Successful Venture Capitalist Marc Sparks And His New Social Program, Spark Tank

Marc Sparks is a highly successful American serial entrepreneur that presently heads Timber Creek Capital. He has created dozens of businesses in his career that have done extremely well. Additionally, some of his businesses have been terrible.

Sparks graduated in 1975 with a high school diploma and for over 35 years, he has been active as a businessman. He does not view his success as a matter of luck.

As a religious person, Sparks acknowledges that his success in business has been due to his hard work and faith in God. Sparks also does not gives up, if he is into a venture he always ensures that he is devoted to that venture until he achieves.

To document his story as a businessman and offer his lessons to other entrepreneurs, Marc Sparks recently put his experiences in a book. The book known as They Can’t Eat You is a detailed account of his success as an entrepreneur along with is bad moves in business.

By writing the book, Sparks aims to shade more light on his shortcomings as a businessman. The book is aimed at allowing other entrepreneurs to learn from his unsuccessful businesses.

He points out that prospective businesspeople have more to gain from his failures than his achievements.

Sparks emphasizes on the importance of making a meaningful presentation if an entrepreneur wants to make a difference when selling and business plan to a venture capitalist.

He notes that it is important for an entrepreneur to think of what to include in a presentation and what to expect from a presentation. To make a greater impact, Marc Sparks advices that an entrepreneur must make a point with each visual used. That is because time is valuable and every graphic should serve its purpose.

Secondly, an entrepreneur should tell a valid story with his/her data because proven research accompanied with data can make investors to be interested.

Additionally, the presentation should be kept simple and if an entrepreneur has a team, the members should be included in the presentation. Read more: Marc Sparks’s Books and Publications Spotlight and @msparks5010

They can be beneficial by showing the drive, passion, and professionalism. After investing in several firms in sectors like capital investments, real estate, and telecommunications, Mark recently formed Spark Tank.

About Spark Tank

Spark Tank is a social program that aims to empower social entrepreneurs to make a difference in the world. Due to Sparks’ affinity for exceptional entrepreneurs, he was convinced to support social entrepreneurs by Lynn.

She notified him that great social entrepreneurs exist with ideas that is funded; they can result in social success.

The objective of the initiative is to reap from the social benefits in the neighborhoods. That is by offering grants to the organizations and ensuring that they are accountable.

To apply, an organization must have a history of over two years. Only arts, human services, and animal services are eligible for the program that closes on July 15, 2016.

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Cambridge Honors Brian Bonar With Award For Executive Of The Year

Brian Bonar has spent more than 30 years working in the fields of professional management and finances. Because of his extensive experience, Brian managed to earn the position of Chief Executive Officer and Chairman at the Dalrada Finanacial Corporation. Read more: Brian Bonar’s Pics, Phone, Email, Address, Public Records

At Dalrada, Brian is responsible for recruiting new talents and supplying benefits and abilities for employees. Brian’s company mostly works as a intermediary for a host of other marketing firms to increase the overall quantity of quality programs that clients use for increasing their business’s efficiency.

These programs are focused around risk management, financial management, and benefits for company employees. Brian is also the president at Allegiant as well as a member of the America Finance Association.  Learn more about Brian Bonar: and

Brian managed to take home the executive of the year award from Cambridge’s Who’s Who program in 2010. Just earning a position on the list for receiving the award is notable, but he managed to win it along with the other 3 candidates.

Only 4 executive per year are able to win the award, two males and females within different fields. In order to see who is most qualified for the award, the committee at Cambridge goes through each candidates credentials, including their academic backgrounds, career achievements, and their ability to lead others.

As a leader in the fields of finance and professional management, Brian Bonar has become a popular name in the industry because of his knowledge in the markets. Brian has an exceptional ability to create business strategies that work great in execution.

In the past few decades, Brian has worked at a variety of different firms, including IBM, which he held a position at for more than 17 years as a manager. He was the Director of Engineering at QMS, supervising a large number of people. Read more: Brian Bonar – Executive Bio, Compensation History, and Contacts

He even started up his own company, known as Bezier Systems. His inspiration behind the company came while working at Adaptec as a sales manager, and he wanted to create the first SCSI Printer.

Throughout his time working at Dalrada, Brian Bonar has earned a special place in the eyes of his colleagues, all of which give praise to his exceptional ability to lead and his pro activity. Within the field of finance, Brian’s main focus is mergers and acquisitions.

