Jim Tananbum’s Living Accomplishments

Jim Tananbaum is a great businessman who holds a very significant history known all over the world. He acquired his academic education that gave him a firm foundation to his career. He attended the University of Yale where he later graduated with a BS as well as a BSEE in applied mathematics and computer science. This did not quench his quest for higher education, and this saw him proceed to the University of Harvard where he graduated with an MD and an MBA. This gave him a proper foundation to begin his career. The fact that he graduated for two of the most reputable Universities in the world made him very perfect in everything he did. As a beginning point, he founded Foresite Capital Company being the CEO. The company was aimed at providing health care services. With his unmatched effort, zeal and passion, the company gained popularity to an unimaginable level. This played a significant role in boosting his career. The company later spread its wings and opened up more than 77 health care companies. The companies were aimed at providing health care services as well. The companies dealt with biopharmaceuticals, medical care as well as diagnostics. Visit his About.me page to know more.

Jim’s career advancement, as well as the vast experience he had acquired, saw him found another company and named it Gel Text pharmaceuticals. Just like all other businesses he had founded, the company earned popularity soon and this added to his reputation. Efficient management of all his business was greatly propelled by his academic qualifications as well as his experience. He has acquired unimaginable wealth over the years, and this makes him a very lucky man. His investments add up to more than 1.1 billion dollars. As a worldly known investor, Jim enjoys his wealth with his family, and they support him in all his undertakings. He stands as one of the best individuals to emulate. In his line of operation, Jim has engaged with very famous people known in the entire world. This has made him an icon in the business as well as in the investment sector. Many large companies as well as famous individuals emulate him and learn from him. Check out Medium for more info.

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