Avaaz Initiates Various Practices to ensure that the World is a Better Place

Avaaz is a civic organization with its headquarters in the United States of America. It was endowed in 2007 with the aim of being of service to all world citizens in matters concerning corruption, human rights, climate change and many others. This organization had various cofounders who were organizations and individuals. These prominent organizations include Service Employees International Union, Res Ruplica and much more. Individuals Ricken Patel who is the current Chief Executive Officer of Avaaz Foundation, Tom Pravda who is the secretary to the board and Eli Pariser as the acting Chairman.

This civic organization has appointed global campaigners from more than thirty countries which include Brazil, United Kingdom and even Lebanon and much more. Having a broader scope of an audience, they have employed technological means of communicating to them, and these include emails, videos, online public petitions etcetera. With this, they have managed to work with worldwide organizations such as The World Health Organization who was steering up one of their projects in finding the connection between pig swine flu and the large pig farms. This was to find a solution to the communities involved in pig rearing and more information click here.

Moreover, the organization has also helped countries with their political campaigns which include the presidential campaigns in Iran which date back to 2009. In addition, they also create and publish information about political campaigns annually. Other campaigns that they have fuelled over the years include those of fundraising which helped in supporting The Ocean CleanUp Organization. This organization helped in reducing ocean pollution at the Pacific Ocean by eliminating plastics that were presenting a menace to the ocean and its activities. This project was to be implemented and executed in a minimum of ten years and what Avaaz knows.

Additionally, Avaaz has also been equally engaged in solving the problems leading to climate change that is a considerable threat to the world’s environment. They have put various steps such as bringing an end to the use of fossil fuels which was majorly implemented in Paris. With all these activities successfully run by Avaaz, the world is ensured of significant changes in the near future and follow their Twitter.

Other Reference: http://frenchtribune.com/teneur/25357-france-avaaz-activists-celebrate-election-results-wwii-anniversary

Sheldon Lavin; the CEO of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and chief executive officer of OSI Group. OSI Group is a worldwide food-processing company that is a top supplier to a variety of the famous food brands we know. Among the brands that benefit from its major suppliers are McDonald’s, Starbucks, Papa John’s, Burger King and even Yam. OSI Group has expressed their growing appetite shown by how they have opened more plants in some years and less in others but ensuring that they have progressed each year. Through the pushing and pressure by their chairman Sheldon Lavin, there has always been an energy in the company to grow and provide more to their esteemed customers. OSI Group has used an important method in consorting with their customers to provide the products that best suit their demand.

Sheldon Lavin has a rich academic background, especially in accounting and finance. This knowledge has always helped him make better business choices and help other investors that consult with him. His frequent or regular involvement in the company affairs saw him come to become the owner from the Kolschowsky Family which had built it. Since his ownership, Mr. Sheldon has always aimed to make the company a global processing enterprise producing world-class food products. According to the president of the company providing a wide range of products is not restricted to manufacturing capacity rather it is inclusive of product development as the taste keeps changing from time to time. OSI Group is the business responsible for nurturing entrepreneurship in Sheldon Lavin even though he had always had a passion for entrepreneurial activities.

Ever since he took control, OSI Group has grown in over 17 states possessing more than 70 facilities globally. It has majored in protein products although there is a little involvement of sauces, baked goods, and vegetable products. He has ensured that there is a good working environment between the staff regardless of the post in the company. Operating like a family has helped each employee come with ideas on improving the company and being listened to without discrimination.

His vision for OSI Group to proceed in making profitable growth and providing world-class food to their esteemed clients in the world. He holds his position that one day he will retire but the mission and vision of OSI Group will have carry on. Apart from getting actively involved in OSI Group, Mr. Sheldon is also a general trustee of Rush University Medical Centre and a director of National Fish and Wildlife.

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Create Your Personal Wine Tasting Even with Traveling Vineyard

One of the most favorite ways to spend holidays today is to go wine tasting. Once upon a time wine tasting was not a very popular activity but in recent years the popularity of this past time is increasing. Whether it is a big brewery or a private home, the atmosphere that surrounds this activity is informal, and people are in no rush. Taking your friends with you to go wine tasting is the best way to do it. There are no requirements to go wine tasting, and you don’t need to be super educated on wine to enjoy yourself.