His academic background comes form the James Watt Technical College, where he earned his degree in engineering. Following this, Brian also earned his Ph.D from Stafford University in the area of business.

Austin’s Special Woman: Dr. Jennifer Walden

Born in Austin, Texas, Dr. Jennifer Walden was a “natural” to enter the world of healthcare. Her father was a dentist while her mother was a surgical nurse. She realized her own attraction to medicine before the eighth grade. This happened as a result of one of her teachers telling her she had the hands of a surgeon.

The graduate of Anderson High School continued her education at the University of Texas at Austin where she earned her a bachelor’s degree in biology. She then attended the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston where she earned her medical doctorate degree. Once she completed her residency training she moved to New York in order to pursue additional training in aesthetic surgery. Due to her exceptional abilities she became the associate of the world-famous aesthetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Sherrell Aston. She remained in New York for eight years.

During this time she decided she wanted to become a mother. She then returned to Texas so her twin sons could be closer to her family. She also moved back to further her career in plastic surgery. Her career has become top-notch evidenced by the fact her peers nominated and selected her for honors in publications such as Texas Monthly, Harper’s Bazaar, and American Way. She is also aware that not only is she in a very specialized field in medicine, she is also in a specialized field mostly dominated by male doctors. There are 6,100 board-certified surgeons in the U.S. and a little more than 10 percent, 851, are female.

Dr. Walden prides herself on offering the latest in technology. This commitment also sets her apart from other plastic surgeons. One of her great pieces of technology is the 3-D imagery called Vectra. This offers patients the ability to visualize what they will look like before having a rhinoplastic or breast augmentations prodedures. She has also developed her own instruments for breast surgery.

Dr. Walden continually upgrades her vast knowledge and continues to add to her experiences with each passing year. She always stresses for her patients to have realistic expectations and to assure them they will be pleased with the final results.


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How Negative Information Ruins a Good Business

Negative information has a way of damaging a business and its good name. Honestly, if an enterprise is using questionable practices to run its operations; then the negative feedback that is receives is warranted. However, this does not give people the right to continuously wage a negative publicity campaign. Some businesses fall short of acceptable business standards and they should not forever be punished if they are trying to conduct business in the right way.

Negative information is to be expected for any business organization no matter how well they run their operation. There is no such thing as the perfect business and each enterprise has its shortcomings. Unfortunately, some people realize that they can hurt a business’s reputation by using negative information. Once people come across negative news they usually assume that it is true.

A good reputation management company knows that many businesses cannot afford to deal with negative publicity. Some businesses will have to close their doors if they lose too many customers due to negative publicity.

Negative publicity can cause a business to lose close to 20% of its customer base. It can drive away at least 30% of potential customers willing to try an establishment for the first time. The point is that negative publicity will result in the loss of sales to some degree or another. People just do not want to deal with a company that has a bad reputation.

There is an organization known as that understand the importance of reputation management. They will guide any business through the process of cleaning up their reputation when it has been damaged. This company will reduce negative publicity as much as possible.

There are many things that will do to create positive material remove and clean up negative search results. This organization will guide a company on the path that they should take to overcome this problem. has the experience and knowledge to help any business to rebound from the bad effects of negative publicity.

A Smearing Campaign Initiated by Glen Beck & FOX Against George Soros

George Soros Ukraine is a well-known philanthropist and a Wall Street giant. Soros is known for his keen eye on the markets as well as his place in the global economy given the fact that he is considered the 35th richest person in the world.

It is fair to say that Soros has lived an eventful life that has shaped him into the man he is today. Soros was born in 1930 in a region of Europe that was going to be occupied by the Nazis during his childhood. The area was Budapest. He and his family were able to survive the Nazis because his family was able to acquire forged documents as well as other means to disguise themselves. Soros’ family successfully hid for years, though there definitely were some dangerous times. Some of these experienced exposed Soros to the dangers of fascism and just how important politics are.

It makes sense that when George Soros reached some success that he would get actively involved in making sure that politics never became as dangerous as he and his family experienced. This is one of the reasons that Soros has been active in campaigning for democratic values and has donated to candidates that he believes will protect democracy in the Americas as well as the rest of the world.

Read more:
George Soros | Open Society Foundations (OSF)

George Soros – Project Syndicate

But it is these noble efforts that have been tainted by a Fox special by Glenn Beck that lasted a few days. In the report, Soros was painted as a manipulator who was not looking out for democratic values but rather advancing money-making policies. Beck went on to further say that Soros manipulates the Democratic party, unions, and even the president to get his way.

