Don Ressler Has Built One Of The Fastest Growing Companies In The Country


Fabletics has been a juggernaut in the athleisure wear industry. They have only been around for a few short years but they have managed to corner the market and create some impressive sales figures in that short period of time. The company was co-founded by Don Ressler and Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson is the face of Fabletics which has helped increase customer interest in the clothing. In just three years, Fabletics has managed to have 1 million VIP memberships to their credit.


Don Ressler teamed up with his business associate and friend Adam Goldenberg to create JustFab which is the parent fabletics. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg both worked for Intermix which was a company they had both sold businesses to. Don Ressler was exceptionally skilled at business fundraising and marketing an Adam Goldenberg was one of the youngest executives in the horror of the country. When the company was sold they decided to team up to create an online-based beauty company called intelligent Beauty. After they released a few successful products they decided to go in a different direction. That is when they came up with the idea for JustFab.


Don Ressler made another very smart move when he teamed up with Kate Hudson to create Fabletics. Don Ressler is co-owner of Techstyle which is now the parent company for JustFab and Fabletics. Together they have been able to build one of the fastest growing companies in the online Market. Fabletics has given people a way to get fashionable athletic wear for a low price. This brilliant concept modeled after the JustFab template, is one of the reasons it is growing at such a high rate. showed that Don Ressler is part of the founding movement towards subscription services. Customers love the subscription service because it allows them to shop from the comfort of their home. In-house stylists will match clothing boutiques to their own individual tastes.


Fabletics has managed to become a household name in the company is expected to continue to see dramatic growth over the next few years. One of the primary reasons for this extreme growth is because of the the business model that was put into place by Don Ressler. His leadership has helped to build one of the strongest and fastest growing companies in the country.