It is also one of the activities you can do with a group of people no matter how big it is and it is not a very expensive activity either. You can also host your wine tasting or hire someone who can do it for you and your friends. So if you want to experience a lovely day with friends, you should consider organizing your wine tasting, but for that, you need to prepare. It will be easier to pull off if you assemble everything you need beforehand. Here are the things you will need for this kind of day.

Glassware is the most important thing together with a corkscrew or two. You should also have still water available for the guests. White cloth or plastic-coated butcher paper and something that would work as a palate cleanser. There are a couple of other things you could acquire, but these few are the essential ones. Make sure the place is prepared for the event as well. Wine tasting is often associated with clean lines and no clutter. To dress up the tables, use a white tablecloth. It doesn’t have to be fancy, and it can easily be a paper tablecloth, just make sure it looks good.

Choose the right kind of music and make sure that all your guests are comfortable. They will need something to spit in as wine tasting is usually not about drinking the wine. Another thing to think about is the kind of wine you want to be tasting. It isn’t always an easy choice, but you should ask people what kind of wine they like. Even though wine tasting often is about finding a new wine, it is tough to like something people never would pick out in the first place.

When you think everything is prepared, invite your best friends and simply have fun. The more, the merrier. If you have done the research, if you are willing well for the event and if you want to see all the people at the place and time, this kind of event could become the new favorite among friends.

Traveling Vineyard is a company that allows peple to experience this kind of thing without worries. it allows people to set up their own wine tasting and earn money while doing something they enjoy.

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Rocketship Education is Changing Kids Lives

The Rocketship Education System was the brainchild of John Danner who started the program to help kids that get lost in the mix, get ahead. Originally from the Silicon Valley, Danner has made great strides in the school system for disadvantaged children.

Currently, there are five charter schools in the California area using the Rocketship Education system. So far, those schools have far surpassed the work of any other program that is supposed to do the same thing. Considering the fact that the other programs spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, and this system didn’t waste that money, makes the Rocketship Education System the winner.

When the kids that participate in the system graduate and succeed, studies show that they go on to be adults that contribute to the financial environment where they live. When they don’t use this system and they live in a disadvantaged system or demographic, they end up dropping out, living on welfare or worst.

Danner will reach 50 more cities by the year 2020. Some of the current cities that he hopes to reach are New York City, which is ready and waiting already for the program to be there. He hopes to reach all of the 50 states and help kids succeed. He will master this without any doubt. His work has been like a bulldozer so far through the areas he has already reached. It is a certainty that he will be able to achieve this goal without any problem. The kids he will work with are the real winners. He is changing lives with the Rocketship Education System.

When you believe in a system like Danner does, it’s easy to see why the program has worked so well. It’s based on discipline and other aspects that are so important for learning. It teaches discipline and practice of the facts and knowledge that children learn. The strict plan involved in the system really teaches children what they need for success. Sometimes it can help the parents learn how to raise the kids with better discipline as well. Whatever the reason, the system works.


How End Citizens United Is Approaching Campaign Finance Reform

The United States of America is under siege by an invisible force known as dark money. Dark money is also known as a more socially acceptable name, ‘special interests’, but it doesn’t change the bare bones of what it does. Dark money is how corporations and big money investors influence politicians at the highest level of the United States. Dark money sways elections and undoes the actual voting of the American people. Fortunately for the United States there are dedicated people fighting against the rise of dark money and one of those groups of people is called End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that is being spearheaded by the PAC president, Tiffany Muller. The goal of End Citizens United is simple: they want to render great change at the highest levels of the United States government, primarily focusing on the influential 2010 decision regarding the conservative group Citizens United. Citizens United, led by lawyer James Bopp, successfully lobbied the Supreme Court in order to look at corporations as ‘people’ and donating money as an extension of their ‘free speech’. It’s pretty clear what Bopp and Citizens United were aiming to do here and the sad part is that they were successful in making it happen.

Still, just because Citizens United succeeded in 2010 doesn’t meant that their success is permanent. End Citizens United was created with the explicit purpose of introducing a constitutional amendment to legislators at the highest runs of the United States government. In order for that to happen, End Citizens United needs to help put legislators in place to make legitimate changes. This means that End Citizens United needs to fundraise enough money to put legislators who will champion campaign finance reform into office.

So far End Citizens United has had a great year for fundraising thanks to a boost in donations fueled by the public’s distaste for Donald Trump as President. The early portion of 2017 saw nearly $4 million donated to the political action committee which led to a projected growth through 2017 of nearly $35 million. With these donations End Citizens United will be able to actually put candidates into positions where they can get their message out regarding campaign finance reform.

Tiffany Muller spoke on the success of their early fundraising efforts by saying that Democrats were downright angry about Trump’s election to office. She went on to say that donors to the campaign believe “the system is rigged against them.” Muller knows that the system will fight back against End Citizens United’s attempts to right the ship but that the fight must go on in any event. The 2018 congressional elections will be a big deal for the entire country for years to come.

Old War Machine – Trabuco

A weapon used in the Middle Ages was the trebuchet or more commonly called the Trabuco (Portuguese). Trabuco, which is similar to a catapult, originated in China around 400 BC. The Trabuco was used in the Crusades by the Europeans and was also used in Muslim countries. The Trabuco was used to launch missiles, to either crush masonry walls or shoot a projectile over the wall, using the principle of a lever.

There were two types of Trabucos. A balancing Trabuco and a traction Trabuco. Arab merchants. took the traction Trabuco to the Middle East and redesigned the Trabuco by adding weight to act as a counterweight at the end of a long piece of wood or beam, using gravity as the source of energy to throw the projectile.

The counterweight pulls the beam which casts a large stone or another projectile from a resting point and in a sling, located opposite the counterweight, hurled the projectile, in the same way, that David used a sling to slay Goliath.

The size of the counterweight is directly related to the velocity of the missile. There is documentation on infopedia.pt that a Trabuco threw a 140 pound stone almost to the distance of a football field or 100 yards.

The Trabuco could catapult four stones per minute, which was considered an impressive use of force. The restrictions of this weapon were controlling the number of people to pull on the ropes that had to be pulled down with ropes to release the counterweight to propel the missile or rock.

To achieve four shots a minute the ropes had to be pulled at the same force for each propulsion according to veja.abril.com.br. This type of Trabuco was used to only in the eleventh century.

By the end of the Thirteenth Century, the Trabuco could hurl stones weighing a ton. Animals, such as horses and cows were thrown, as well as human heads and living prisoners were thrown. There was a belief that if infected, diseased human bodies were catapulted, this could spread infections to the enemy. With the advent of gun powder, the Trabuco fazed out of existence.

Learn more about Trabuco: http://www.wordreference.com/pten/trabuco

OSI Brings Innovation To Meat Manufacturing

OSI began to revolutionize the fast food industry in the 1960s. At this time the company was known as Otto and Sons. Otto and Sons introduced innovations that would set them apart from other meat manufacturers. They had a working relationship with McDonald’s organization along with several other hundred beef suppliers. Otto and Sons embraced cryogenic freezing as a method to store large supplies of meat in order to meet the demand for the growing McDonald’s Corporation. They also introduce the meat patty cutting machine, which catered to the unique needs that McDonald’s had.

In 1973 Otto and Sons presented its first meat plant in West Chicago that was specifically designed to support their number one client, the McDonald’s Corporation. It featured liquid nitrogen freezing tunnels and the specially developed meat patty cutting machine.

Otto and Sons also had the ability to support other clients with specific needs. They created a separate unit called Glenmark that supplied services to its non-McDonald’s clients. OSI eventually sold the Glenmark brand to Best Chicago Meat. Otto and Sons later became known as OSI Industries. They were offered the opportunity to become the exclusive supplier of meat to the McDonald’s Corporation. This arrangement would take OSI to an international level.

By 2011 OSI Industries was listed as the 136th largest privately owned company by Forbes. OSI boasted a annual revenue of 3 billion dollars at this time. By 2016 Forbes listed OSI as the 58th largest privately owned company with an annual revenue of 6.1 billion dollars.