Beck’s report went on to speak about Soros as a young boy, saying that he helped send other Jewish people to camps, as he pretended his solidarity with the Nazis. These accusations were not based on any facts but were presented as such. Many of the viewers of Fox really do rely on them for factual reporting, so it really has affected Soros’ image. Beck even reported that Soros has funded several revolutions around the world such as Velvet Revolution, Orange Revolution, and the Rose Revolution. These revolutions affected different regions such as the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Georgia. The problem with the report is that Beck did not point out what those revolutions were about. Beck only alluded to the idea that Soros was looking to fund another revolution in the United States.

These revolutions were democratic revolutions, and they were against communists and post-communist dictatorships. The point was that these revolutionaries were attempting to bring the American dream of Democracy to their countries. But that is not what Beck’s viewers will know about Soros. The viewers will think Soros is just a rich man hoping to fund a revolution in the United States that will benefit his greed.

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Friendly College With Skout

The Skout app is a mobile networking app for meeting new people. Skout’s mission is to enable users to meet one another and make friends in their area. With a mobile device and the app you can discover friends in local neighborhoods, and it spans over 180 different countries, not to mention operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Every year, thousands of students flock to colleges and universities all over the world. What the campuses are like is very important for every student, especially those who want a fun, laid back, and friendly experience. No one wants to go it alone, and expanding your contacts is not only good for the mind but for networking as well. Skout can help you do that.

Skout was able to look at all sorts of towns across the United States, and find what cities contained young adults making new friends through this app. Among the friendliest college towns were: Madison, Wisconsin, Los Angeles, California, New York City, Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Chicago, Illinois.

Skout’s data was also able to reveal that Boston, which is known as America’s college town with over 100 colleges and universities, came in at #12 on Skout’s friendliest college towns list. The friendliest male adults in college are in Boulder, Colorado, and the friendliest women of that age are in Madison, Wisconsin. The most generous college-age students in the United States, however, are in Los Angeles, California. People using Skout in LA seem to share more virtual gifts with their friends than many other colleges combined.

Not only has Skout found the friendliest and most generous cities to go to school, but the app also discovered that it is easier to make friends in college than it is in high school. 57% of college students said that it was easier to make friends in college, and, 59% of college students said they were worried about making new friends their freshman year. With Skout, however, many college students found that within a week of being on campus they were able to meet new friends.

In the world today, friendliness is one of the greatest gifts one can give and find. Skout is the leading global app for meeting new people. It is available in 14 different languages and can be downloaded on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Founded in 2007 the Skout app is one of the best for finding and making new friends.

Solo Capital – Founder Sanjay Shah

Solo Capital was founded and built from the ground up by a man named Sanjay Shah. Solo Capital is a proprietary trading and consulting investment firm. The company was founded in 2011 and by early 2016, it was reporting a net worth in the millions. The company grew very fast and Shah could not anticipate the success that would be carried through for years to come. The company has many locations spread through Dubai and Central London. The headquarters are located in London, but they offer investment services in their thirty nine locations. The success of the business has allowed Shah to take a back seat to the business, and in a sense, retire from the company. He has actually owned many companies prior to owning Solo Capital, so the foundation for the business structure was already there. However, Solo Capital was one of his most successful companies yet to come. It has allowed him to carry through with some other very important areas of interest that are very close to his heart.

Shah wasn’t always involved in the accounting industry. In fact, he started his career initially in the health care industry. He traveled from his native home of Kenya to London to study medicine at King’s College. It didn’t take him long to figure out that wasn’t something he wanted to do anymore. He switched his major to accounting and finance, and graduated from college with his degree in which he began to work for some of the most prominent banking and investment businesses on the market. His career started after college, and continued to grow for many years to come until retirement.

Retirement has allowed him to pursue an area of interest that has become very dear to his heart. He launched a charity called Autism Rocks in 2014. The charity was started to help raise money to aid in research and awareness.


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White Shark Media Now Offering Free AdWords Evaluation Services to the Public

White Shark Media is a prominent digital marketing agency that commands a huge global market.

This figure shows the domineering effect that the firm has on the global AdWords market. To further back this impressive feat, it reportedly sent 35,000 reports and well over 300,000 email messages.

