The Benefits to Working at Home as a Wine Guide

The Traveling Vineyard teaches their wine guides in the art of working from home. You can travel and host events or stay right in the comfort of your own backyard or living room, hosting wine tastings for all of your neighbors, friends, and family members, and even have the potential open to expand your social reach by inviting new people into your wine tastings. The company is dedicated to providing assistance while allowing their guides to grow their business through living out their dreams working with wine.

As a wine guide, you will have access to a tried and true party plan model that has been proven to effective direct sales. Through this plan, you will be setting up your party to be both entertaining and educational for all of your guests. Everyone invited will learn the connection between fun and wine. Have a good time while making a profit in the process.

You will gain access to more than this plan. Upon approval of your application to become a guide, you will be connected with a wine guide expert in you area who will be there to answer all the questions you might have and will even demonstrate for you how to run a successful wine tasting campaign. You’ll be given access to the company’s awesomm app and can access modules and tests through their Sommology program. You’ll get all the education you need before setting out on your own and can learn at your own pace as you ease into the do’s and don’ts of the wine tasting selling industry.

Traveling Vineyard was formed with the idea in mind that no one knows if they will enjoy a type of wine until they taste it. Not everyone knows there are differences Traveling Vineyard types of wine available and will unfortunately give up on the enjoyable times they could be having with wine, either due to lacking education on the subject or from trying and disliking one type of wine they tried in the past.

As a wine guide, you can expand your guest’s understanding and appreciation for the complexities of many types of wines.