OSI has continued to diversify its market influence by making acquisitions of other companies and operating factories around the world. Baho Foods and Flagship Food Group are two additions to the OSI machine that will help the company expand its presence in Europe. Both Baho Foods and Flagship Food Group have unique specialties that bring different advantages to OSI’s diverse capabilities.

OSI has plants operating in the Asia-Pacific and Europe, as well as the United States. There are factories in Wisconsin, Utah, Riverside, California, Oakland, California and Chicago. For more info about us: https://www.inc.com/profile/osi-group click here.

OSI was awarded the Globe of Honor Award by the British Safety Council has recognition of maintaining a safe environment in all operating facilities. The award recognizes those organizations who maintain a level of safety from the factory floor to the office buildings. OSI was able to achieve such recognition by holding their employees to an international standard. The company implements a quality assurance program that make sure everyone affiliated with the organization is held accountable for their operating procedures.

Desiree Perez, Music Giant

The music business is a $15.7 billion dollar industry. In 2016, streaming topped sales as the highest source of revenue for the first time. There are 50 executives, leaders ready to face challenges such as data management, fair payment, and new business models, who are the ones behind the numbers and successes. They are from numerous different companies coming together for a similar purpose.

Stefan Blom, Spotify. Steve Boom, Amazon Music. Lindsey Pearl, Apple Music. Desiree Perez, TIDAL. Simon Bennett, Kobalt. Jonathan Dworkin, Universal Music Group. Michael Nash, Universal Music Group. Ty Roberts, Universal Music Group. Tuhin Roy, Universal Music Group. Oana Ruxandra, Universal Music Group. Keith Hauprich, North America, BMG. Dennis Kooker, Sony Music Entertainment. Larry Matters, Warner Bros. Records. Chris Mortimer, Interscope Geffen A&M. Ole Obermann, Warner Music Group. Paul Sinclair, Atlantic Records. Lauren Apolito, Harry Fox Agency/Rumblefish. Stephen H. Block, Harry Fox Agency/Rumblefish. John Raso, Harry Fox Agency/Rumblefish. Peter Brodsky, Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Marc Cimino, Universal Music Publishing Group. Joe Congers, Downtown Music Publishing; GM, Songtrust. Clark Miller, Warner/Chappell Music. Jim Cady, SiriusXM. Darren Davis, iHeartRadio and iHeartMedia Networks Group. Chris Phillips, Pandora. Alex Hofmann, North America, musical. Tamara Hrivnak, Facebook. Jonathan Hull, Facebook. Lyor Cohen, YouTube. Erik Huggers, VEVO. Amy Dietz, INgrooves. Bob Roback, INgrooves Music Group. Brad Navin, The Orchard. Colleen Thesis, The Orchard. Brandon Squad, Alternative Distribution Alliance Worldwide. Brooke Kain, AEG Presents. Jackie Wilgar, Live Nation Entertainment. Alex Bewley, WME. Alexandra Levitt, WME. Stuart Kozlowski, Paradigm Talent Agency. Jonathan Perelman, ICM Partners. Margo Plotkin, Creative Artists Agency. Brent Weinstein, United Talent Agency. David Israelite, National Music Publishers’ Association. Steven Marks, RIAA. J.D. Connell, SESAC. Alice Kim, ASCAP. David Levin, BMI. Julia Massimino, SoundExchange and more information click here.

Desiree Perez, a.k.a Des Perez, has been with SC Enterprises for a long time. She’s proven herself tough and highly qualified for the position and what Des Perez knows.

Des Perez was part of negotiating the Beyoncé Formation stadium in addition to being involved in the Rihanna Samsung deal. Perez is one of a group that runs the operation of Roc Nation and https://www.instagram.com/des.perez/.

Goettl Air Conditioning: Over Seventy Years of Providing Unmatched HVAC Services

Goettl Air Conditioning acquired Moore Air Conditioning, a company based in Las Vegas. Both companies offer heating, air conditioning, and ventilation services and have over fifty years experience in the market.

The deal reinforces Goettl’s determination to provide the best customer experience through skilled technicians. Moore’s team of experts caters for the growing market for air conditioning in Las Vegas. Goettl Air Conditioning aims to become the primary service provider in the area through growing the business by 50% within 2017 and increasing the number of specialists over the next one year.

