Forbes Advises Everyone to Use Reputation Management Practices

Reputation management has just recently become a part of the business world. The reason it took so long to become popular is that website owners did not realize how much they truly needed it. Forbes conducted a survey not too long ago that broke down the percentage of crucial people who use social media to research a person before they deal with that person. The numbers are staggering, and they should make all businesses reconsider if they are not implementing effective reputation management strategies.

Google Is the Authority in Your Life

Important organizations like churches, employers, apartment complexes and other groups use the internet to look up people that they are considering for business or personal purposes. Nowadays, before a perosn has an interview, the prospective employer has most likely already Googled that person to see if there was anything about which the employer should know. Some prospective employees don’t even get to the interview stage because the employer does this. The process can be quite unfair because not everything on the internet is true. Still, people have their reputations tarnished by it every day. The numbers that Forbes reported said it all.

The first number that Forbes spit out was the 75 percent of HR departments that check online before they hire someone. The second number was the 90 percent of recruiters who do the same. More than 60 percent of employers look on social media sites before they hire employees, and almost 50 percent of people check businesses online before they engage in transactions with such businesses. What that says is that prospective employees and businesses have to make sure that their reputations are up to par before it’s too late. One bad review can severely hurt a person or a business, so the time for such an entity to act is now.

A reputation management company like reviews is a group of specialists who can truly protect a business from harm. Such a company has staff members who are dedicated to combing the internet to look for negative comments and reviews that they can combat. They can use a number of strategies to wash the mud off of a client’s name before it hurts the company.