trouble will be with seeing the name of their PAC actually become reality. But, this is still the mission of the group, and they will continue to fight on against this ridiculous twist of the United States Constitution.

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How End Citizens United Is Approaching Campaign Finance Reform

The United States of America is under siege by an invisible force known as dark money. Dark money is also known as a more socially acceptable name, ‘special interests’, but it doesn’t change the bare bones of what it does. Dark money is how corporations and big money investors influence politicians at the highest level of the United States. Dark money sways elections and undoes the actual voting of the American people. Fortunately for the United States there are dedicated people fighting against the rise of dark money and one of those groups of people is called End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that is being spearheaded by the PAC president, Tiffany Muller. The goal of End Citizens United is simple: they want to render great change at the highest levels of the United States government, primarily focusing on the influential 2010 decision regarding the conservative group Citizens United. Citizens United, led by lawyer James Bopp, successfully lobbied the Supreme Court in order to look at corporations as ‘people’ and donating money as an extension of their ‘free speech’. It’s pretty clear what Bopp and Citizens United were aiming to do here and the sad part is that they were successful in making it happen.

Still, just because Citizens United succeeded in 2010 doesn’t meant that their success is permanent. End Citizens United was created with the explicit purpose of introducing a constitutional amendment to legislators at the highest runs of the United States government. In order for that to happen, End Citizens United needs to help put legislators in place to make legitimate changes. This means that End Citizens United needs to fundraise enough money to put legislators who will champion campaign finance reform into office.

So far End Citizens United has had a great year for fundraising thanks to a boost in donations fueled by the public’s distaste for Donald Trump as President. The early portion of 2017 saw nearly $4 million donated to the political action committee which led to a projected growth through 2017 of nearly $35 million. With these donations End Citizens United will be able to actually put candidates into positions where they can get their message out regarding campaign finance reform.

Tiffany Muller spoke on the success of their early fundraising efforts by saying that Democrats were downright angry about Trump’s election to office. She went on to say that donors to the campaign believe “the system is rigged against them.” Muller knows that the system will fight back against End Citizens United’s attempts to right the ship but that the fight must go on in any event. The 2018 congressional elections will be a big deal for the entire country for years to come.