The company will source technicians from the College of Southern Nevada. The J. Duncan Goodrich Air Technology Program, at the university, was created as an endowment. The current owner, Ken Goodrich, also supports a veteran initiative dubbed the Kenneth D. Goodrich CSN 9/11 Veteran HVAC Employment Program. The veteran’s program not only supports training but also helps trainees find meaningful work. One of the beneficiaries of the program is Nick Hughes, who used his grant to obtain tools worth 1000 dollars. Most of the equipment of the trade are costly and out of reach for most of the veterans. Hughes is currently involved in an HVAC consulting firm.

In 1939, Gust and Adam Goettl conceptualized the idea that is Goettl Air Conditioning in Phoenix. They moved to Southern Nevada in 1968 and left in 2007 because of the recession. In 2013 Goodrich purchased the company, then based in Arizona. Goettl offers a range of services and products that include air conditioners, replacement services, maintenance, and repair. The company operates in Southern California, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Tucson.

The Phoenix cooling services are a full range of cooling services that encompass installation of air conditioners and heat pumps and replacement and management for business and home owners. The heating services extend to the replacement of furnaces, fuel systems gas and ductless heating networks. According to glassdoor.com, other services provided include humidification and cleaning services.

Ken Goodrich’s passion for service began at a tender age of ten. Goodrich’s father advised him always to endeavor to do what is right at the moment and not only when it is convenient. Over the last twenty years, Goodrich has founded and managed plumbing and HVAC companies. The Sunny plumber provides plumbing services for Goettl Air Conditioning.

In 2014, Goettl Air Conditioning marked its 75th year of operations and celebrated Dan Burkle’s 25 years as CEO of the company. Goodrich is optimistic that the next seventy-five years will be even more successful.


Owner of the Largest Shopping Mall in Brazil, Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is a well-known Brazilian businessman. He was born in Joao Pessoa on July 16, 1958. Mr. Santiago went to school at Pio X- Marist College before doing his Business Administration undergraduate at the University Center of Joao Pessoa. He has thrived in the Brazilian mall industry where he owns the largest shopping mall known as the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. Santiago bought the land on which he built his shopping mall way back in 1987. He later developed the land for about two years until the Manaira Shopping Mall was launched in 1989. Roberto Santiago’s mall comprises of a rooftop concert hall, theater, food court, gaming area, a college, several shopping stores, a gym, and financial institutions.


The Manaira Shopping Mall


The Manaira is considered the largest mall in the country. It is dedicated to strengthening the good relationship it has with clients. Its primary purpose is to provide its clients comfort, fun, and leisure. Moreover, it has high-tech cinema made with modern technology. Also, it has 3D rooms and a stadium concept that enhances the experience of thrill seekers. For those seeking tranquility moments, the Manaira has a gourmet space for that.


Inside the Manaira Shopping Mall is the Domus Hall located at the rooftop of the mall opened in 2009. The hall has enough space to host conferences, musical concerts, weddings, exhibits, fairs, and graduation ceremonies. Besides the Domus Hall being air conditioned and soundproof, it can accommodate about 4,000 seated and 10,000 standing individuals. It has special two-story structure subdivided into cabins for people who need privacy. The hall has attracted performances from both Brazilian and international artists.


Early Career


Roberto Santiago began his career in a Santa Rosa Café. He later went on to open a company that manufactured decorative and utilitarian products. Ever since, Santiago’s business career has been successful. He has received numerous trophies in both motocross and kart championships due to his love and passion for sports. Several of his works and novels have been honored including El ladron de mentiras, his first book. He also won the Edebe Prize for kids’ literature. His other works entail The Longest Penalty in the World, The Suicide Club, At the End of the Road and many more. He also collaborated as a director and screenwriter in various TV series.


Roberto Santiago has earned a reputation as one among the most successful Brazilian entrepreneurs. He is dedicated to providing the Brazilian and people around the world with the best shopping experience. His success can be attributed to commitment, hard work, and passion. He advises upcoming Brazilian entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs around the world to believe in themselves and step out to actualize their business ideas.