White Shark Media Now Offering Free AdWords Evaluation Services to the Public

White Shark Media is a prominent digital marketing agency that commands a huge global market.

This figure shows the domineering effect that the firm has on the global AdWords market. To further back this impressive feat, it reportedly sent 35,000 reports and well over 300,000 email messages.

White Shark’s market dominance makes it the preferred firm to hire when a client wants to direct more online traffic to their website. As part of its marketing campaign, the firm has decided to offer free AdWords evaluation to the public on how to manage their campaigns effectively. This service is given irrespective of whether or not one is a client of the company or whether they have used AdWords before.

All AdWords evaluations are executed by a well-trained specialist who works for White Shark Media. The evaluation is carried out on join.me. This allows the client to easily follow what the specialist is doing on screen.

This easy approach shows a step by step process of how to get started, track the progress of the campaign and assess its performance.

The whole process is done with a high degree of attention to detail to ensure that the client understands the whole process and can replicate it as and when needed. During the evaluation process, clients are free to ask as many questions as they have to better increase their understanding of the process.

After the evaluation, they have the freedom to either choose to hire White Shark Media to manage their account or opt to utilize the knowledge acquired from the free evacuation to do it themselves.

How White Shark Media Handles Customer Complaints

White Shark Media has grown in a short period of 5 years from a small agency to a leading agency in the online marketing industry. It had always been keen on improving its service delivery by paying attention to feedback received from clients and the market.

This is in terms of complaints, suggestions and praises to allow it identify areas that it should look into to reduce complaints while increasing compliments and good reviews from the market. Learn more: https://twitter.com/whitesharkmedia and https://plus.google.com/+Whitesharkmedia

Improvements made by the company include scheduling monthly GoTomeetings, introducing direct phone extension lines, activating existing campaigns, using supervisors to ensure AdWords campaigns are effectively handled and reviewing work done by SEO campaigns.