Improving Services – Wikipedia

To get information about people as well as organizations around the world, most individual do to Wikipedia. Wikipedia is known to be quick and giving adequate information. Recently there was a report that Wikipedia offers inadequate information about indigenous people including Esther Belin, the poet who is also an American Native.
On October 2016, members and the participants of the Wikiconference North America a forum that is held annually by the editors as well as the fanatics of Wikipedia will be invited to attended an open –day dubbed edit-a-then to assist the organization to improve their coverage. During the event those who participated and attended helped to give new stories about Native Americans as well as indigenous people who will assist in the creation of new articles as well as expand their coverage. The tactics will help in the coverage of the forgotten indigenous groups. Survey was conducted in 2011, and it showed that 8.5% of the Wikipedia editors are women. The women were interested in the expansion of Wikipedia women stories and their achievements. Wikipedia sees the tactics as a way of improving their coverage from life science stories to black history.
Wikipedia has been one the encyclopedia that has been used for a long time. Technology has been advancing, and business is conducted online. Many entrepreneurs have been creating their websites to do business while others have purposed to rely on Wikipedia page creation to do marketing. Online business with Wikipedia has several advantages as listed below.
1. When using Wikipedia for business advertisement, a company can easily edit or even delete their profile as well as their brand on the Wikipedia page.
2. The Wikipedia page for your personal or business purposes can result in the expansion of your enterprise as well as building and improve your reputation in the business world.
3. Online advertisement with Wikipedia can develop your visibility on search engine results.
4. Wikipedia business page creation will add legitimacy, prestige as well as reliability to your products and services brand and your personality.
5. Wikipedia online marketing offers the business owner a new as well as a real website existence that will illustrate your business with honesty.
6. To the firm owners, Wikipedia offers a free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a page that is among the top five Google search engines. The page is an added advantage to the entrepreneur as their business is placed at the top level of the Google search engine.
An entrepreneur is it advisable to do online marketing with Wikipedia to have quality services as well the expansion of your enterprise.