White Shark’s market dominance makes it the preferred firm to hire when a client wants to direct more online traffic to their website. As part of its marketing campaign, the firm has decided to offer free AdWords evaluation to the public on how to manage their campaigns effectively. This service is given irrespective of whether or not one is a client of the company or whether they have used AdWords before.

All AdWords evaluations are executed by a well-trained specialist who works for White Shark Media. The evaluation is carried out on This allows the client to easily follow what the specialist is doing on screen.

This easy approach shows a step by step process of how to get started, track the progress of the campaign and assess its performance.

The whole process is done with a high degree of attention to detail to ensure that the client understands the whole process and can replicate it as and when needed. During the evaluation process, clients are free to ask as many questions as they have to better increase their understanding of the process.

After the evaluation, they have the freedom to either choose to hire White Shark Media to manage their account or opt to utilize the knowledge acquired from the free evacuation to do it themselves.

How White Shark Media Handles Customer Complaints

White Shark Media has grown in a short period of 5 years from a small agency to a leading agency in the online marketing industry. It had always been keen on improving its service delivery by paying attention to feedback received from clients and the market.

This is in terms of complaints, suggestions and praises to allow it identify areas that it should look into to reduce complaints while increasing compliments and good reviews from the market. Learn more: and

Improvements made by the company include scheduling monthly GoTomeetings, introducing direct phone extension lines, activating existing campaigns, using supervisors to ensure AdWords campaigns are effectively handled and reviewing work done by SEO campaigns.

Skout Rises to the Top in Social Media Circuits


Social media has grown in the last couple of months. This is one of the most popular concepts for this new generation of entertainers that like to keep in contact with their fans. This is also the method of communication for singles that prefer the online dating experience because it offers more options than the typical club or bar.

It has become much more common for people to take to Skout because it has a ton of different people that are registered to use the app. This has become the best way to flirt and leave messages. There is also a shake to chat feature that many smart phone users will adore. It is good to have this type of app on a phone because it shakes up the predictability of so many other social media apps that are currently on the market.

The large majority of people that are interested in building up their circle of friends will gain a lot of ground with an app like this. Users of the app are bound to find someone that wants to connect with them. They may have to search multiple profiles, but that is the fun part. People typically enjoy searching through the different profiles to find someone that has the same likes and dislikes that they have.

Sometimes people will discover a plethora of people that have the same interests that they have. This is the benefit that comes with an app that had so many international users.

Skout CFO Laura Dunn has done a great deal to provide inspiration to all the females that are interested in the business aspect of social media. She is one of the few female leaders that has risen to the top among the social media executives in a a male dominated field.

Skout has given a lot of people opportunities that they never thought that they would have.  There is a lot of praise for this feature because it brings the culture of a city to life. That is something that is bound to attract even more people over time. Skout captures more users as the features like this expand over time.


My New Summer Look Is All Thanks To JustFab

I wanted a different look this summer, especially in the clothing that I’m going to purchase on I typically wear flat shoes, but I’ve had a hard time finding shoes recently since the store I usually shopped at has closed. I was forced to go online to look for shoes, but the websites I went to wanted anywhere from $50-$100 or more for the shoes that I wanted to purchase. I couldn’t believe the high prices, and later on, I came across the JustFab website. I knew my summer was going to change for the better once I found the JustFab website because of everything they had to offer.

First, let me talk about the flats. For a person who loves flats like myself, I couldn’t believe the different kinds of flats they had available, and the styles were amazing. The best part is that their flats were lower in cost than I’ve seen in other stores, and I could easily get two pairs of flats for less than $50. What’s even better is the fact that they had all kinds of cute shoes, like boots, heels, sneakers and more, and I was even more taken aback when I found that they had all types of clothing. I chose to sign up for membership on the website, and I was impressed that the fee was only $39.95. See:

Once I became a member of the JustFab website, I was able to start shopping right away, and I was happy to know that the membership fee I just paid was spendable in the store. I went around looking for items that I could purchase that wouldn’t exceed the amount I pay for membership, but I was so intrigued by all the products I found, I ended up spending over $100 the same day. I was so happy with the fact that I would get free shipping on top of the low prices that I was receiving, so I chose to make the JustFab website my first stop for any kind of shopping this summer.

I honestly couldn’t believe what I paid for my clothes, and I made it a point to go on the JustFab website every week to shop for extra clothes to wear this summer. I love that I will have exclusive pricing on the JustFab website because of my membership, and I plan on alerting family members to the website if they haven’t already heard about it. I think everyone should join the JustFab website because they have great products at low prices. Source: